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File 133990156337.png - (1.52MB , 1280x720 , Tekken-Blood_Vengeance_2011_720p_BRRip_XviD-BLiNK_.png )
9390 No. 9390 [Edit]
I'm sorry if I'm being a moron or a jerk by posting this, but I feel I need to.

My waifu is Alisa Bosconovitch, from Tekken 6, and she's an android.

First off, I find that when I think of her, when I imagine her, when I see her in my dreams, she is not the Alisa from the game. She is my Alisa. I suppose, in a way, that this is what many people consider their waifus. Especially characters who have relationships in their show/game/etc. But because Alisa is an android, it seems entirely possible that you could just make a copy of her.

That all being said, I do have a somewhat interesting question.

It's abstract enough to be in love with a 2D character, but the fact that she's an android adds in another layer of abstraction to it.

Does anyone here have a waifu who is an android/robot/automaton of some sort that deals with these problems?
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>> No. 9421 [Edit]
I don't, but I know for a fact there is (was?) someone here with Aigis as his waifu. I'm sure he would be able to relate.
>> No. 9430 [Edit]
I'm not sure how it relates but your issue just reminds me of this text our Asuka-loving buddy posted some time ago, maybe it can help shed some light, I don't know http://www.doubledialogues.com/issue_ten/oconnor.html
>> No. 9464 [Edit]
Do you think they're still hanging around here?
>> No. 9467 [Edit]
File 134055998552.jpg - (499.02KB , 1024x819 , b86b274a5948aa8e9a480e9cdc4618e6.jpg )
Well, mine is a doll that moves on it's own because by an artificial life force called Rosae Mysticae. Not an android, but close enough.
For me I don't give much a care for that little aspect. I know I love her and that's what it matters.
I think that we may be different in how we are, however I've fallen in love in who she is, so what is she isn't that important. I think it's kinda like the one that likes Saya from Saya no Uta, he likes her for who she is and not what form she may have (although I can't deny that the outside looks can help in some cases).

As for being it more abstract, as they say: In for a penny, in for a pound. It's not that important that she is an android anyway.
>> No. 9468 [Edit]
Do you ever worry that it's not HER personality?

For an Android this is especially worrying, because I can't help but feel that I am in love with the personality programmed by her creator and not what she is or could be for me.
>> No. 9469 [Edit]
Let me ask you a question, how is a personality formed?
I try to think it this way, everyone has in their personality some traits that they can't change as they are born with. With artificial lives, instead of something created by chance, is determined by a creator.
However, a personality isn't just what you get from birth isn't it? Someone can learn, experience, change and transform it's whole mindset, making someone completely different from who they were before.
In sci-fi there's plenty of androids that gained their own will and started acting by themselves turning out to be something unexpected from what they were, making it it's OWN personality, which sometimes can turn out to be one of the most beautiful ones.

We even can find this in the Tekken series with the good ol' Jack-2, which even on the bettlefield, he found a little girl who had lost her mother and started to protect her and look after her, acting in a way completely opposite of what it was designed for.
They can also get their own personality, it's just harder for them.
>> No. 9470 [Edit]
I worry just how much free will and what capability to learn an Android truly has.

Not that I doubt Alisa, but... it's just something I think about.
>> No. 9472 [Edit]
While she's not quite an android, I do understand the abstract issues that comes with having an inhuman waifu. You can't exactly have a "normal" relationship without denying who she is, so you do have to smooth over some thing in your relationship. But then, so does everyone, right?

I'm not going to embarrass myself by trying to talk AI philosophy, so I'll just say that I don't think there's anything about an android that somehow disqualifies it from waifuism. A personality or identity is made up of more things than just what's there fresh out of the box. Just look at all those Miku fanatics, she literally has no canon personality or history, but tons of people find meaning in what she means to them, specifically.
>> No. 9531 [Edit]
I think people love Miku because she has no "canon" personality and you can really project anything you want onto her and make her yours.
>> No. 9663 [Edit]
File 134153855964.jpg - (143.68KB , 600x600 , Dorothy2.jpg )
I know how you feel. My waifu is Dorothy. Sometimes I'm sad because I know she can't love me back deeply. But I'm perfectly fine putting my heart and soul into loving her regardless, and that's good enough for me. She may be an android that can be easily imitated, but I know I fell in love with one Dorothy and one Dorothy only
>> No. 9671 [Edit]
File 13415694211.jpg - (173.60KB , 1130x1075 , 1340449486617.jpg )
I once had a dream in which I was in my old apartment that my family lived in when I was 12 and below (it wasn't a very good neighborhood, by the way), except I was more or less my age now, and it was completely empty and I was the only one living there.

For some reason I found out Momiji was an android, and somehow for some reason "assigned" to me. I got mad when I found out that she wasn't really Momiji and was only pretending to be my waifu.

Things eventually went sour and my mental health declined that I would intentionally abuse her and eventually there were plenty of Momiji corpses strewn around the house, strangled, limbs ripped off, etc. However, a new one would always be assigned to me again, and the present Momiji would never mind the corpses, except gasp slightly at the mess and cheerfully clean them up (as if she wasn't programmed to respond to that kind of action or anything). It somehow turned out to kind of be liked a lucid dream, under the in-dream pretext of "i'm in a rehabilitation facility and this is their new program in order to re-socialize violent offenders which I actually volunteered for and had my memory erased beforehand".

Eventually I just couldn't stand it all, the dissonance between her reactions and my actions, and broke down crying, and Momiji in a comforting voice, said "I just want you to be happy, anon-kun", and I knew that it was without regard to my history or actions up to that point, and I eventually decided to keep this version of the android because I knew that despite all of that, she would probably be the closest thing that ever loved me.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone's Momiji,, but none of this android crap is canon anyway. Blame my subconscious.
>> No. 9689 [Edit]
File 134169452891.png - (420.04KB , 706x484 , x.png )
I think it's easier for me to love an Android because it's easier to work with, honestly.

Don't get me wrong, I love people and all the interactions I have with them and I especially like variability and variety.

And so that's why I want my Alisa to have a legitimate learning AI and the ability to form her own ideas and opinions while still knowing I'm in control and can nip any serious problems in the bud.

That in itself brings about the problem of free will and what it means to a personality... even if she HAS free will, what would she hold back from me knowing I have the power to shut her down or change her thought patterns if I want? And how would I feel if I knew something she had told me or felt for me was manufactured by me?

The issue I face, I suppose, is that no matter how this works out she will always be based upon me, my thought patterns, and my own development... and I'm not sure if that's enough for me.

I would really like to be able to partition a special part of my mind dedicated to creating her thought algorithms for me that thinks and reacts in its own ways... that way she could be real to me.

If that were possible... it would be perfect.

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