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File 13782891228.jpg - (257.85KB , 786x1173 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
1930 No. 1930 [Edit]
Why is original english manga always so bad?
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>> No. 1931 [Edit]
Serenity is the greatest comic of our time. The themes it explores of religious abuse, conversion and loss of self are so poignant and relevant in today's world, it's really a shame that more people haven't read it.
>> No. 1932 [Edit]
bad jokes and being stuck on outdated anime tropes and anime misconceptions based on poor localising practices and popular references.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw someone "turn into a 'chibi'"?
>> No. 1933 [Edit]
because it's never original
>> No. 1941 [Edit]
I agree with this. Also, it's just a product of a different culture. I wouldn't expect Westerners to make good manga anymore than I'd expect the Japanese to make a good Western-style sitcom.
>> No. 1942 [Edit]
File 137888911940.jpg - (17.78KB , 343x268 , 13783783842094.jpg )
>original english manga
>> No. 1979 [Edit]
Because anime isnt very good to begin with.
If you want to see quality comics/manga, look at Spiderman or the Justice league. Better than anything Japan has ever churned out.


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