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File 133518564560.jpg - (270.04KB , 900x1267 , hyouka.jpg )
9473 No. 9473 [Edit]
So what do you guys think of the first episode ?

For me, I think it's a boring first episode but, considering this is 21+1 episodes there's still much that can be done and it might be awesome. The animation, art, and details are pretty much what I expected from KyoAni.
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>> No. 9486 [Edit]
File 133525321687.jpg - (97.08KB , 1280x720 , hyouka-01g.jpg )
The low-energy motto premise was really idiotic; from just that, I thought: "this guy is even lamer than Kyon". But the thing about solving puzzles, actual or induced, looks promising; or rather: the girl, the fact that it was all in order to keep alive the initial impression he made on her (and see again DAT FACE, while she seemingly, in his eyes, blooms like Saya), makes of this show a good enough bait...

21 episodes is a long way to go, though. Let's see what becomes of this.

Also, Bach is good and all, but: Air and Cello prelude in the first episode? really? was that a direct reference to Eva, is it a common practice to put those on japanese Highschool buildings, or they simply don't have much more "classical" references at hand? I bet they're gonna use Satie, at some point (not that I don't love him, but... you know).

Post edited on 24th Apr 2012, 12:45am
>> No. 9490 [Edit]
File 133528118763.png - (897.63KB , 756x425 , Hyouka.png )
>> No. 9491 [Edit]
File 133528126642.png - (730.40KB , 785x442 , Hyouka2.png )
>> No. 9492 [Edit]
File 133528133482.png - (923.64KB , 787x440 , Hyouka3.png )
>> No. 9493 [Edit]
File 133528148282.png - (961.41KB , 783x442 , Hyouka4.png )
Is it her eyes that's turning the immediate area into a hair garden?

>> No. 9494 [Edit]
What's with the funky resolution ?
>> No. 9495 [Edit]
I'll pick it up if they do Gymnopedie No1 (given that someone reports it, should it occur).
>> No. 9503 [Edit]
File 133532297438.jpg - (1.03MB , 776x1775 , Edelweiss.jpg )

I can't stop thinking about it...
>> No. 9507 [Edit]
Its looks remind me of Denpa Onna more than anything else.
>> No. 10317 [Edit]
File 134188966765.jpg - (766.16KB , 497x2161 , so much cosplay.jpg )
Has anyone else followed this? I've enjoyed it thoroughly...
Cultural festival is finally here, btw; they have to sell the Hyouka memoires.

Post edited on 9th Jul 2012, 8:08pm
>> No. 10318 [Edit]
Still following. Characters are nice but plot is kinda boring. I hope something interesting happens soon. Anyway good animation is reason enough to watch this.
>> No. 10319 [Edit]

I agree. The characters are nice...and Eru has really pretty eyes. But the rest of the show is pretty generic.
>> No. 10327 [Edit]
File 134193473122.jpg - (12.80KB , 450x253 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
<---- I found this brilliant. I got the pun at the same time than the supporting characters, right before it was shown to Chitanda. For some reason, I was in shock... It somehow hit straight home.

Post edited on 10th Jul 2012, 8:46am
>> No. 10613 [Edit]
File 134363928611.jpg - (145.75KB , 643x360 , chitanda look.jpg )
Honestly, bitter as you might be, could you say no to this?

Post edited on 30th Jul 2012, 2:13am
>> No. 10617 [Edit]
In the begin Oreki was SO COOL because he didn't care AT ALL. Now we can notice he is changing which is kind interesting.
>> No. 10644 [Edit]
File 134379566569.png - (330.20KB , 784x500 , 1343728688_73763993.png )
Mayaka is so tiny.
Confirmed for best girl.
>> No. 10807 [Edit]

She's my favourite as well. Chitanda is exhausting to watch, though maybe that's to help us feel empathy for Oreki.
>> No. 10809 [Edit]
Come on you guys.
Future predictor chan is obviously the best choice.
>> No. 10852 [Edit]
File 134483440770.jpg - (90.79KB , 545x291 , juumonji.jpg )
Well, another mistery's over. On with the next one.

She looked damned pretty in her 2nd cosplay, alright. Her being so small... it does give me some chills.

Post edited on 12th Aug 2012, 10:07pm
>> No. 10854 [Edit]
File 134484170660.gif - (1.73MB , 500x455 , 1343247784203.gif )
So few episodes left. I get the feeling that they're going to be adapting book 5 into a movie.
>> No. 11190 [Edit]
File 134681346389.jpg - (84.56KB , 543x304 , I believe you.jpg )
>> No. 11191 [Edit]
File 134681357679.jpg - (378.84KB , 549x1319 , kimono.jpg )
-and so you did.
>> No. 11192 [Edit]
File 134681368640.jpg - (31.70KB , 400x400 , sleep mask.jpg )
just one more episode to come...
ultimate goods are here.
>> No. 11193 [Edit]
this show is boring
>> No. 11194 [Edit]
File 134681938240.png - (46.77KB , 180x251 , 1344482536258.png )

You are boring
>> No. 11198 [Edit]

This guys expression never changes.
>> No. 11275 [Edit]
File 134772143441.jpg - (109.37KB , 620x362 , don't tell me.jpg )
I'm not sure how many episodes are left, now.
>> No. 11276 [Edit]
File 134772148489.jpg - (89.19KB , 623x361 , obsessed.jpg )
I Think I understand him too damn well...
>> No. 11277 [Edit]
Just one.
>> No. 11308 [Edit]
File 134794817270.png - (414.37KB , 541x649 , that's it.png )
Nice finale, despite everything...
What a long and exotic way to fall in love.
>> No. 11309 [Edit]
File 134798197040.jpg - (172.86KB , 1366x768 , hng.jpg )
Come on S2, go Clannad AS on me.
>> No. 11310 [Edit]
Here I thought I was the only one who did this, saves me the trouble.
>> No. 11313 [Edit]
That would be great.
>> No. 11321 [Edit]
Too bad I think they are out of source material.

Still I think Hyouka was good. Mysteries or plot weren't very interesting but characters just were so good people and it made my heart feel warm.
>> No. 11418 [Edit]
File 134854562349.jpg - (50.88KB , 704x400 , [Mazui] Hyouka - 22.jpg )
I thought the ending was perfect; beautiful, subdued, and tiny bit awkward.
This was one of those series that I didn't realize how much I loved it until it was a couple of episodes away from ending. I just took it as a really enjoyable, if somewhat gimmicky, SoL series at first, but then Houtarou's development and his relationship with Chitanda came to the fore, and it had been woven so subtly into the series that it had quite an impact when it struck me how far it had come.

>Mysteries or plot weren't very interesting
Eh, I don't know; I personally found most of the mysteries uninteresting at first, but interesting in how they became convoluted and resolved. There were certainly some questionable ones, though, like their middle school teacher watching the helicopter.

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