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File 144081116265.png - (2.70KB , 469x447 , 1431973209870.png )
27532 No. 27532 [Edit]
I feel like imageboards are either too fast, too shitty or too slow. I would like to start using forums again, does tc know of any good ones?
I'm mostly looking somewhere to discuss the usual tohno stuff. JRPGs especially, but anything goes really.
If there is a good place to discuss something in particular, please post it
>> No. 27533 [Edit]
People who avoid places for being 'too slow' are why they're 'too slow' in the first place.
>> No. 27536 [Edit]
We can discuss JRPGs here, I am playing Lighting Warrior Raidy 3 right now.
>> No. 27537 [Edit]

This pretty much.


Well, /vg/ is the place you actually want but sure, why not.
Really late to the party but I more or less finished Xenoblade Chronicles. Logged 140h into it. I'd be willing to go into more detail but again, /vg/ material.
>> No. 27538 [Edit]
I haven't played anything recently, but I can barely wait for the new Mount and Blade to come out. The wait has been long but I think they are finally releasing it this year. It's going to be an amazing game.
>> No. 27539 [Edit]
I can't wait for it either but sadly I don't think it will be released this year.
>> No. 27566 [Edit]
I can't really blame them, though.

Modern Power-Users are accustomed to mediums where quantity is inherently superior to quality, as there is almost an inevitability in original or interesting content once you have enough idle minds interacting together. While I like Tohno-chan, I also do not expect it to change in a radical manner anytime soon.

The "Web 2.0" is largely based on taking this spontaneity and streamlining it for the end user through home-grown communities, rather than through the search-engine or explicit advertisement. Reddit, Twitter, and Tumblr are probably the most direct examples, while services like Facebook work at the more local and personal level, with more acute tools.

Once you get used to this, its really hard to break the addictive collection of new information. I still read the New York Times in print, and I always feel like I actually get a good summation of a few dozen choice events, while the 24-hour News channels or /r/news will give you an emotionally driven argument for nearly anything which riles people up.

Back on topic, I remember the what.cd forums were pretty interesting for discussion, though it is behind a membership wall and is dominated by pseudo-intellectuals. Pseudo-intellectualism is not really a bad thing if people still back up what they say with citations and precedents, but the tone of the users was often condescending.
>> No. 27570 [Edit]
forums are good, but only as a source of search engine results.
op should definitely join a forum and make good posts so that i can maybe read them as search engine results when i need info on that topic.
>> No. 27652 [Edit]
Fast and shitty go hand-in-hand, OP.


Pick one, these are the actual choices.
>> No. 27664 [Edit]
What are some slow and good imageboards?
>> No. 27674 [Edit]
Thanks bro
>> No. 27675 [Edit]
>> No. 27677 [Edit]
If you've got a problem you can leave. You clearly aren't making the place any better.
>> No. 27714 [Edit]
Calling something good without qualifier and then telling people IF YOU DUN LIKE IT THEN YOU CAN GIT OUT when they raise an eyebrow at your description isn't really good.
>> No. 27778 [Edit]
the thing about that is the person you're replying to has a concept in his head which designates which boards are good or not and he assumes that his opinions are both logical and self evident, which they are to him, so he doesn't not need to explain it to you.
lack of empathy, the inability to try to see things from other's point of view rather than your own, is a common characteristic of autists and in fact defines the condition.

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