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File 145794425552.jpg - (816.32KB , 850x1202 , sample_eb45fdf87130fea1f1275102bd635f23.jpg )
28546 No. 28546 [Edit]
Are you the same person you were when you were a child, or are you a completely different creature using it's name and pretending to be them?
At this point in time all cells in your body have probably been cycled out, lost over the years and replaced with the intake of new mater. Physically speaking you're not in the same body that you once were. You undoubtedly look a little different too. It doesn't stop there, your personality has most likely changed and become completely different, as well as your interests and tastes. If the 'old you' acted differently, thought differently, looked different, and had memories/experience you don't anymore. Can you truly say you two are the same person?
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>> No. 28548 [Edit]
File 145794875183.jpg - (100.88KB , 600x563 , 0.jpg )
You're always so cute, Nunnally.
>> No. 28549 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure I'm not. I'm not who I was a year ago and probably even 5 minutes ago. If different things happened to me in the past I'd be a different me. There's a seemingly infnite amount of mes that could have been and that still can be, and also ones that are no longer a possibility as well. But none of them are me from right here and now.

I struggled with this a lot as a teenager. In this world where nothing felt really certain I wanted to at least feel secure about the fact that I'll always be myself and I wanted to take pride in who I am. But the first part was completely wrong and in turn the second turned impossible.

Nowadays I just don't think about it, same way I deal with other unpleasant things. This modus operandi is something me from 10 years ago was utterly disgusted with, adding to the irony.
>> No. 28550 [Edit]
New cells and information are slowly assimilated into our wholes. It doesn't matter how much gets replaced as long as our systems were able to assimilate the new content. What matters most is our ideals. We always act on our ideals and philosophies, no matter how we really act or even if our actions are radically different from previous ones. If we lose sight of our ideals and standards, then we die as a person. If we give up on those, we give up on our very understanding of reality, the most basic and primal instinct we have, which is the foundation of all of our behavior. How we perceive reality is what makes us who we are. That's why people die for what they believe in, because they understand this. They know it doesn't matter if they die physically, because they will never die spiritually. They will have been who they truly are to the very end, and that thought is comforting.

This doesn't just apply to people. Empires, tools, anything can change over time and stay the same, or it could change for the worse and become something it didn't used to be. If you have a shovel and replace the spade, then the handle, it's still your shovel. If you have a shovel and replace the spade with a fork, it's not a shovel anymore, and it's not your shovel. But if you replace the spade with a bigger one, it's still your shovel, even if it's different, it still holds true to itself.

Also, questioning who we are as children is an unfair comparison. Humans continue to develop long outside of the womb, up to an age of 20 years. Our brains are constantly forming and changing and struggling to comprehend the world. We are hardly even a person until we finally mature, until then we're almost proto-human.
>> No. 28562 [Edit]
It depends on how we define "person". The universe is continuous, "person" as a somehow separate part from the rest of it does not exist outside of our idea of it, there are no parts. We are shapes that the universe take and that shape changes constantly.
>> No. 28563 [Edit]
What are you even trying to say here? I don't think I've heard anyone say that they exist outside of the universe, nor state that their perception of the world was a universal one.
>> No. 28564 [Edit]
Shouldn't this be in /mt/?
>> No. 28565 [Edit]
Calling someone a person is drawing a line where there is none. You are the universe, all of it, there are no persons.
If you want to draw a line then it depends on how you draw it if a person is the same when all the parts has been changed.
>> No. 28567 [Edit]
An interesting point of view. Thanks for elucidating.

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