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File 129412943985.jpg - (36.36KB , 640x360 , amagami-ss-25-final-08.jpg )
905 No. 905 [Edit]
I have seen this episode 143 times now.

I never thought I would feel something like this for a 2D girl ever again. If my memory serves me right, only two other 2D girls made me feel this way, but Risa-chan hit me hard. Really hard. She made me realize that there's no 3D girl out there who will go all out, risk everything just to be with the one she loves. She made me realize that even if I go all out pursuing 3D love, I will just be shot down for being inadequate.

Too bad, there's not much of her out there. The game isn't enough. Pictures are scarce. The ED single is not yet released. She doesn't have a fig. Neat doujin about her are lacking. And it makes me sad that I cannot project my devotion to her properly.

When I read that NTR doujin, my heart was crushed. Even if it was a doujinshi, she didn't deserve anything like that. She deserved much better. She deserved the best. I know NTR is meant to induce rage upon its reader, but why? Why must I get teary-eyed over fanfiction?

Sorry for moping like this. I just had to. I might be driven insane if I don't post this.
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>> No. 906 [Edit]
I had droped Amagami; but you look really passionate about this so...
Wich episode does her arc starts at?
I'm genually interested.
>> No. 907 [Edit]
You...but...This only came out a week ago?

It's the very last episode
>> No. 908 [Edit]
This is the worst genre ever created and just reading the word makes me want to punch kittens
>> No. 913 [Edit]
143 X ~20 minutes comes out to around 48 hours, so it's possible if OP watched it 7-8 hours a day, every day.
>> No. 914 [Edit]
File 12941471031.jpg - (327.38KB , 672x850 , 7f7805ceb94413325885fafa6c148b91.jpg )
It feels really devastating that the 2D girl you like has few pictures. It's like she doesn't 'exist' at all.

I wanted to be her Milk Prince.
>> No. 915 [Edit]
This game isn't translated. But I'd like to try out the VN before I watch the show.

>Pictures are scarce


Well, compared to the other girls, yes.

God I fucking hate that genre. I can't stand anyone who enjoys watching it or enjoys feeling enraged.
>> No. 924 [Edit]
It takes a special kind of person to enjoy NTR, and I'm definitely not that kind. I think it's kind of an intense self-hatred thing, where you're supposed to get off on your own cuckolding because of it. Nasty stuff, but I'm not in any position to judge people who like it considering some of my fetishes.
>> No. 925 [Edit]
though I'll add that it should definitely not extend to one's waifu. That is just straight fucked up.
>> No. 926 [Edit]
File 129418779986.jpg - (76.34KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_25_[h264-720p][D8540E4E]_mkv_sn.jpg )
Oh, I liked Risa's "arc" too and I feel the same way. Having a girl do all that for me would be unimaginable. Things just don't work like that (or if they do it's extremely rare) and I would even go as far as to say "any more". A man is much more inclined to go such lengths than a girl is, but that's just my opinion.

I marathoned PoRo's hentai a few days ago. Sex scenes are really good but goddamn it did I feel like punching someone afterwards. Ragefap makes you feel really bad.
>> No. 933 [Edit]
File 129423652755.jpg - (455.22KB , 703x850 , b9a10db75afba008ecfde0599f11f3bf.jpg )
>> No. 937 [Edit]
The thought of my waifu being in an NTR doujin makes me want to kill a kitten.

Nothing more hateful in the world of H-manga than NTR.
>> No. 940 [Edit]
File 129432882781.jpg - (172.76KB , 726x1000 , 17ea4a2c0b74d8f14d90c662b0a9615b.jpg )
>> No. 1863 [Edit]
File 130087012892.jpg - (465.56KB , 637x900 , 17567932.jpg )
My heart skipped a beat.
>> No. 3522 [Edit]
File 130926554017.jpg - (452.05KB , 637x900 , 19333744.jpg )
I celebrated her birthday with a custom made cake and flowers. Too bad her BD had to have Miya in there, but whatever. As long as Risa-chan is there, I'm happy.

I had a dream about a girl the other night. She's well, 3D, but looks like Risa-chan, like if she was a really a 3D girl. Her name is Risa. Her voice is as gentle as Risa-chan, like if Maii Kadowaki can speak my native language. She acts like Risa-chan. She cares like Risa-chan. She's Risa-chan, in 3D.

It's as if some otherworldly force put her into my dreams. I can talk to her, hug her, touch her. In that dream I felt like I don't want to wake up. I don't want to get up. But reality has to set in. She waved goodbye as I sent her off to the train.

