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File 141561707984.jpg - (27.95KB , 362x278 , 1331268867461.jpg )
19004 No. 19004 [Edit]
Who here is ugly?
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>> No. 19005 [Edit]
Humans are ugly and disgusting to boot. We can, of course, acknowledge beauty or whatever by the normal standards set for us by others, but what does it matter when there is no way for anyone to become truly beautiful?
Settling for a lower score on the normal-beauty-meter is like an ant feeling good about being taller than the rest of the ants but still looks upon the tree and realizes that it can't compete with it in tallness. It might still be the tallest ant and it might still feel good about it, but if you asked it about its wishes the answer would be "I want to be taller than a tree".
>> No. 19006 [Edit]
I'm probably around a 3 or 4.
>> No. 19009 [Edit]
I have a fat, round, ugly face

Sometimes I wish I could look like Bridget or something, but that's not going to happen any time soon
>> No. 19010 [Edit]
By the standards set by 3Ds, I've always been pretty ugly. The feeling is mutual, as I feel the same about them- if not moreso.

I agree with >>19004 on this subject. Humans aren't pretty to me. I find people that others describe as "10/10" to be just as ugly as anyone else.
>> No. 19012 [Edit]
If I lifted, adopted more sophisticated hygiene practices and tweaked my wardrobe I could probably bring myself up to a universal 8.5. I have no interest in deferring to the aesthetic tastes of plebs, however.
>> No. 19015 [Edit]
Me too man. Doesn't help I have a thyroid the size of a baseball.
>> No. 19017 [Edit]
I'm ugly. Ugly in every way possible, and I try to hind behind my metaphorical masks to hide the ugly little me that I DESPISE so very much. I wish for a painful death to end the ugly, untalented, worthless me.
>> No. 19018 [Edit]
I'm about average, alright face, overweight body. Lost a bit of weight recently but nothing to get too excited about. I hope it keeps happening though.
>> No. 19024 [Edit]
The only real thing I feel proud about is my really long as shit hair, which is long since I haven't cut it in nearly 4 years
>> No. 19029 [Edit]
I'm white but have facial features that are more commonly found in black people. It's not pretty.
>> No. 19030 [Edit]
How long exactly if I may ask? I've been growing mine out for that much time and it's halfway down my back now. Wish I could have it waist long.
>> No. 19031 [Edit]
I haven't exactly measured it, but I guess my estimate is about over a foot, it sort of goes down and at least touches my stomach

If I were thin, you'd probably think I were Johney Depp or some trap
>> No. 19032 [Edit]
Nice, hair game on point.
I guess I'm kinda like a skinny Peter Steele if we're doing this. Recently I'm even trying to bulk up a bit.
>> No. 19033 [Edit]
Overweight, but I wouldn't say obese. Starting to lose hair, so I'd say 2/10.
>> No. 19041 [Edit]
Oh but I'm short. 1,66 or 67. Average-short.

Post edited on 20th Nov 2014, 3:34am
>> No. 19049 [Edit]
I'm ok. I've started getting some acne after never having it as a teenager for some reason though. It's not super severe but it's annoying and consistently comes back.

Post edited on 21st Nov 2014, 1:42pm
>> No. 19051 [Edit]
I have a dog face. At least im a bit tall.
>> No. 19052 [Edit]
Dog face meaning your jaw and nose stick out?
>> No. 19053 [Edit]
What if he has the face of a pug or pekingese?
>> No. 19055 [Edit]
Do you take stimulants?
>> No. 19057 [Edit]
Been consistently given anonymous rates of 4, so I guess I'm average to ugly for the general view. From all the things I could pick (including a mild chest deformity), I think it's my weak chin what really kills it; I've tried to grow a beard to cover for that without much success.

Post edited on 22nd Nov 2014, 4:28pm
>> No. 19058 [Edit]
Accutane, man, if you can get your hands on it.
It does work.
>> No. 19060 [Edit]
me. realized i was ugly in elementary school when i didn't get valentines day cards like everyone else. been subconscious about it ever since.
>> No. 19079 [Edit]
No stimulants, but now that I think about it I have started taking multivitamins on my parents request, and the acne started right around the same time. After some googling it seems like the link between the two is plausible, so I'll stop for a few weeks and see.

