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File 140331790568.jpg - (72.81KB , 500x540 , 136979522618.jpg )
17772 No. 17772 [Edit]
Have any of you managed to get through a successful job interview?

I've never been employed, rarely ever leave the house, barely have any secondary education, and have debilitating anxiety, but I have to get a job soon. The thought of having to go into an interview terrifies me. Apparently, you're meant to sell your self and boast about your accomplishments, hobbies, skills, and even friends, all of which I completely lack.

What are your experiences with job interviews? How many successful interviews have you had? How many failures? How did you succeed and fail? Have any of you gone into an interview with nothing and still came out with a job?

Please tell me everything I need to know.
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>> No. 17773 [Edit]
Well, if you go through a training program or something along those lines with a built-in intern period, you could theoretically just skip the whole interview by applying at the place you get your internship. Given that you make it through the period without blundering everything, and that you can create a clean and simple CV. That's how I got a job, anyway. From there on out you just ride on the reference from your previous employer, so it's important to keep a clean face through and through.

I doubt I'd have the stomach for applying on and (if I'm lucky) going into interviews with nothing to show for other than convincing lies.

Post edited on 20th Jun 2014, 8:55pm
>> No. 17774 [Edit]
Helps when they desperately need people. In such cases you don't have to sell yourself at all.
Remember to lie on the job app and to repeat what's on there when asked. Don't go over board with the lies, keep it believable and something you can bluff about if need be. Like putting down past work experience, they might ask about it. They might ask how you liked it, what kind of things you did, and they'd almost certainly ask why you life the job. If you put down that you haven't had a job in a long time they'll see it as a sing you're someone no one wants to hire. If you insist on putting down that you have no experience or haven't worked in years you should claim that you had a home business or worked for a family business that just paid you in cash. Don't forget to show up for the interview as clean cut as you can, lazy slob wont leave a good impression. Also try to look interested in the job and not like you hate having to be there.
>> No. 17778 [Edit]
File 140338216862.png - (20.00KB , 580x398 , nofuckinjob.png )
When you're submitting apps, try to hand it directly to the hiring manager. Chances are they will have a quick skim of your app right there as opposed to it going into a black hole never read.

First impressions do have an impact. Dress well. Even people/teens for McJobs arrive in business casual.

When you get an interview, arrive at least 15 minutes early and be very polite to everyone there.

Practice answering common behaviourial questions easily found on the net. Also research the place you want to work. That is, try to glean the types of persoanlity ('fit') that they want and act accordingly. Doing this stuff will also build your confidence.

Best way is of course to have someone who works there vouch for you or at least have an informational interview with an employee (basically a Q&A about their job/workplace). Have at least 3 supervisor references.

The more basic and higher turnover associated with the job, the more informal the interview will be with less stringent background checks. For any white collar positions though, go in expecting that they call your references and wil be asking for a clean police check.

Good luck.
>> No. 17784 [Edit]
That picture is amazing. What's it from?
>> No. 17787 [Edit]
I like computer. We should totally hang out. Every day.
>> No. 17788 [Edit]
The pen pal section of japan-guide.
>> No. 17793 [Edit]
>research the place you want to work. That is, try to glean the types of persoanlity ('fit') that they want and act accordingly

To add to what this guy said, for some jobs, traits usually regarded as negative are sometimes desirable. So if you don't want to have to act too differently than usual, you could try finding a job that's a fit even for your "negative" traits.
>> No. 17794 [Edit]
>> No. 17813 [Edit]
Remember reading an article a while back about some major software company launching a campaign to recruit spergs and autists with an extreme knack for detail.
>> No. 17816 [Edit]
Did a quick search: http://nazr.in/uCc
>> No. 17817 [Edit]
yeah I read an article about that.

If the person hiring is smart enough to figure this out and see the benefits, you may have a shot. otherwise they'll just write you off as too weird/awkward/antisocial etc. It happened to me a lot I think. I only succeeded at a job interview because the company desperately needed someone to start right away.

I know my boss often praises my "attention to detail" which is her codeword for my autistic tendencies. She has worked in the mental health field for many years so she knows whats up.
>> No. 17818 [Edit]
>I only succeeded at a job interview because the company desperately needed someone to start right away.
Yup, that's how I got ever job I've had.
>> No. 17820 [Edit]
A lot of the time when you go to a job interview they will know if they're going to hire you within seconds of you entering. First impression is everything. Actual content of your interview means jack shit because you just repeat the same bullshit everyone else does.
>> No. 17826 [Edit]
This is not true for specialized jobs, but as a consequence you must have the skills to back yourself up.
>> No. 17983 [Edit]
I just got lucky. About four months ago, I got an interview for some retail job. I'm doing okay for the most part since I started working. I might have to leave within 8 months because I don't want to work this job forever.

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