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File 143086108352.jpg - (155.17KB , 850x607 , sample-eaed77ed19b7586a08a0adb67df47d10.jpg )
20014 No. 20014 [Edit]
Is there anything you do in particular to keep your mind off shitty feelings and thoughts?
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>> No. 20015 [Edit]
I masturbate, watch Asian cartoons and play videogames
>> No. 20016 [Edit]
weed, games, porn, sleep (as much as l can since it's pretty much being dead for a while).
>> No. 20017 [Edit]
File 143086439521.png - (405.53KB , 600x600 , 821452.png )
I like to read philosophy and write shit. Sometimes writing erotica relieves some steam. But normally I write about intellectual stuff.

Other times I like to drink beer, listen to vaporwave, play a computer game, and sometimes make computer games and music. I occasionally use DXM but it isn't for everyone and I myself am going to stay away from it for at least another month.
>> No. 20020 [Edit]
You write 'shit', huh?
Would you care to share one of your intellectual or erotic 'shits' with us? I am eager to get a taste of some of your 'shit'.
>> No. 20021 [Edit]
He writes scat stories
>> No. 20022 [Edit]
Nice, fellow productive neet. Writing smut is pretty fun, I should do it more.
What do you use to write games? Love2D is amazing for making games in.
>> No. 20023 [Edit]
I try not to think about my life too much.
>> No. 20024 [Edit]
How do you just "not think about it" ?
>> No. 20025 [Edit]
Clear your mind of thoughts, empty it. If you're thinking about something stop it. Just let your mind drift.
>> No. 20027 [Edit]
Okay, I'll do this, or try, or something. I've been feeling too overwhelmed with rather unpleasant emotions and just need to calm down. And stay like that.
>> No. 20028 [Edit]
You could try mindfulness or CBT stuff. It works sometimes but when you're really depressed or anxious nothing will stop your thoughts at least in my case.
>> No. 20029 [Edit]
For me it just comes naturally. maybe it takes years of watching TV to fry one's brain? I guess it can be hard for most people to turn their brain off. Seems as if as soon as they stop thinking about one thing they start thinking about another and it never ends. I've had that happen before important events but it fades eventually...
Maybe try focusing on some random consistent noise around you? make it fill your mind and let it tune out every other thought you might have.
>> No. 20031 [Edit]

It can be found here:



It is. I prefer academic writing most of the time, though.

I mainly use RPGMaker 2003, but I should get into other engines. Love2D looks pretty neat, but I'd have to learn Lua, which I probably could do but would take some time.
>> No. 20032 [Edit]
I heard from many people that Love2d is nice and personally knowing lua i can tell you its easy.
Go for it dude.
>> No. 20033 [Edit]
Have you finished making any games yet?
>> No. 20037 [Edit]

Yes. I made two games: Mutos and The Greater Schizotypal Co-Prosperity Sphere.
>> No. 20043 [Edit]
hot sauce. i like it on tortilla chips. if only temporary.

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