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File 136696312344.png - (71.75KB , 1088x580 , EDGY AS FUCK.png )
21622 No. 21622 [Edit]
hey, did you guys know that the government in saudi arabia has
>> No. 21628 [Edit]
They're onto us. Quick, release the immigrants!
>> No. 21630 [Edit]
I can confirm this, but honestly their censorship is shit, http://www.torproject.org was blocked but I could access by manually typing https://www.torproject.org.

Appartently they hate anime in SA, for instance konachan.com was censored as well, but I could access yande.re since the last one is SSL-encrypted I guess.
>> No. 21634 [Edit]
What is living in the middle east like? I know a fair decent amount about Asia Europe Africa and the Americas but all I seem to remember about the middle east is the whole Muslim stuff, all the Persian history, and the sand. I don't really know much about modern life over there, this thread makes it seem pretty shitty.
>> No. 21636 [Edit]
The female lead from Gallery Fake was Saudi.
I forget her name, but she was CUTE!
>> No. 21638 [Edit]
was going to say 3DPD but its not....

what do you know re. life in africa?
>> No. 21639 [Edit]
I know hunger and diseases like AIDS is a huge problem in certain areas of there. I'm pretty sure South Africa is the most advanced out of all the places there could be wrong. Africa is really big though so that includes a lot of things. You also picked the Continent I know the least about out of all of them, is it quiz time on Tohno-chan?
>> No. 21640 [Edit]
I am an African so I am interested in what others would say. It's interesting that you know more about Africa than the 'Middle East'
>> No. 21641 [Edit]
What country. Africa is actually also another continent that interests me to be honest. My teen years were spent being brain washed by /b/ with anti-nigger propaganda so I would like to make my own judgements from now on.

Post edited on 30th Apr 2013, 10:18am
>> No. 21659 [Edit]
It isn't about putting sites on the list. It is about removing sites from a 100% block list, the other way around. Everyone starts out blocked, and the government unblocks the sites it cares about.

The Saudi government doesn't care about you or a tiny shit site.
>> No. 21678 [Edit]
My ancestors originated from aroun what is modern day Nigeria
>> No. 21699 [Edit]
Africa is a continent.
>> No. 21914 [Edit]
You're stupid if you don't know why that worked.
>> No. 22375 [Edit]
I'm not that guy, but please explain. Do they usually use the host field of the HTTP request or something, and it's encrypted in an HTTPS connection? That seems kind of weird, it seems like they would block by IP address. Of course, I am probably wrong, because I am literally retarded.

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