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File 132631327868.jpg - (68.11KB , 1280x720 , [Underwater] Another - 01 (720p) [3AD80981]_mkv_sn.jpg )
8098 No. 8098 [Edit]
Another ok pick for this season, it seems, considering this and the boys show is all I picked up this season.


If the threads for the shows this season don't get many replies, I'll delete the ones I made after they are over. Unless another season is announced, of course.
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>> No. 8102 [Edit]
eye patch moe
>> No. 8105 [Edit]
I picked the show up for this sole reason, and it has pleasantly surprised for other reasons. I'm loving the mysterious atmosphere.
>> No. 8107 [Edit]
Yeah, that was the original reason I picked it up, too. Love eye patches Just wait to see the eye she has hidden behind that patch.

Just read the manga up-to-date for it, as well. Don't get too attached to people.
>> No. 8114 [Edit]
I very much liked the first episode. It has a pretty damn eerie atmosphere, although there are some things I things I can nitpick that are less-than-desirable, but they don't matter, only first episode of the damn thing, haha.

The more I think on it, I realize Mei is one of the most adorable things I've seen in a while. Creepy eyepatch moe~ Girls who look kind of disheveled and weird like that, that's what type tend to attract me the most in a show.

And has anyone been focusing on the background landscapes? Really damn beautiful.

Very excited to see where this show goes.
>> No. 8115 [Edit]
I don't know about this one. It seems like it's laying on the creepy atmosphere too thick too early; there was so much suspenseful background music and tense pauses despite nothing much having happened yet. Maybe I'm just being critical because I don't normally watch horror series.
I like Mei's side ahoge.
>> No. 8131 [Edit]
I think they're just trying to set the mood for future episodes. I don't think we can be too disappointed yet since, as you said, nothing has happened other than questions being raised. Can't wait for the next episode.
>> No. 8142 [Edit]
File 132657085393.jpg - (198.49KB , 819x434 , another 0.jpg )
Clouded landscapes, gorgeous girls, gloomy mood, bandage babe... I think I'm hooked, already.
Looks like Higurashi X Jigoku Shoujo X Ef; let's see if it lives up to any of those.

Post edited on 14th Jan 2012, 12:02pm
>> No. 8153 [Edit]
Amazing backgrounds and art over all. As expected from PA Works.

Hopefully the story and characters are just as well done.
>> No. 8217 [Edit]
File 132697205950.jpg - (51.44KB , 1280x720 , Dat Eye.jpg )
An uneventful episode, but I'm glad it's kept its beauty and atmosphere.

Also, that fucking OP. I knew I recognized the artist.
>> No. 8236 [Edit]
File 132705405158.png - (508.26KB , 720x400 , [HorribleSubs] Another - 02 [Xvid]_avi_snapshot_16.png )
That scene totally set me on edge. And it ended so damn abruptly, too...Eh, gives one a reason to come back next week, I suppose.

Still flipping shit over the backgrounds. So detailed.

The ED theme is very pretty, in addition to all of the general melancholy prettiness permeating the show. OP theme, not so much...Out of place. Too out of place. Although everything I've seen with Ali Project as the theme artist, I have enjoyed.
>> No. 8239 [Edit]
Seems better than most mystery/horror animes.
>> No. 8274 [Edit]
File 132736467120.jpg - (150.55KB , 669x359 , another 1.jpg )
Holly shit, it started... However: I FUCKING LOVE DOLLS AND GHOST GIRLS, so the premise of this series is promising; I hope it develops well.

>those eyes
>> No. 8275 [Edit]
File 132739521745.jpg - (279.73KB , 500x750 , 1184203873538.jpg )
>Those eyes
>> No. 8276 [Edit]
Coincidence? we may never know.
>> No. 8455 [Edit]
File 132876595422.jpg - (271.49KB , 660x709 , another 2.jpg )
I'm liking this more and more...

I'm glad she really is there and that other's rejection has brought them together; she's really appealing.
>> No. 8481 [Edit]
File 132901259332.gif - (363.25KB , 317x196 , misaki.gif )
>> No. 8482 [Edit]
Is this show similar in atmosphere to otome x amnesia?
>> No. 8498 [Edit]
It bothers me that they have been pointing to Misaki so much practically shouting "SHE IS THE GHOST GIRL" to the point where I would be surprised if she was.
>> No. 8521 [Edit]
File 132917237777.gif - (2.95MB , 353x200 , dancing.gif )
>> No. 8524 [Edit]
Well, unless the manga picks up the pace, it looks like I'll be watching the end of the series this way, rather than reading it, because this episode got us to where the translations are so far.

Guess I'll just put on my seat belt with the rest of you guys and enjoy it as it airs.

Also, Mei is so adorable~

So, who do you guys think is the dead one?

Post edited on 14th Feb 2012, 5:47am
>> No. 8525 [Edit]

I like how no one else is paying attention.
Two people randomly breaking into dance in class would certainly wake me up.
>> No. 8576 [Edit]
Are they even getting credit for high school if they "no longer exist" and drift where ever they want? How would that work?
>> No. 8578 [Edit]
I was wondering that, too. I just assumed that they will get an automatic perfect grade because they agreed to it.
>> No. 8596 [Edit]
I don't really know how the Japanese education system works, but I thought that the next step in school was determined by tests and not grades. I thought that junior high school was like American middle school and thus the grades are unimportant when you graduate.
I hope it's that "Head of Countermeasures" girl.
>> No. 8604 [Edit]
I hope it is her, too. As long as it isn't Mei, though, then I'll be glad.
>> No. 8605 [Edit]
File 132977155460.jpg - (267.47KB , 800x800 , 25003183.jpg )
>I hope it's that "Head of Countermeasures" girl.
Oh, dude, she's my favorite, right behind Mei. Twintails and that bitter personality. How she takes being the Head of Countermeasures so damn seriously is really cute, I think.

