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File 141950032379.jpg - (252.50KB , 728x1008 , 1386485874001.jpg )
25781 No. 25781 [Edit]
- Quality of the writing degrades as the series goes on. The story needs to be planned out beforehand, at least the bare structure needs to be. I don't even give a shit if you have to go on hiatus to let the story mature. Rather than show us something outright barbarous don't show us anything at all.

- Side characters narrating whats going on in a fight.

- Manga relies on being ridiculous as its main selling point. There should be a reason for it being ridicuous don't just do it for the sake of it.

- Manga puts a picture and then puts a square box explaining the picture. E.g a picture of the student council and then a square box saying how they are so badass etc. Show, don't tell.

- "This character is a genius". Usually this is some intense personality character who is better than everyone else for no reason. Why and how did this character get better than everyone else?

- Several females are in love with the male protagonist even though there is no good reason for them to do so.

- Male protagonist is passive as fuck. The females are the ones that push the story along.

- Male protagonist is dense and this denseness is used as a plot device to prevent the story from progressing.

- Women's lips suddenly become plump during intimate scenes.

- Older woman dating/having sex with a younger male starts out dominant but then suddenly the roles are reversed, even if the male is a small child. This defeats the point of it and my suspicion is that most people cannot even envision sex without the man being the dominant one.
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>> No. 25787 [Edit]
All excellent points OP. (but you know we have an anime board right?)

- People being tricked into things but not realizing it until they're neck deep in it.
For example; a few shows I was watching recently had guys getting tricked into cross dressing but somehow didn't notice they were putting on women's clothing until they after they were already wearing it. This happens a lot with people being taken to places against their will too like not noticing you've been taken to a hot spring until you're already in the water.

- Universe taking shits on cute girls just for quick and easy viewer sympathy .

- characters with personalities that are tied to their hair color. rebellious redheads, calm collected blues, energetic cheerful yellows, bubbly girly pinks etc.

- ignorant 2D loving otaku that inhabit worlds with cute 2D girls. I get that it's a tricky thing to visually represent with both spectrums being in 2D, but when they prosperously and ignorently make the girls around the character overly cute and perfect it just ruins the whole point. shows that do it right genshiken/NHK, shows that do it wrong TWoGK/chaos head.

- When things that are convoluted and random get passed off as being deep and insightful.

- I don't have to explain shit; it's magic.
>> No. 25791 [Edit]
"Deep" shit.
>> No. 25793 [Edit]
I agree except I think it's pretty reasonable for
>Women's lips suddenly become plump during intimate scenes.

I think it's reasonable for the style to reflect the mood.
>> No. 25795 [Edit]
I agree. My interpretation is that the guy in this moment of intimacy starts to notice kissable lips.

>I don't have to explain shit; it's magic.
Also, when they explain an ass pulled miracle retrospectively - and it turns out there was no way to intuitively understand what was going on in the moment. You're supposed to build up the circumstances for this occurrence beforehand. Maybe it's just lazy story writing, but I see this too often.
>> No. 25796 [Edit]
True, but I still don't like it. Plump lips make her look like a slut I wish they would just draw it like normal
>> No. 25797 [Edit]
Fair enough.
>> No. 25805 [Edit]
It bugs me when villains are drawn like villains and made to look bad. Hard to describe but sometimes you can tell someone's bad just by how they're drawn. What really drives me nuts though is when it's supposed to be a twist that they're bad.

Post edited on 27th Dec 2014, 12:10am
>> No. 25809 [Edit]
File 141979520581.jpg - (35.19KB , 848x480 , [Wasurenai] Yumeiro Patissiere - 18v2 [H264 848x48.jpg )
People don't have consciousness switches on the back of their neck you can activate by just tapping them there. (Hollywood seems to think this button is located on the forehead and can easily be activated with the stock of a gun)
Fact of the matter is any head injury strong enough to render a person unconsciousness is just as likely to kill the person or leave them with brain damage.
>> No. 25810 [Edit]
This annoys me too, most of the time the villain is always ugly, has dark clothes and lurks in a dark place.
>> No. 25858 [Edit]
I can't stand it when guys have flocks of picture perfect women of every personality type to pick from and they just lead them all on endlessly while being a dense assholes. I feel sorry for the guys who have to attend school or be around MCs like that. I get they're supposed to be self inert characters, but the end result is just a painful reminder of things I'll never experience and that jerks like that really are out there making things harder for everyone else.
>> No. 25875 [Edit]
-Technical innacuracies, such as drawing details on firearms or vehicles wrong, referring to things with incorrect terminology, etc

-Stupid explanations. Some of the worst offenders are trendy subjects that not many people know enough about to portray accurately, like nuclear science or time travel.

