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File 131895403536.jpg - (366.96KB , 540x2440 , japan.jpg )
10956 No. 10956 [Edit]
Haruhi dammit, japan
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>> No. 10957 [Edit]
That's a cruel way to cook.
>> No. 10958 [Edit]
Many cultures do this kind of barbaric shit.
Lobsters come to mind. I think most people strike them in the back of the head before steaming them now though.

You should see how they make raw squid. Pretty nasty stuff.
>> No. 10960 [Edit]
It is a metaphor for our lives; the outside world was too hot to handle so when went inside thinking we would be saved, only to die...
>> No. 10962 [Edit]
I worked for a catering company in Maine for a few weeks in high school.

We were told, that by state law, we could not boil a dead lobster. Something about the meat being toxic after death.

The same thing with clams and such.

Also, people eat raw oysters by opening the shell, slicing the (still living) oyster out, putting seasoning on it, and eating it alive.

Japan's worst dish is probably Hakodate squid, and that was made as a dish for gutsy foreigner tourists.
>> No. 10963 [Edit]
I don't think I'm giving a nice flavour to anyone's tofu.
>> No. 10970 [Edit]
What anime is that?
>> No. 10971 [Edit]
File 131902514865.jpg - (143.12KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF2762.jpg )
Isn't the squid already dead in that though? From what I read it just moves because of a reaction to the salt in the sauce or something.

But it's not like the rest of the world doesn't do stuff like this anyway. (Foie gras, anyone).

I'm all in favor of using every part of the animal you kill, where I come from we eat the ears, brain, tongue, even make a kind of dish which basically consists of rice and boiled blood (see pic). But torturing the animals seems kind of pointless to me.
>> No. 10972 [Edit]

Judging by the art style only it kinda looks like Hanada Shounen-shi but I don't think that's it (as I don't recall this scene; then again, I've seen it years ago).

You might wonder why someone who doesn't even know the answer would bother to answer the question. I'm just stealhily recommending Hanada as it was a great series and almost nobody watched it.
>> No. 10973 [Edit]
The squid is dead. I don't think any Japanese dishes, past or present, are alive upon consumption.
>> No. 10974 [Edit]  
>> No. 10975 [Edit]
Ah, so that's how they get them in there. I always did think it was quite a creative (and delicious) dish.

Judging by the artstyle, it's probably Zipang. Kawaguchi Kaiji's faces are pretty distinctive.

Post edited on 19th Oct 2011, 9:14am
>> No. 10977 [Edit]
File 131904234734.jpg - (147.86KB , 925x519 , k-on cattle 0.jpg )
Cattle farming is just as barbaric. Chicken, for instance, are kept together in small rooms with the lights on for 20+ hrs-day, so they won't sleep and keep doing the only thing they're meant to: eat (and shit all over the place); the tip of their beak is CUT when they're little, so they can't be selective on the smallest grain and get fat sooner. And consuming vegetables isn't less terrible, since they all come from agriculture wich poisons, wears out and ruins the soil, the countrymen lives, and the entire planet ecosystem...

Safe from us, hypocrit motherfuckers, all carnivores at least kill themselves what they eat, and many eat their prey still alive. By all means, life is cannibalistic: life eats (others) life, in order to survive. Eating, just like mating and breeding, is animalistic so let's become AI soon, bros...

Anyway: I'm hungry now.

Post edited on 19th Oct 2011, 11:35am
>> No. 10984 [Edit]
I've heard free-range and uncaged cows and chickens are supposed to produce better quality meat/milk/eggs. They're more expensive, but I guess you have to pay more to not feel bad about eating.
>> No. 10986 [Edit]
The sorrow and despair only makes it tastier.
Why do you think Veal is so expensive?
>> No. 10988 [Edit]
>But torturing the animals seems kind of pointless to me.
Well it doesn't seem pointless to me. It's a pretty simple form of sadism but I guess the casual person needs his dose too. Well the OP thing seems kind of cunning.

As for overuse of antibiotics, fertilizer and unhealthy conditions in agriculture, I'm opposed to that.

As for the hypocrisy, people live terribly unreflected lifes. Do something sadist for the fun of it, condem something sadist for spontaneous fits of empathy (which feels good too of course). It's vaguely concerning.

Post edited on 19th Oct 2011, 12:31pm
>> No. 10990 [Edit]
File 131905462050.jpg - (39.86KB , 600x450 , 1213770058583.jpg )
Like rape?
>> No. 10991 [Edit]
What else would you have us eat?
>> No. 10992 [Edit]
Perhaps I'm not the only one who's simply unable to empathize with animals.
>> No. 10993 [Edit]
I find it hard to sympathize with anything 3D, honestly
>> No. 10994 [Edit]
They actually cut the beaks so they can't peck themselves and eachother to death. Caged birds have a habit of going crazy and doing that...
>> No. 10995 [Edit]

Free ranged chicken are usually older and have a different taste/texture, its pretty interested.

