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File 14310073388.gif - (37.10KB , 383x320 , welcome to the watering hole.gif )
20035 No. 20035 [Edit]
>have nothing at all going for me
>never was better at something than someone else
>no source for self-confidence
>with no goals and passion no motivation to do anything
>somehow this is all my fault and I get told by good looking, social, talented, people that I should "man teh fuk up".

You know life would be easier if being a loser was accepted as a disability. Having down syndrome sucks but no one will tell someone with down syndrome that he is useless and should try harder. If one still achievs something with a disability it's seen as an accomplishment. As a loser if you finally achieve something it's something that is expected of you and society only offers superficial support because it doesn't understand us. We can't even ask for it because people believe we are simply lazy and looking for excuses.
>> No. 20036 [Edit]
Whom are you quoting?
>> No. 20039 [Edit]
The memelord is forcing him to memearrow the exposition.
>> No. 20040 [Edit]
Making up disabilities is nothing new. Just tell people you're depressed or something.
>> No. 20041 [Edit]
Tell them you have PTSD because someone said mean things to you on the internet, that's what seems to be popular these days
>> No. 20042 [Edit]
you could also get MtF trans surgery and join the SJWs but I'm sure a lot of us wouldn't even stoop that low...
>> No. 20046 [Edit]
That would require to have social skills.

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