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File 141919859474.jpg - (104.67KB , 1024x819 , shikiwithouthersillyhat.jpg )
17226 No. 17226 [Edit]
How do you guys do it? I've adored too many girls in the past (Madoka, Maki, Miyafuji, Shikieiki, etc.) but I could never maintain my love for her. Whenever I would watch an anime with my "crush" I would immediately disregard her the next anime or manga I'd read, and move on to the next girl.
What are some ways to completely acknowledge your waifu? How can you be so fateful to her when there's so many cute and interesting girls/guys to come?

I'm not sure if picture is related, but it's a drawing I did. Shikieiki is usually the only person I draw
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>> No. 17227 [Edit]
Honestly, I still have no idea.
Part of me says it's just a matter of finding something that sticks, until you find the right girl noone will keep you for long.
Another part says it is about yourself maturing enough to realize what this kind of commitment entails, what it means to you, what you want from it and what it can offer you and come into terms with it all.
Sorry, I guess, no easy answers coming from me.
>> No. 17228 [Edit]
I have absolutely no idea - it's just that no one else had evoked emotions like these before. Someone so unique and special, that any other crushes simply just fade into irrelevance over the magnitude of your feelings.

When you find someone like that, you'll never ever want to even think about "moving on", that is for sure!
>> No. 17229 [Edit]
File 141921460018.jpg - (173.38KB , 591x886 , 1152037273398.jpg )
>it's just that no one else had evoked emotions like these before.

I agree. There's plenty of characters I've liked in the past, and still do, but never on the same level as mai waifu.

For me it wouldn't feel right to give a different character even a tiny amount of the love and attention I give to her.
>> No. 17230 [Edit]
File 141921635734.jpg - (98.86KB , 600x600 , Kiriya_Aoi_600_1416410.jpg )
Echoing everything else. There's nothing wrong with crushes. They're fleeting but they make you happy. But they're not waifu. If/when you have one, you'll know.
>> No. 17231 [Edit]
I've thought about this at length, and I still don't really know how to get it right. I think you may just need to find the character that's right for you and matches your personal needs. Seems some people here are just lucky to have found that person earlier than others. But I guess it's usually a lot more complicated than that since everyone's experiences are different. Sometimes you may think you actually found love but you haven't, or perhaps you're just trying to do your relationship the way someone else does instead of what would be more comfortable for you and your sweetheart.

Bottom line, no need to worry about not finding her yet. If you're eager about it and have the right mindset you're bound to stumble upon the right person (probability and all).
>> No. 17232 [Edit]
Nice Shiki drawing. I like her neck and expression. Feel free to post some on /cr/ or something. Hope things work out for you.
>> No. 17235 [Edit]
Wow this really spoke to me.
I've been looking for happiness in all the wrong places. I see people being happy and enjoying themselves and I try to copy them so I'll be happy too, but this kinda made me realize what I was doing. I gotta rethink some stuff.
>> No. 17236 [Edit]
Just wait until you've found the right one. You'll know when you find her, because other adorable girls, while still being adorable, simply become diversions.

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