I on the other hand don't put animals on the same level as lets say a human. So I don't really care what happens to my meat before I cook it. Its not going to change anything so its better to not dwell on it
>> No. 10996 [Edit]
This thread sort of makes me want to read Toriko.
>> No. 10997 [Edit]
Yeah, its Zipang
Watched it, but it wasnt to my taste. Too lighthearted to be a serious anime, too serious to be a comedy.
>> No. 10998 [Edit]
>Its not going to change anything so its better to not dwell on it
It might. Cows that are raised in their own shit are generally more prone to disease.
>> No. 10999 [Edit]
File 131908010061.png - (433.68KB , 512x288 , shot0005.png )
OP here, yes, this is from Zipang
>> No. 11000 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi, that episode.
>> No. 11004 [Edit]
According to a recent Yomiuri article, Loach soup is a Korean specialty.
>> No. 11792 [Edit]

Apparently Japan, upon being inundated by tourists seeing sensationalised Hollywood interpretations of Japanese foods, including raw beef and eating live shrimp, Japanese restaurants started pushing the envelope starting in the early eighties, going from butchering live fish in front of customers(to make sure it's the freshest possible), to actually serving things to customers that are still living for the first few seconds, to actually serving living things, basically for crazy businessmen and thrill-seeking tourists. So, just like how the most fucked-up hentai is actually made by westerners, we have nobody to blame for this crap but the western weeaboos.

There was a scene in The Challenge where some people consumed a live, wriggling loach (from a loach hot pot) to prove their manliness. Like, they had to put their hand over the top of a glass full of water with one loach inside, so the loach wouldn't jump out, and drink the loach whole. This was a samurai homestead, so it's not really accurate to say a ganguro or otaku would be doing this.

I hate focusing on the differences of cultures just to "foreignize" others, so before people start going around talking about this we should remember this isn't a widespread thing. Animal Planet already has people thinking all japs eat whale, while less than a tenth of one percent actually consumes it on anywhere near resembling a regular basis(Back to the weeaboos fuck up Japan thing, the person who pushed for Japan to commercialize whale hunting, a long-dead practice, was SCAP Gen. Douglas MacArthur, looking for a cheap, carbohydrate and calorie rich food source for the starving Japanese populace).

In fact, Japan offers more culinary freedom while still maintaining safety for the customer. While I wouldn't eat hakodate squid or a live loach, I'd like for it to be available to me if I did have the urge to try it, instead of ignorantly pushing it off my plate, as well as the plates of everyone around me.

I still think eating dog is wrong.
>> No. 11793 [Edit]
File 132314101672.jpg - (15.42KB , 400x300 , delicious.jpg )
>I still think eating dog is wrong

Do you hold the moral belief that killing any animals are wrong or does it just apply for dogs? Not that I want to start up some stupid vegetarian or PETA drama on /tc/ out of all sites, but I think people can often get a little carried away just because how "cute" some animals can be.

I am quite curious about how dogs taste though. I've heard it tastes quite delicious. As an avid meat-lover, I'm definitely going to try some before I die.
>> No. 11794 [Edit]
This made me think of the scene in Oldboy where the main character walks into a restaurant, sits at the bar, orders a live octopus (I think?) and devours the thing while it's still flailing around. Does that kind of thing happen?
>> No. 11795 [Edit]
It "happens" but I think it's more of an uncommon dish for thrill-seekers, as Shinden previously pointed out. I don't really have any data to support that, however.
>> No. 11798 [Edit]
>I think people can often get a little carried away just because how "cute" some animals can be.

not to mention the fact that theyre only cute because of the way they were bred, which can cause a lot of health problems in certain breeds. that is the real animal cruelty.
>> No. 11801 [Edit]

>I still think eating dog is wrong.

It's about as wrong as eating chicken (except a little more because of the way chickens are raised).


Good point.
>> No. 11802 [Edit]
You mean the only reason a lot of people get offended when you eat veal? "Oh my Haruhi you monster!!! It's a cute baby cow living thing! How could you!"

The fact is most of these types will step on a roach or put out mousetraps without a second thought. What makes one animal worthy of life and another worthy of death? It's all about their use to humans. Some provide companionship, some provide food and some are completely useless or even harmful to us. And since we're at the top of the food chain, we call the shots.

I do think it's wrong how we breed a lot of animals, though. I know you can buy free range meat and eggs produced by uncaged vegetable-fed hens, though they're a lot more expensive.

Post edited on 6th Dec 2011, 7:14am
>> No. 11803 [Edit]
>What makes one animal worthy of life and another worthy of death?
how cute they are
>> No. 11804 [Edit]
Sorry, I should rephrase this.

I think eating dog recreationally is wrong.

While there is no other use for some animals, like cows, pigs and chickens, dogs hold an emotional tie with humans. Dogs are companion animals to humans, and are raised for this. Horses are raised for work, so they are useful aswell. Basically, if the meat works, don't eat it.

However, in dire times of hunger, eating dog is acceptable when no other food source is there. I'm not a PETA kid, and i will not subjugate humans to cute furry things when survival is an issue. But eating dog for recreation is just... It's like a step under cannibalism to me.