Anyway, I am really loving this so far. I knew I'd enjoy it, but I thought I would like it in a completely different sense. It's not so much dark and grim, grim and dark, as it is "weird" and "whimsical". They keep the atmosphere that I liked, but added all of this strangeness to it. That's brilliant, I'd say.

The OP theme is still bothering me. God damn Ali Project.
>> No. 8607 [Edit]
Oh boy, I guess its time for a generic beach episode.
I can't wait.
>> No. 8617 [Edit]

You don't like Ali Project?
They usually make my favorite OPs
>> No. 8619 [Edit]
Not the person you're replying to, but I think they suck ass.
Almost all their crap sounds the same, reguarless of weather or not it fits the theme or tone of the show.
Some of their stuff sounds like random obnoxious noises with off beat singing.
>> No. 8621 [Edit]
Oh, homeboy, I didn't mean to imply I hated them. I just meant that their music gets me, y'know? It strikes me as absurd. Not awful by any means, but not good by any means. It just feels out of place for the series.

Then again, not as out of place as this. It's so damn pretty, though. Of course, I'm a sucker for gentle strings and soft pianos in my music.

>We'll once again meet another day
>now that the bright light shines
>everything that I lost that night
>Is in a place that just the two of us
>can always return to

It's so fucking pulp-y and contrived, but it's still the most beautiful thing I've read in a while. ;_;
>> No. 8756 [Edit]
File 133102061738.jpg - (129.54KB , 1090x612 , another 4.jpg )
Hikikomori suffers for the calamity too.
>> No. 8758 [Edit]
I found that to be the most unsettling death because it showed that people who stayed solitary and away from danger could be killed by the calamity too.

And holy shit, the way it happened, oh man.

Post edited on 6th Mar 2012, 7:11am
>> No. 9065 [Edit]
File 133283397941.jpg - (224.85KB , 681x363 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
So it's over...

Not nearly as impressive as expected, but mood was good and girls where really pretty. Entertaining to see alright.

Post edited on 27th Mar 2012, 12:40am
>> No. 9081 [Edit]
I had to drop this in the end, couldn't stand to see cute girls dying.
>> No. 9082 [Edit]
That's why I didn't pick this show up in the first place, I knew it was gonna have a ton of that stuff in it.
>> No. 9083 [Edit]
I ended up dropping the anime and skipping to the last two chapters of the manga(Despite even proofreading a few chapters for them).

This series had real promise, for a horror story. Hate to see when things go downhill like they did.
>> No. 9086 [Edit]
I found it quite annoying, how they never explained anything about the curse. Sure, they showed how to stop it, but I want to know more about it. How did it start? Who started it? Why does it still happen?

It also annoyed me how Sakakibara and Mei seemed totally fine at the end, even with only like three people left in the class. Did they explain how Sakakibara just forgot that his aunt died? Or did I overlook something?

There were also a lot of implications at the beginning about Mei having something supernatural about her, what with all the random split second shots of dolls, and the lookalike one. Other than the magic eye, all of those implications were abandoned in favour of her being normal, if quiet. I'm not sure whether I like that or not.

Overall, it was a bit disappointing, but still very entertaining.

Post edited on 28th Mar 2012, 5:28am
>> No. 9088 [Edit]
>Did they explain how Sakakibara just forgot that his aunt died? Or did I overlook something?

he didn't forget. As many japanese families have many members, it was mostly assumed he was talking about the funeral of a different aunt, as that would be otherwise entirely possible and plausible.

It's not like he was every asked to specify the name, after all.
>> No. 9089 [Edit]
File 133295720845.jpg - (82.30KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 9090 [Edit]
File 133295723932.jpg - (71.35KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 9091 [Edit]
I thought I saw that, for a moment, but disregarded it as a confusion of mine... So yeah:

>> No. 9097 [Edit]
File 133301001876.jpg - (128.82KB , 1066x600 , 1332951497235.jpg )
>Did they explain how Sakakibara just forgot that his aunt died? Or did I overlook something?

The phenomenon alters memories relating to the dead one. It was explained by the librarian.

Post edited on 29th Mar 2012, 1:34am
>> No. 9134 [Edit]
File 133325044220.jpg - (29.89KB , 541x622 , 1331568046602.jpg )
I enjoyed this show a lot more than I thought I would, definitely one of the standouts this season.

Sort of wish they had done more with it, though. It wasn't particularly scary, but I kept watching for the characters. Sakaki and Mei's relationship had a really nice dynamic, and I wish they had kept them 'nonexistent' for a little while longer.

But in the end their rush to finish the mystery plot left some of the character development hanging. I really wished they had at least kissed in the end, they were clearly crushing on each other.

Post edited on 31st Mar 2012, 8:24pm
>> No. 9166 [Edit]
I've not watched this show (cute girls dying, no thanks) but what episode or episodes has the hikikomori in it?
>> No. 9167 [Edit]

It's just a single scene and it only lasts 2 seconds.
Everyone assumes he's a hikikomori because of the way his room looks, but we're given basically no information at all about him other than being the brother of a classmate.
It's not such a big deal.
>> No. 9169 [Edit]

Ah okay, thank you!

Maybe I'll watch it in the far future, but I couldn't handle all the death.
>> No. 9238 [Edit]
Just finished it yesterday. I was really sad for it to go, actually. I hate it when shows like this end, because there's no chance of a season 2. It was satisfactory, I'd say. Very fun, and I don't regret going through it all.

Although, thanks to god damn /a/, I knew how it was going to end, but, I honestly forgot that Ms. Mikami was the aunt, if it was mentioned at all. So it was still a bit of a shocker.

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