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File 134732241232.jpg - (1.12MB , 1440x900 , 0.jpg )
16871 No. 16871 [Edit]
December 2012 is almost here! Are you ready? What do you think is going to happen?
I spend a good part of my time reading about occultism and I can't wait. Maybe the Annunaki will visit us again. It's the end of the cycle after all.
Let's talk about conspiracies!
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>> No. 16873 [Edit]
We'll all still be here being useless retards with no hope and nothing will change.
>> No. 16874 [Edit]
I think the only thing that will happen is a bunch of fear mongering assholes who started this shit will look like the lying assholes they are, just like the crap ton of other dipshits who have predicted the end of the world only to watch it keep on spinning.
>> No. 16876 [Edit]
>> No. 16877 [Edit]
Hopefully the world really ends and everybody dies or something, but it's very likely that nothing will happen. Maybe the crime rate might go up for a short bit with people thinking that they can get away with anything since the world is "ending".
>> No. 16878 [Edit]
There's an anime convention in Ohio during that general time period. It's called 'Anime Acopalypse'. Perhaps I will be there....I dunno.
>> No. 16879 [Edit]
We will all transcend to the 2D world
>> No. 16882 [Edit]
I hope you don't, because conventions are shit and I'm getting sick of hearing about them
>> No. 16887 [Edit]
Nothing is actually going to happen but everything will continue to get worse, little by little.
>> No. 16888 [Edit]
What else do you do during the so-called end of the world? Other than going to a beach and injesting whatever drug you prefer, whether liquid or not...
>> No. 16890 [Edit]
it would be kinda funny if it really happened
>> No. 16894 [Edit]
better start maxing out my credit cards.
>> No. 16901 [Edit]
December 21, 2012: a Friday.
Coincidence? I think not.
It's party party party party!!
>> No. 16902 [Edit]
no fun allowed
>> No. 16904 [Edit]
Many things will happen that day, OP, but not a single one of them will be related to the subject at hand.
>> No. 16905 [Edit]
In reality, probably nothing aside from several million people being disappointed. Life will go on and continue to be shit.

Although I kind of hope something happens, if only to just shake up the monotony of life as we know it. So yeah, I guess I'd be among the disappointed masses too.
>> No. 16906 [Edit]
Didn't recent studies reveal that 2012 wasn't actually the correct year the Mayans predicted and it's actually much later?
>> No. 16908 [Edit]
lol, yeah, just keep pushing doomsday back a bit every time we get close!
>> No. 16912 [Edit]
File 134734748129.png - (142.72KB , 300x357 , Bizarro2012pic.png )
Joke's on you, should nothing happen I'll kill myself so my world is ending either way!
>> No. 16915 [Edit]
Hopefully all the Ford Drivers kill themselves and leave us the planet of the NEETs.
>> No. 16916 [Edit]
My bet is that nothing will happen but if this planet does turn into a wasteland I wouldn't care either. I'll have fun stealing shit and just in general doing whatever the fuck I want with no one to stop me especially if the internet somehow remains online. Well that is if I find away to survive while everyone else is dieing.
>> No. 16928 [Edit]
Everyone is always worried about how they're going to survive after shit hits the fan, but in end of the world scenarios it's always something like 70% of the worlds population dies in the first day. why not play the odds and just accept you'd probably die.
>> No. 16929 [Edit]
The only thing that will end is the remaining milligram of credibility the History Channel had. 
>> No. 16930 [Edit]
>> No. 16931 [Edit]
Enjoy the cannibals bigger than you.
>> No. 16932 [Edit]
People sure do develop some amusing delusions of grandeur when it comes to this stuff. I highly doubt people who can't live without the support of their mother are going to be able to survive in a post apocalyptic every man for themselves type society.
get real, weak leaches like this >>16848 will starve to death. only the strong, the prepared and street smart will truly survive.
>> No. 16934 [Edit]
>I highly doubt people who can't live without the support of their mother are going to be able to survive in a post apocalyptic every man for themselves type society.

Only one person in this thread said they were gonna go wild and everyone else said they would probably die, so I'm not sure who you are talking to.
>> No. 16935 [Edit]
this isn't the first time this topic has come up you know.
>> No. 16936 [Edit]
That's if we're lucky.

