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File 132581891945.png - (6.67KB , 617x361 , TC flag.png )
12242 No. 12242 [Edit]
What would a Tohno-chan flag look like?

My idea is kind of stretching it. It involves one stripe for each board, in a mint green/white pattern. This is a testament to the almighty shimapan, a symbol of moe and love for characters.

The grey and white stripe in the chevron represent the waifu of the admin, Minagi Tohno, being a stylized representation of her hair. The red autumn leaf (秋葉, Akiba) brings to mind the Akiba-type interests most of us hold. It is budding (萌える, moeru) from the edge of the flag, moe being an important part of the community.

What you would think is a good flag? I kind of just put this one together. It should be a symbol of the community and its aspects.
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>> No. 12243 [Edit]
Lol, I like it.
>> No. 12244 [Edit]
I know I'm pointing out the obvious here but anyone who sees this flag will assume thats supposed to be a weed leaf.
>> No. 12245 [Edit]
>> No. 12246 [Edit]
File 132582828877.jpg - (74.83KB , 900x900 , otaku_coat_of_arms_by_slayer_sama-d2zn0jq.jpg )
Yeah, or some sort of vague reference to Canada...

But the idea sounds very interesting, OP; I may give it some thought and proppose something, later, if enough people agree with it. A /tc/ coat of arms wouldn'r hurt, either
>> No. 12247 [Edit]
I only glanced at the flag, and that's what I thought it was.
>> No. 12248 [Edit]
When I first looked at the flag, I just guessed Canada, with it being the color it is and such. I mean, about the leaf thing, of course. I don't think that a leaf would be a good representative.

That does not represent a true otaku. Where are the video games, the figs, or computer? Why is food on it? Dakimakuras and other such objects take priority over food.

Post edited on 6th Jan 2012, 1:07am
>> No. 12249 [Edit]
-stupid cat smiley face.
-Japanese food
-otaku written across it.

it's a weeaboo coat of arms
>> No. 12250 [Edit]
File 132583971597.jpg - (27.60KB , 116x284 , Lil II (esmalte).jpg )

I know: I didn't do it; it was just to accompany the idea. Now, if you do would like a propper one for /tc/, keep raining ideas and sketches (I'll take them in consideration for what I may do, myself)... just if you want, of course, and if Tohno and the mods approve as well.

I'm not OP, BTW (keep thinking about that flag: as said, I'd like the idea but that's just me).
>> No. 12251 [Edit]
sounds like it could be fun.
>> No. 12252 [Edit]
File 132584197976.jpg - (1.22MB , 2157x1000 , moe 56220 itoshiki_nozomu itoshiki_rin kumeta_kouj.jpg )
I think a flat yet elegant aesthetic, somehow like SZS's, could work. For the colors, I like the flag's idea to keep it related to Minagi, or a rather cold/snowy/nocturne palette anyhow. For the dearest concepts to be symbolized:

- 2D love (or anti-3D)
- Hikikomori/NEET
- roneryness (suicide?)
- internet/computers/technology
(Also VN, indeed, but I can't imagine how, now)

Post edited on 6th Jan 2012, 1:33am
>> No. 12253 [Edit]
Maybe this should be at /cr/?
>> No. 12257 [Edit]
File 132591056216.gif - (18.82KB , 420x259 , news-graphics-2007-_652205a.gif )
I kind of liked this alternate UK flag somebody else came up with. Maybe we can use this.
>> No. 12259 [Edit]
That is the flag of Wales I think.
Found out as someone called me gaelic scum recently, and I had to look up what gaelic was.
>> No. 12266 [Edit]
You mean you didn't already know the flag? I thought it was pretty well known.
>> No. 12274 [Edit]
I love the ideas behind this flag, man. I'm honestly a little touched with how much thought you seem to have put into it. That's downright awesome.
>> No. 12278 [Edit]
File 132623639833.png - (2.78KB , 617x361 , flag.png )
With a black background, the leaf reminds me less of Canada and more of NERV.
>> No. 12303 [Edit]
In the USA, it's main the UK flag in general and some might know the Scottish flag. The Welsh flag is not well known in the USA, where im at (midwestern city with large amount of irish and polish people in the metro area)
>> No. 12328 [Edit]
My Britophile world history teacher had a big one on the wall in his class when I used to go to it. I don't remember if I knew what it was or not, to be honest.

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