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No. 4818 [Edit]
Anyone else pick these up? I was pretty hesitant at first because the artstyle isn't that great and the only other shmup I have ever played is Jamestown but I am enjoying these games so far.

The music is great, the gameplay is hard but responsive, and there are some pretty cool weapons. I'd recommend you guys try out the demo.
>> No. 4819 [Edit]
Can you unlock Reimu?
>> No. 5789 [Edit]
So speaking of SHMUPS, this SATAZIUS game was just released on steam.

Too bad it released during the sales, it plays just like Gradius and is so much fun but it really slipped under people's radars.

Also apparently steam incorrectly listed it as having securom so I can imagine how that would have hurt the devs, shit sucks

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