If we're not, then it'll end up just like in Hokuto no Ken and we'll become slaves and we'll get forced to work on some stupid shit until we die.
>> No. 16937 [Edit]
You mean I'll finally have a job???
>> No. 16940 [Edit]
To be fair I could get along much better in a society where I don't have to have social skills and suck on ass for money to survive.
>> No. 16941 [Edit]
You would probably be raped to death after they run out of women, if you live that long.
>> No. 16942 [Edit]
i'd rather get killed by mutant scorpions
>> No. 16959 [Edit]
The supposed end of the Mayan calendar already passed last year at some point; leap years were not declared or in practice when the calendars was made, so the "doomsday" has actually already passed us by.

I wager that there's going to be a shitload of violent crime and general craziness from hardcore believers when the day hits, though.
>> No. 16983 [Edit]
Well when societial restraints are gone, you can pretty much do whatever you what. Why do you need a job or the 'normal' social status bullshit when you can go all rambo and shit?
>> No. 16984 [Edit]
how would they run out of women? I would think they would run out of men first in that sort of scenario, but doomsday scenarios tend to result in an even gender ratio of death as opposed to old school major wars.
>> No. 17007 [Edit]
I can assure you when all of society falls apart many normals and all their precious laws and morals they cling to will also fall apart as they all turn into rabid animals. People will be tearing at each others throats till there is no one left no matter who they are. The only thing that will matter and remain is instinct with some intelligent judgement and the survival skills, who is your enemy and who is your friend. There is no system for you to rely on anymore for judgement and that's why normals will become the most aggressive and insane one's on this planet when everything falls apart. Their entire being is built from man made law and the collective view of modern society. Unless you are prepared and highly skilled in survival, you will not survive very long no matter what kind of person you are.
>> No. 17012 [Edit]
December 2012 already...I hope I die before 2013 kicks in.
>> No. 17042 [Edit]
As a general rule, unless it is a cosy catastrophe, yes the chances are weighted against you - but it wouldn't be an acopalyse if not for that - hah

its also a staple of post-apoc media to have a warlord or general who used to be a fucking insurance salesman or someone who worked on computers
>> No. 17043 [Edit]
Imagine having to watch the world crumble around you, from your computer, and being unable to do anything about it.

Shit gets intense.
>> No. 17044 [Edit]
Don't worry, everyting'll be fine. And even if something happens, I will protect (some of) you!

No you!
>> No. 17049 [Edit]
if shit ever hits the fan, I'll get my machete, a balaclava and a Cirno dress and become the terror of the wastelands
>> No. 17052 [Edit]
why would laws go away?
>> No. 17053 [Edit]
Because I'll have gathered enough strength to overthrow them.
>> No. 17054 [Edit]
No one to uphold them I guess
>> No. 17055 [Edit]
why wouldn't anyone uphold them? while many police officers are corrupted, I believe there still plenty that would continue to do the job in-spite of low or no pay. ever hear of vigilante justice? some people seem to really really want us to turn to a mad max fist of the north star type of world, but I just can't see that realistically happening on a global scale.
even some of the most fucked up places in africa still have some form of law enforcement, as shitty and corrupt as it may be. people will always try to establish order and leadership, it's only natural, you see it everywhere from super power nations, small tribes in the far off jungles, and even street gangs, they've leadership and rules they abide by in their group. even religions have their ways of enforcing rules, used to be the church had it's own form of police that kept order.
The only people that will turn to this >>17007 will be outcasts of society who struggle to survive as bandits while everyone else rebuilds society. in case you didn't notice, even in mad max and fist of the north star, there were plenty of examples of people building communities with clear signs of order, defending themselves from bandets who also had their own system of doing things within their community. max and ken both relied heavily on other people to survive and gather supply's. very few people can get by on their own. humans will naturally try to work together, which will inevitably form communities, which results in rules and laws.
>> No. 17056 [Edit]
See >>17053
>> No. 17057 [Edit]
see >>16932
>> No. 17059 [Edit]
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!
>> No. 18871 [Edit]
Aliens will show up on December 21, not because Mayan prophecies say so but because they've been listening in on our communication signals and are aware that a lot of people expect something and as a result it would be less disruptive. So it ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy.
>> No. 18872 [Edit]
I am an alien and I can confirm this
>> No. 18874 [Edit]
File 135418528388.jpg - (44.57KB , 510x600 , Beast.jpg )
I will gather all the other Tohno-channers and we shall become the Tohno-gang, and pillage and terrorise the other people. Picture related, its me.
>> No. 18878 [Edit]
I imagined his voice sounded similar to Macho Man's for some reason when I played that game, it made reading his lines more amusing.
>> No. 18922 [Edit]
Thats very funny because I talk like Macho Man in real life.
>> No. 19043 [Edit]
Quality site.

