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File 139006585690.jpg - (90.75KB , 347x451 , Lizlet pic 1.jpg )
14223 No. 14223 [Edit]
I know I might get lionized because of this...

To be honest, there are times I tried to switch waifus as Lizlet only become my waifu after finding that someone I mistook of having same waifu which was Anri Hiiragi from the anime/eroge Happiness! and because for some reason my love for her is no longer working out much and slowly disappear. While I was looking for pictures in Pixiv, I saw a crossover picture which has Anri and another girl that looks like her but dressed in different clothing which in turn was Lizlet and thought she was cute thus after finding out the character and watched the series and read first few chapters of the manga I began to like her and took her as my waifu but recently I thought my love has disappeared and began liking Nodoka Haramura from Saki and Chocolat from Noucome yet for some reason, I'm not that eager on having Nodoka or Chocolat as my waifu while at the same time I just cannot totally forget Lizlet.

Adding too that, I remember having a dream 2-3 years ago, I saw Lizlet across a window but I can only see her back and never turned to look at me. I don't know what is the significance of that dream.

I still love Lizlet and happy to have her as my waifu but there are temptations and fears of losing feelings for her, what should I do?
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>> No. 14225 [Edit]
Okay. I know this might be hard, but...

Do whatever you want. It's really up to you. Whatever path you take, please don't beat yourself over it. Eventually fate guides you to wherever you end up. Keep up an open mind, and allow yourself to be washed away by the river of fate to take you to your destination. I know I sound silly, but do whatever is on your mind. Nobody is going to criticize you that much about these things. Take it easy.
>> No. 14232 [Edit]
I'm not going to judge or tell you what to do because it's not my life, and my opinion on your relationship empirically doesn't matter. I will say it sounds to me like you still love her and want to save the relationship - otherwise you probably wouldn't have posted. Matters of love are illogical mostly, so I'd listen to your gut on this one.

The dream itself could mean anything (including nonsense), but if it felt significant to you, then it probably was. If we want to go on dream interpretations, it seems like it's a fairly common waifu dream, representing the want to fully see and understand her but being unable to because she doesn't know you exist.

Good luck, regardless of what you do.
>> No. 14253 [Edit]
Do what you want. If you dont want her to exist then she won't exist.
>> No. 15097 [Edit]
I may get crucified for this... but recently, my feelings are now being transferred to another anime girl,as if my love for my current waifu Lizlet is fading rapidly.

I don't if I should let Lizlet go or not as it is not working anymore.

As for the anime girl that I mentioned earlier, it is Saber Lily.
>> No. 15098 [Edit]
Don't force yourself to stay in a relationship. People change and move on, true loves grow apart. If it happens, so be it. Forcing yourself to stay with her will just deny yourself time with who you love.
>> No. 15100 [Edit]
File 139831232953.jpg - (2.53MB , 2997x4043 , 68c1d4ca143903601d1d6eddde2a48e4.jpg )
If you really think it's not working out anymore between you and Lizlet, then there is no shame in switching waifus. The most important thing is being happy, so do whatever will make you happy.
>> No. 15102 [Edit]
File 139831647169.jpg - (338.11KB , 501x680 , 1Saber_Lily_full_1262163.jpg )
Then it is settled, my waifu now is Saber Lily
>> No. 15164 [Edit]
File 139871270541.jpg - (680.53KB , 900x1307 , 57b9acea796371b54161ed01ec65f2c5.jpg )
I feel like if I saw another character with less flaws and more strength I wouldn't feel the urge to protect and support her. Or if there was a character that shared more similarities with me (I can honestly say that Nadeko Sengoku or Tomoko Kuroki might be more similar to me than not) that would be just kind of annoying and unsettling, and I wouldn't be able to have my waifu as an ideal. I consider my waifu pretty top-tier as to cuteness and I like her body shape as well... Just curious if you had any particular reasons for switching to Saber Lily.
>> No. 15177 [Edit]
File 139879421082.jpg - (45.95KB , 500x313 , Saber Lily 8.jpg )
Considering that Saber Lily is simply Saber with a different clothing that leans on the more "girlish" side, she has a tragic background (being betrayed) that made her regret her decision that the reason why she become a Heroic Spirit is to change her past.

If you were to see that, it feels that you want to protect her and support her emotionally; sure she is capable on annihilating an enemy such as other Servants but what she needs is emotional protection and support.

The thing about Lizlet is that she is already capable of protecting herself (the manga and anime shows that she has great physical strength despite that she appears to be the opposite) and her only flaw is that she gets intimidated fast (she is the comic-relief in the main cast of Omamori Himari) and unless you attack her true body which is a century-old teacup, she is pretty much invulnerable... well her human manifestation.

Saber Lily on the other hand, like the other servants, can be harmed and even killed without attacking a specific object and I do not like the idea of seeing a 2D girl being hurt and even swimming in their own blood; there are pictures of original Saber being in this condition but seeing Saber Lily in that condition is more heart-breaking.

Though I also did have some sort of attachment towards another girl which is Nodoka Haramura, it was Saber Lily that ultimately got my affection.

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