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No. 9541 [Edit]
  Are there any things you want to do before your (possible) suicide?

I'd love to do on a crazy car chase like this one. It'd be so much fun!
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>> No. 9543 [Edit]
Not really, considering what happened lately that I did to myself that left me not able to even walk for weeks. I will at one point probably kill myself accidentally in a really painful, stupid way. I can just see it coming already. I'll die doing the things I usually always do.
>> No. 9546 [Edit]
No. I may be a social misfit, but I still have morals. I seriously hope none of you guys ever consider doing something crazy, that may endanger others.
>> No. 9547 [Edit]
Lots and lots of drugs.
Write long essays about internet culture.
Contribute to a translation project for a VN, or actually helping make one.
Donate what little money I have left to tobo to make sure t-c stays up forever.
Really, I have many projects. I would probably also like to meet a few of you before I die.
>> No. 9552 [Edit]
File 133409054994.jpg - (478.96KB , 1024x768 , a310691f883355d0975bb0d4fbc46425.jpg )
Nothing realistic, to be honest.

I'd just like to have super powers for a short while and see what life is like as someone above humans and to see everything from a different perspective. Maybe even see the "beauty" of this planet that so many people talk about.
>> No. 9553 [Edit]
I'd like to learn programming, which I'm currently working on learning PHP.

I want to do some drugs, but I have always lacked the social knowledge to obtain them. I've heard there are some places on tor that you can buy drugs and that mail in the us isn't monitored.

I want to make a game of some sort, not quite sure what yet but its one of my reasons for wanting to learn to program.

Theres probably more things I'd like to do but thats all I can think of right now. I don't want to die any any flashy way though, I just want to fade away so hopefully no one notices when I'm gone.
>> No. 9563 [Edit]
I started learning C for the same reason. I don't know what I'll use it for, though. It's not like I really need to do any programming in my life.
>> No. 9572 [Edit]
I'm even too stupid to do anything like that on tor, would probably end up fucking myself over. And mail in the US isn't monitored? I highly doubt that. If only I personally knew anyone that can sell me that kinda stuff. But when I die I'm going to leave instructions for the few people left that know me to burn all evidence I ever existed and deny I was ever born at all.
>> No. 9591 [Edit]
If I was gonna involve myself in a long police chase like that, I'd make sure to do some work on my car first. Such as taking out the back seat and inserting a huge tank for gas that would feed into the main gas tank (safety is of no concern) also some simple little devices like a license plate flipper and a few small boxes bellow the rear bumper that could drop batches of nails, and that's Nothing to complicated. Not really sure what can be done to avoid spike strips, that goo stuff for punched tiers probably wouldn't do much good. and of course if you have the time/money, there's giving the car a more powerful motor, alone a all around reinforced frame, not so much for safety but to keep the car going after acquiring some damage.

Now, this might be a crazy idea here, but what if you built a robotic like device with a camera on it that could hold and fire a powerful rifle of some sort, with the screen somewhere on the dashboard. why? to shoot at the helicopters, without a eye in the sky, the cops will really get a run for their money. or there's always driving around airports and places with lots of bridges/trees I guess.

Any other ideas?
>> No. 9592 [Edit]
I'm pretty bad with computers and stuff too, but I managed to find silk road when I was looking for Nembutal to OD on. All you have to do is download tor and then follow the link from wikipedia. And also get a bitcoin wallet. And a PO box. I haven't actually ordered anything though, because I couldn't find what I was looking for.

>And mail in the US isn't monitored? I highly doubt that.
You are right, it is monitored. There's a thread on the silk road forums by a postal intern talking about the screening. Basically, it sounded like it was mostly random, unless the package is leaking or something. And the consequences will mostly be a warning letter since they can't prove that you actually ordered the package. Unless you are buying dealer quantities, then they will set up a sting operation. Bear in mind I haven't actually bought anything from it yet.

Post edited on 12th Apr 2012, 12:26am
>> No. 9593 [Edit]
Yeah I thought of the enhanced fuel tank idea too, it'd help to guard against the 'out-endure the enemy' strategy. Also I thought of getting lots of car manoever training, and redistributing the weight towards the back (because the heavy engine is in the front and the boot is empty, so they nudge the back of the car to make it spin out of control). Also I think to actually fire at the police you'd probably need another guy on board with a rocket propelled grenade or something, and that might be a bad thing because they might start shooting back. Oh, and also try to drive in remote locations where there aren't many other cars to crash into, but still have enough other cars to deter nails and have some crossroads to sneak into.
>> No. 9594 [Edit]
Cops can be pretty darn quick with tossing out spike strips and pulling them back, so I'm not sure if driving along traffic will help much in that area. another thing, when driving in the wrong side of traffic, do police follow? seems like it would help. Also, I wonder how quickly a person could paint a car if in a hurry... hmm.. just a thought, which leads me to think, what if you keep a second car hidden in a back ally somewhere, which you could switch to if the cops lose sight of you?
>> No. 9595 [Edit]

>And mail in the US isn't monitored? I highly doubt that

I do too but its what I've heard. To be more specific mail from inside the US to the US.


If I was to buy drugs I'd probably get the seeds to grow it with, assuming I'm growing weed. Cheaper long term and less worrying about getting caught provided I had a good place to grow it. I imagine getting seeds for it would be less likely to set off any checks they have but I'm not sure.
>> No. 9609 [Edit]
I want to become healthy, fit, and socially correct. Only then will I be able to kill myself.
>> No. 9621 [Edit]
In OP's vid, it says it's live. Can anyone else hear the rest of the crew cheering?

(00;48)_ ((Probably more times))
>> No. 9636 [Edit]
I've been thinking about this and I recalled something. In the 9th grade I set my goal for the year at 5.50m (long jump) after tenths of attempts that ended in results between 5.30m-5.40m. And then I jumped 5.85m (running start was always a huge problem for me and I nailed it perfectly that time). I hate gloaters so I did my best not to brag about it but since it was by far my best result yet I was positvely beaming. A friend of mine whom I constantly bantered with told me that I should do my best to savor the moment because I won't ever jump any farther. 'We'll see about that next year'. Except 'next year' I got a case of exploding knees syndrome. After basically seating out a year I struggled to jump even 5m the year after that. And then lots of shit happened and I never really tried again.

What really annoys me is she was right. So I'd like to do something about it one day. Even though recently I muscle aches got after a short walk to the library, I shit you not. I guess I'd start with jump rope and some light jogging...

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