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File 140571414588.jpg - (21.11KB , 260x247 , 129220277039.jpg )
20076 No. 20076 [Edit]
why is it that kyoani when makes a show for gay faggots and girl its almost 100% graphic fanservice, but when they make a shonen who like haruhi or chunifat there is almost no fan service and what little there they do put in is incidental and innocent? why is female and faggot oriented fan service so much more acceptable to them?
>> No. 20077 [Edit]
Better sales
>> No. 20078 [Edit]
no one likes slutty women.
>> No. 20080 [Edit]
Because it's a fanservice show?
>> No. 20090 [Edit]
Who cares?
>> No. 20143 [Edit]
Hey man no guro.

You've completely butchered that whole post's grammar.
>> No. 20152 [Edit]
Because instead of actually promoting equality, women promote special treatment for themselves evident by the juxtapositions in society.
>> No. 20158 [Edit]
because women are evil she-harpies and its their fault I'm fat!
>> No. 20159 [Edit]
Harpies ARE females, genius.

>its their fault I'm fat
And this doesn't make any sense at all. I get that you're trying to be cute/clever and mock anti-feminists by pretending to be one, but it really doesn't work when you can't form coherent sentences and are still so easily identifiable as a bitter female.
>> No. 20190 [Edit]
Angry feminist detected. Fuck off back to 4chan, you'll get more attention there.
>> No. 20203 [Edit]
fucking obama

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