Her farewell kiss woke me up.

I then realized it was a dream. That I have to move on with my life. But that's okay. As long as Risa-chan is with me, everything will be alright.
>> No. 3545 [Edit]
I'be been wanting to have a dream like that for ages...
Good for you.
>> No. 4740 [Edit]
File 13130391037.jpg - (75.28KB , 600x800 , cc82c2010d7093fa44d69d2f3d5e2f81.jpg )
It's Saimoe 2011 and Risa-chan made it to the main tourney! She'll be up against Kotegawa (TLR, very powerful) and MISAKA #10032 (Index, another really powerful contender). I'll vote for her so that my vote will count. I don't expect her to get past these two but it would be nice if she will. I'll silently support her from the shadows. I know there are Risa fans out there and I really hope they will vote for her too.

Do your best, Risa-chan!
>> No. 4742 [Edit]
>> No. 4791 [Edit]
>> No. 4793 [Edit]
She really deserved more then just one (and a half counting that ova) episode.
I thought that ep was really sweet.
Best of luck with Saimoe!
>> No. 4814 [Edit]
but, once unlocked, did she actually had a route as long as the others in the game?
>> No. 4818 [Edit]
Yes. I can't say it is 'long', but yes, she has a very good route.
>> No. 4989 [Edit]
File 131462753491.jpg - (473.75KB , 601x850 , 16427317.jpg )
Tonight's the night.

Time to vote for Risa-chan.
>> No. 4990 [Edit]
Good luck!
>> No. 5048 [Edit]
File 131478747755.jpg - (56.81KB , 1263x476 , weiothweoith.jpg )
Well if you wanted bigger breasts Risa then you should've drunk that milk!

Don't worry, I like your small breasts anyway!

Also, hmm, she seems sorta familiar...
>> No. 5059 [Edit]

Now that you point it out...
Well, but the nice ribbon that i like that much is missing.
>> No. 5404 [Edit]
File 131592352548.jpg - (334.02KB , 637x900 , 21728492.jpg )
This artist's rendition of Risa-chan is bordering buriki's character design, it's frightening.
>> No. 5514 [Edit]
You know it's funny, NTR can occasionally make me want to throw a truck at the artist, but never about my own loves.

They'd never act that way in the first place, NTR of THEM is more hilarious to me than actually something I'd fear or get mad at. You fellas need to simmer down.
>> No. 5515 [Edit]
I don't know about fapping to NTR, It's just fun to post it everywhere and see people get angry over it.
>> No. 5516 [Edit]
It's like I'm really on /a/ right now.
>> No. 5517 [Edit]
Well, I don't post it here obviously. I can't help myself in shittier places. They pretty much earned a bad day.
>> No. 5518 [Edit]
please take you "lol u mad?" behavior/mindset to another site.
>> No. 5520 [Edit]
I think you guys are being somewhat unfair. Are you saying you've never intentionally angered someone over the internet for amusement?

He said he doesn't do it here, he obviously respects the rules.

It's just fan-porn people, it can't hurt you if you don't let it (not that I'm advocating it be on here).
>> No. 5579 [Edit]

That's just a bit messed up, though, don't you think? "It can't hurt you if you don't let it" is much easier said than done. Say, what happened if I just happened to lurk around different boards and see NTR of characters I love? Even if it wasn't directed towards me and to people who "deserve" it (Like those really exist), it still hurts knowing there's a jerk out there willing to hurt someone like that. Obviously, this is the internet, but for someone who shares the waifu concept to do harm to another?-- admitting it will obviously attract negative feedback.
>> No. 5585 [Edit]
File 131637384257.png - (372.82KB , 596x1014 , Tenshi Rape is so romantic.png )
You really just have to get used to it. Someone on another site posts this image all the time, and he actually does use it as a personal attack. It's irritating, but I know he's an asshole so I move on.
>> No. 5588 [Edit]

I understand that, but what if that person goes on this site and uses it regularly? I can't be comfortable knowing that.
>> No. 5589 [Edit]
There's a clearly defined site rule on the matter.
"- Insulting or making fun of someone's waifu in /mai/."
>> No. 5590 [Edit]

aaaaa Okay okay, but I'm just saying, if a person insults anyone's waifu on another site + regularly posts on this site at the same time (perhaps obeying the rules-- that isn't the point though). It just doesn't seem right.
>> No. 5591 [Edit]
That's why were mostly anonymous, have rules, and fast moderation.

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