-Unlikable, un-self-insertable, pieces of shit in romance anime. I don't know about japs, but I don't see myself as this insufferable, especially not in this way.

-"Hollywood physics", IE, chloroform = perfect knockout drug, no brain damage from trauma to head, etc
>> No. 25885 [Edit]
File 142069719638.jpg - (176.69KB , 856x1199 , 1.jpg )
Extremely self-deprecating self-depiction from the author. I know you don't want to draw yousrelf as a supermodel, for that looks but you don't need to draw yourself as being ugly as fuck either.
>> No. 25886 [Edit]
I think it's cute.
>> No. 25888 [Edit]
File 142076007493.jpg - (45.40KB , 225x262 , 1407382286023.jpg )
If done right it can bring a lot of charm, but i prefer it when they represent themselves as animals
>> No. 25891 [Edit]

That looks kinda creepy actually.
>> No. 25901 [Edit]
File 142097256058.jpg - (187.05KB , 728x1092 , 8.jpg )
The scanlator should've used 'onii-chan' or 'otouto' in this manga instead of always saying 'bro'. It gets annoying seeing 'bro' all the time, like shes talking like some kind of gangster.
>> No. 25904 [Edit]
I think someone will find it obnoxious either way.
>> No. 25906 [Edit]
Gangsters say bro? I always found "bro" somewhat endearing especially from girls and in my experiences gangsters don't speak a whole lot different than normal people. Well they pretty much are normal people.
Though of course you can have a preference for one thing or the other.
>> No. 25908 [Edit]
Gangers say onii-chan. True story.
>> No. 25909 [Edit]
the word is used by everyone these days, that kind of people call eachother 'dog', 'ese' and the like, bro has nothing to do with gang members
>> No. 25930 [Edit]
File 142125980631.png - (81.23KB , 367x330 , rw.png )
I think a lot of Authors lack much life experience. It shows in boring themes centered on similar life in urban japan. Or it's just fantasy fashioned by other works of fantasy.

Even the addition of cute girls often fails to remove me from the fact that all they are doing is... nothing. And I start to question what i even expect to get out of it.
>> No. 25931 [Edit]
Why is she smoking the cigarillo backwards?
>> No. 25932 [Edit]
True but its not very appropriate for a yamato nadeshiko-esque japanese schoolgirl.
>> No. 26081 [Edit]
Speaking of the first trope, has there been any long-running series which has kept up consistently high quality? The first thing that comes to my mind is the FMA manga.
>> No. 26085 [Edit]
So basically you are seriously annoyed by every anime.
>> No. 26086 [Edit]
Personally I equate 'bro' more with hippies, burn outs, jocks, and suffer types.
Not that I disagree with you, that really isn't the right word to use.
>> No. 26088 [Edit]
Not every anime is a poor quality shonen or harem series. But yes, I drop most anime/manga.
>> No. 26180 [Edit]
I want someone to say something insulting to another character, and when they ask "did you say something?" for them to actually repeat what they said instead of saying "oh nothing".
Seems like the sort of thing that only happens in shonen type stuff.
>> No. 26292 [Edit]
You should consider dropping otaku altogether. Obviously it is not for you.
>> No. 26293 [Edit]
Fun fact: You can be an otaku without liking anime.
>> No. 26295 [Edit]
You can, if you're specific with the term 'anime', yes. But the person said they also drop a lot of manga. This is more than 50% of otaku stuff.

And liking manga and not anime means you are actually pretty normal, because reading manga, in Japan, is a norm.

Unless, of course, you are referring to train otaku and the like.
>> No. 26296 [Edit]
>Unless, of course, you are referring to train otaku and the like.
Yes that was the type of otaku I was referring too, although I can see how it would be strange for someone to call themselfs a ***otaku if they aren't at least interested in something of japanese origin.
>> No. 26298 [Edit]
Maybe I should. Indeed it gets harder and harder to find series that I enjoy. If its not a bad series, then I've read it already- if not that, then its either untranslated or still ongoing.
>> No. 26299 [Edit]
Existence is suffering, the root of suffering, desire.
>> No. 26325 [Edit]
This doesn't come up often, but I find it annoying when the last ep of a show adds sound effects to it's op. Just sounds stupid.
off the top of my head two shows I remember doing this were Haganai and jojo stardust.

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