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File 132477221646.jpg - (208.03KB , 573x809 , b066a311b01dd2d74075a4f075975859.jpg )
7772 No. 7772 [Edit]
It's the 25th in the UK, so merry Christmas guys. I hope you're enjoying yourselves, even if we can't spend it exactly how we'd want to.

Raise your glass/bottle/whatever, to /mai/. I could embark on a huge rant about how much this place means to me, and how I'm sure it means a lot to everyone here, but I'll refrain. I'd love to spend Christmas with Fate, but I have friends, some of whom I've met here, and a scary amount who are in a similar situation.

Merry Christmas again, guys. You deserve to enjoy it.
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>> No. 7775 [Edit]
I, for one, would love to read a speech about /mai/ or Tohno-chan in general. How about we do that on Christmas, whenever that is for my fellow brohnos? We can finally put that thesaurus to use, making grand speeches with sweeping vocabulary. It'll be fun.
>> No. 7776 [Edit]
Record your speech using windows movie maker's narrator function then put it on youtube. I think I did something similar for new year's on tohno chan one or two years ago.
>> No. 7778 [Edit]
I'd rather type it. I get anxiety whenever I have to do something in front of others. Even if it's behind the screen of my computer, I'd prefer an anonymous block of text be my means of communication. Sorry. Maybe I'll upload something done with text to speech. Use a cool robot voice.
>> No. 7779 [Edit]
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, you guys. It's been a really nice stay here and I hope we can share more holidays.
>> No. 7784 [Edit]
Merry Christmas, guys. This place meant so much to me last year, and it means so much again this year.
>> No. 7786 [Edit]
File 132480463169.jpg - (153.06KB , 1000x1000 , 23850711.jpg )
>> No. 7787 [Edit]
File 132480609932.png - (2.59MB , 800x1130 , Kurisu xmas.png )
Merry Christmas /mai/.
>> No. 7789 [Edit]
File 132480836516.png - (1.16MB , 707x1003 , 49f345307f438d2fb4317305525c7f75.png )
>> No. 7790 [Edit]
Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.
>> No. 7792 [Edit]
File 132483594438.jpg - (134.04KB , 800x600 , Asuka%20Christmas.jpg )
>> No. 7802 [Edit]
Here's that speech I said I would write. Enjoy.

Brohnos, friends! I hope you will find my first attempt at a speech entertaining. On this Christmas day I wish to express my gratitude to you all. You have really made /mai/ and all of Tohno-chan my home on the grand, deep, and sprawling web. Though I have not been here long, I feel a sense of brotherhood with you all - friends I do not even know.

Most of us here couldn't care less about the world that has embittered us so. Most detest the people that go about their lives mechanically just outside our walls. Yet when one of us comes hurting, the rest will be there to help him with helpful words and sympathetic ears. And if I had the money, the resources... I would erect a home for those of us society has labled failures! You wouldn't get to loaf around, though. I love you guys, but it wouldn't be easy for one man to maintain such a big house!

Where 4chan is full of rage and some kind of sad elitism, /tc/ takes it easy and gives everyone a chance before becoming hostile to someone. Sure, we've gone through a time where we were turning on one another left and right; we are FAR from perfect after all. (I think giascle has fully gotten over his Fun Police phase, haha.) But we recovered, we didn't let it keep us broken - thanks for the clean up jobs, Mods! It's nice to be on a board and channel where the mods and admin actually care.

There are so many interesting people on this site that have taught me many things. /mai/: you taught me that love... that there are no restrictions that love knows to its form of expression. Before coming here, I would never have considered 2D love. I thought waifu were just jokes. Interesting jokes, though. And looking into them with the power of Google lead me to here. I am proud to say I believe in character love and have a waifu of my own. And she's the reason I'm able to have a wonderful Christmas. Just thinking of her cheers me up. So thank you, /mai/, for teaching me about waifu. Bitches and whores, etc., etc.

There's one anon here, don't even know his waifu or if he has one, who I've come to refer to as Mr. Philosophy. I sort of look up to him. He's got command of an understanding and vocabulary that boggles my mind. He introduced me to Wittgenstein. Though I'm ashamed to say I couldn't keep up with his work. You taught me about the philosophical aspects of 2D love ("ghosts" and all that) and existence as a whole. Thank you for that. I feel I've become that much wiser because of you.

Necrosage - I haven't seen him around - I greatly enjoyed your essays. You were the one who wrote the Defense of Waifuism, right? I read that a while back so memories involving it are foggy. Thanks for all your work on the topic.

Giascle, I'll admit I didn't like you very much for a while. But I came to like you as well around when you told us of your trip through New York with a pseudo-cardboard-cut-out of Tenshi. That amazed me. You're also one hell of an artist. Inspired me to at least attempt to get some art skills under my belt. I want to thank you for, well, I guess being yourself. You're a cool guy, bro. I hope you go far in life!

/mt/ has taught me the world is out to take your freedoms online and how to fight back. You've made me paranoid. Fuck you guys. You're an interesting board and one of my favorites. I'm really liking the recent thread on programming, by the way.

/so/... I just want to say I care about you guys. Thanks for being there for me when I was really feeling like shit. I was able to pick myself up and march on. I want to do what I can to improve the world, no matter how small my contribution.

/foe/? You're a board as slow as molasses going uphill in winter.

And I'd like to thank everyone else for contributing to this site. You're just not important enough to be called out individually. I'm kidding, of course. I love you all just as much.

Now last but certainly not least in my list of thanks, is Tohno himself. Thank you for this board, for everything you've done for it! Thank you for giving us this home away from home!

Look at me. I was planning on doing a speech for the sake of amusement but ended up being serious about it. So, everyone, get yourself a glass if you don't already have one and raise it to toast this wonderful site and all its denizens! I'd say we deserve it! Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope your holidays were enjoyable!
>> No. 7805 [Edit]
Dude. That made me feel an emotion akin to something mixed with manliness and deep love/camaraderie. I'm going to admit that my eyes got a little watery while reading that. In the manliest way possible, of course. You're great. Nah, fuck that, everyone on /tc/ is great. It's always around the holidays that I feel a unity for the imageboard culture. I felt it when I first went to /a/, and in all the I've spent on this site. We're all sort of failures in our own ways, but that doesn't matter here. It's sort of like the Gunjou Institute from Cross Channel, I guess...I've digressed too damn much, though. That was a great, eloquent speech, and I doubt anybody could have said what they feel any better than you did.

I've said it once before (you know, probably several more times in the past), but...yeah: Merry Christmas, brohnos. You guys are the cherry on top of the melting sundae that my life has become. Yeah, that's damn corny. I don't care though. Hugs and brofists all around.
>> No. 7806 [Edit]
Thanks for the speech. Its true, I don't fit in on any other site. This is the only place where I can say what I mean and not get shit on for it.
>> No. 7833 [Edit]

That was great! You just made my holidays a lot better, no kidding. I hope you all have a good time aswell.

Post edited on 27th Dec 2011, 6:41am

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