I do hate animal cruelty, but I am not against eating animals. Like cows... I've seen how they die... We're doing a service to them in killing them before that...
>> No. 11805 [Edit]
>no other use for some animals, like cows

Uhh, aren't cows historically one of the most valuable animals for humans, purely because they were used to toil the land? Or is that just for oxen? Is there even a biological difference between cattle and oxen?

>Basically, if the meat works, don't eat it.

Yes, that’s a perfectly valid reason but you have to admit, not all breeds of dogs are useful for labour. And depending on the type of labour, dogs may or may not be useful. I mean, just how useful is a dog if you don't herd animals for a living? Yes, I realize that many dogs have other uses in aiding the blind or sniffing out drugs, but those usually require specific breeds and are jobs that the average person doesn't need to do. So then, just what's so bad about domesticating random mutts for food?

Don't get me wrong, I adore dogs. I've had 3 dogs in my life and I still deeply regret the few times I've mistreated them or didn't give them enough attention. It's just that I don't quite see why dogs being used as food or as companions to humans has to be mutually exclusive. It’s not as if other people's pets are being butchered and eaten.To me, it’s just another usage for dogs. It might sound a little hypocritical of course, but just as some horses are turned into glue (though I suppose they’re all from synthetic sources these days), some breeds of dogs are eaten because they have no better use.

All in all, I can perfectly sympathize one personally not choosing to eat dog-meat, or any other food for that matter. That’s your personal moral belief, and I don’t think anybody has a right to criticize it. What I do find strange is that there are those who try to tell me what I can and can’t eat, as if their morality is some sort of absolute morality on a higher plane. Personally, I think the only meat that humans should not recreationally eat are humans, purely because we as humans, should value the lives of our own species the most.

Post edited on 6th Dec 2011, 9:06am
>> No. 11806 [Edit]
What's bad about breeding dogs as a food source as opposed to pigs.
They are at least equally qualified to serve as pets as far as I can tell.
I'm sure as fuck more emotionally tied to pigs than to dogs.
(and we have a dog here; I do of course have an individual emotional tie to that particular dog)
>> No. 11807 [Edit]
Personally I think butchering animals is cruel, but eatting dead animals is ok. Dead things are dead after all, and shouldn't have rights. As such I support the legalization of cannibalism.
>> No. 11808 [Edit]
Dogs were raised and adopted by humans as companions and hunting partners. Thousands of years of domestication brought many different breeds with separate purposes. Psychologically, dogs are incredibly close to humans. However, wolves, despite being identical to dogs in pack mentality and biology, don't have a cohabitation relationship with humans, which separates them from dogs. I would have no qualms hunting and eating a wolf.
>> No. 11809 [Edit]
They aren't companions and hunting partners most of the time nowadays though.
As for pigs, they are probably closer to humans mentally.
Though if you just don't like eating dog I'm fine with that I guess.
>> No. 11813 [Edit]

>While there is no other use for some animals, like cows, pigs and chickens, dogs hold an emotional tie with humans.

I actually used to know a person who kept a pig as an animal. There must be at least a few families who consider their livestock almost part of their family. In some countries cows are treated as holy beings (hence the 'holy cow!') expression.

Meanwhile dogs are dogs, just that. Their biggest advtanage over cows, chikens and pigs is that they're cuter (obviously subjetive but the majority agrees).


>Dogs are companion animals to humans, and are raised for this. Horses are raised for work, so they are useful aswell.

Just for the record, I think horse meat is delicious. On top of that judging by what it provides it's much better choice than most kinds of meat - low in fat, high in protein - a winng combination. Also, it's pretty popular where I live (much more so than the expensive beef).

>But eating dog for recreation is just... It's like a step under cannibalism to me.

This has got to be the stupidest thing I've heard in ... well, few hours. We are on the internet afterall. Still, remarkably stupid.


>Personally, I think the only meat that humans should not recreationally eat are humans, purely because we as humans, should value the lives of our own species the most.

As long as the person who's about to be consumed agreed before (well, his/her family's approval would be nice, too) I don't see a problem here.
One could say it's not exactly healthy but then again lots of other things aren't and they are socially acceptable, too. Can't wait till we ban smoking in public period, I don't see why I have to get poisoned just because someone feels like smoking.
>> No. 11826 [Edit]
I for one am for the use of human babies and children for testing, using them for food would be a bit of waste because of the long gestation time.

Most adult mammals are as (and some species even more) intelligent than human children under school age, I don't understand why babies and young children have such wide rights. Emotional attachment shouldn't be any reason, by that argument your waifu should be given human rights too. And other animals feel as much attachment too, mothers of all species are protective to the point it's crazy when their offspring is young.
>> No. 11898 [Edit]
>Most adult mammals are as (and some species even more) intelligent than human children under school age
No, they are not.
Not by a long shot.
Even if you said "Most adult primates etc." you'd still be wrong.
Humans are the most intelligent species of animal we know. We have no competition in that area.

>And other animals feel as much attachment too
No, they don't.
Only very few animals create a bond with their offspring the way humans do.
Only animals that take a very long time to mature and be able to fend for themselves create the kind of bond humans have.

>mothers of all species are protective
No they are not, most animals don't give a fuck.

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