If all else fails I'll give >>19058 a shot.
>> No. 19112 [Edit]
Looking at myself in a mirror recently, I noticed I had a pale white face, full of bumps and other nasty things, like I'm a living corpse... I still have my hair at least, and hopefully I'll keep that
>> No. 19113 [Edit]
3/10 here. I have an enormous sort of triangular head, huge forehead, very narrow shoulders, child-sized hands, ghost-pale skin (hikkiNEET since '09) and really long body hair. I just look like shit no matter what i wear. Bad social anxiety + ugly = unending fucking misery.
>> No. 19130 [Edit]
I think I'm not awfully ugly. I'm quite below average, though.
>> No. 19131 [Edit]
I am the beautifulest!
>> No. 19146 [Edit]
Starting men's multivitamins, ironically I look even more like a trap... I guess that's good except I'm still ugly as sin
>> No. 19151 [Edit]
Same, im not horrific but im either average or a little below average. Not that it bothers me. Men are not supposed to be pretty flowers. Our value is in what we do.
>> No. 19187 [Edit]
>Men are not supposed to be pretty flowers.
But that can be ground for finding us unappealing too. For all I've seen, boyish and effeminate men usually get ratings of 6 at best. Say, I managed to grow a somewhat decent beard but still was said that it looks wrong on my baby face. I keep it since I do like it, though.
>> No. 19188 [Edit]

My family also dislike my beard. I don't care though, I think it makes me look better. Probably just stemming from how they used to insist having hair that was slightly long/unkept was terrible and of the devil.
>> No. 19189 [Edit]
I have the most ridiculous baby face ever. People pin me at 14. I also can't grow a beard. There's a reason I drink at home.
>> No. 19202 [Edit]
You could try applying minoxidil to it if it bothers you. People have used it with great results

I think Zyzz made a couple threads about it on BB back then
>> No. 19215 [Edit]
Minox does work but one must be very careful. Until I found the right dose and schedule I went through bad shit, from a swollen face to dizziness, headaches and actual heart disturbances.

In any case, it only helps you to wake up the dormant follicles of your genetically determined beard patch. If you don't have enough to begin with, the full beard won't come up anyway. See your dad's and grandpas' beards to have an idea of what you could expect. It also takes patience (6 month to a year or so to have full effect).
>> No. 19231 [Edit]
>Men are not supposed to be pretty flowers
Neither are women. Commercially driven media influence is a hell of a thing.
>> No. 19232 [Edit]
>Neither are women.
Get raped feminist cunt.
>> No. 19233 [Edit]
Both sexes are disgusting flesh bags of shit that spontaneously emit discharges of all varieties to sustain their basic existence. There's nothing pleasant about the "natural" human form and you don't have to even subscribe to the notion of gender to acknowledge this.
>> No. 19244 [Edit]
If it's 3D: doesn't matter, who cares. If it's 2D: I can appreciate both pretty men and pretty women. So I guess it doesn't matter either way!
>> No. 19253 [Edit]
I have a shit ton of acne red marks on my face that don't seem like they'll be fading anytime soon, so yeah.
>> No. 19270 [Edit]
Just came in to brag, but I'm extremely handsome. My parents and my grandparents were as well. Probably one of the only things I have going for me.
>> No. 19271 [Edit]
Mr. Elliot?
>> No. 19272 [Edit]
His soul has wandered onto this board and is starting to possess some certain anons. Disappointed with his initial K/D/R, he shall strike again with the body of another man.
>> No. 19277 [Edit]
I look disgusting without hair, and I'm already losing all of it. Goodbye any remaining hope.
>> No. 19278 [Edit]
Why aren't you using Propecia?
>> No. 19279 [Edit]
Grow a beard.
>> No. 19304 [Edit]
Not him, but how effective is it really? I was thinking it would be a good combination with the multivitamin supplement I'm taking along with biotin. My receding hairline isn't too bad, but I rather fight it now than never.
>> No. 19313 [Edit]
Ugly AND fat.

Also, does anybody know what happened to wizardchan? I can't get on for the last two days or so.
>> No. 19314 [Edit]
No idea... I've only been taking it for a few months. Apparently it takes a full year to see any results. The side effects are pretty bad but I don't mind as long as my hairline doesn't recede past NW2
>> No. 19316 [Edit]
Not to sound like a cancerous pleb, but are you me?
I say shit like this all the time.
>> No. 19318 [Edit]
the admin dropped out and his accouts which supposedly automatically pays for hosting ran out.

they fled to wizchan and some 8chan boards
>> No. 19321 [Edit]
It was only a matter of time I guess.

>> No. 19505 [Edit]
File 142228941943.jpg - (771.92KB , 2048x1536 , Wyeth_Centrum.jpg )
I'd say vitamins are rather necessary for Minox to work: I've only seen progress while I was taking pic related (includes biotin). Remember that Minox only gets more blood into your follicles and what you really need is the proper nutriments in that blood (B complex seems to be determinant).

BTW don't even bother with Tribulus terrestris. That shit does nothing at all.

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