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File 132790124180.jpg - (47.32KB , 375x134 , gyakutensaiban5-600x214.jpg )
9186 No. 9186 [Edit]
So this got announced the other day, along with iOS ports of 1~3 with redone, HD styled sprites. No information on AA5 though, except the logo

Also, the text that says Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban for the first three games (Phoenix's story) is blue. The text for the fourth game (Apollo) is Red. The logo for AAI/GK is Maroon. The logo for AA/GS5 has blue text, and a red number, along with no silhouette of a main character on top of the text.

AA4 ended with Phoenix saying he's going to retake the bar exam. This game is probably going to star Phoenix and Apollo as a team.

Anyone else as hyped as I am?
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>> No. 9187 [Edit]
Excited but I wish they'd just take Apollo Justice out of canon by picking up after the 3rd game and pretend AJ never happened. I really hated that game.
>> No. 9188 [Edit]
I didn't hate AJ but I like Phoenix and Maya more
>> No. 9189 [Edit]
AJ could have been so much better, but they failed in almost every single way. Hopefully, 5 will fix it.
>> No. 9190 [Edit]
File 132792663067.jpg - (76.35KB , 300x530 , udgey.jpg )
This made my day!

Let's just hope the cases will actually involve murder this time..
will not belocaliz lol
>> No. 9192 [Edit]
Lord I hope not. Apollo had potential, they just never got the chance to explore it because Phoenix stole the show. I'd lose a lot of respect for this series if they seriously just retcon him out like that.
>> No. 10350 [Edit]
File 138391410639.png - (231.53KB , 485x750 , 1383907331768.png )
Just beat this the other day.

10/10, one of the best games in the series. Blackquill is the best prosecutor since Edgeworth.

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