I agree with you guys, I'm gonna get wasted as fuck with my homies down at the shore. YOLO
now this is what tohno chan is about! Who gonna be at that convention for the pussy?
>> No. 19044 [Edit]
I hope we all fucking die.
>> No. 19046 [Edit]
I do too, especially >>19043. I hope that >>19043 dies in a very painful way.
>> No. 19047 [Edit]
If I wanted to see a pussy I would look in the mirror

NOTE: This is not a joke about me being a girl, or having a cat, or a mirror with a cat drawn on it. I'm a loser, folks
>> No. 19048 [Edit]
why? I agree with you man, we should all go to conventions and dress up. Afterwards we can post our pictures on facebook.
>> No. 19049 [Edit]
While there may be merits to going to some anime cons, a con called "anime apocalypse" is certain to draw a fucking horrid crowd of Hot Topic hipsters and bullshit like that.

Not that any of that matters anymore. Anime cons are now all Gangnam Style and Homestuck and shitty AMV hells and abridged series with stupid dated pop culture references and attempts at topical humour with stabs at the RIAA and MPAA.
>> No. 19051 [Edit]
Thanks for explaining this amazing joke
>> No. 19052 [Edit]
you're welcome friend
>> No. 19059 [Edit]
Found a rave taking place that night
>> No. 19060 [Edit]
Jersey shore is still fucked up from a hurricane. Go to NYC clubs then
>> No. 19124 [Edit]
It's funny, when I was a kid 2012 was impossibly far away and I was sure I'd be dead by now. Well, look where I am now.
>> No. 19185 [Edit]

Same. Maybe we will be lucky and by this time next year we will both be dead
>> No. 19187 [Edit]
Can I be dead by that time, too?
>> No. 19328 [Edit]
>> No. 19341 [Edit]
No, sorry.
>> No. 19342 [Edit]
3 days left. If you'll stumble upon any articles dealing with the subject (both 'the day before the Doomsday' ones and aftermath ones) please link them here, I'd love to read something on this subject, I've been looking forward to the Second Impact for years.
>> No. 19344 [Edit]
Someone linked me this a few days ago:
>> No. 19356 [Edit]
File 135587909467.jpg - (28.25KB , 500x333 , tumblr_ls3jukMAJC1qlokfgo1_500.jpg )
I lol'd.
>> No. 19357 [Edit]
File 135587942327.jpg - (14.79KB , 241x204 , tumblr_mdpt9gnmGm1rvm0qpo1_250.jpg )
>I've been looking forward to the Second Impact for years.
Tell me about it.
>> No. 19358 [Edit]
I don get it
>> No. 19359 [Edit]
Apparently, we'll have to endure living on:

>> No. 19360 [Edit]
>> No. 19361 [Edit]
>> No. 19366 [Edit]
It'd be cool if there were, like, zombies and stuff.
>> No. 19370 [Edit]
why would that be cool?
>> No. 19373 [Edit]
I guess that would be the only time people who study zombie apocalypse survival techniques to use what they learned.
>> No. 19374 [Edit]
File 135589136761.jpg - (55.17KB , 640x480 , Resident_Evil_4_patada.jpg )
>> No. 19377 [Edit]
Oh I see, so billions of people around the world dying horrific deaths while being eaten alive would be 'cool', becuase a character in a popular videogame can kick zombies?
>> No. 19378 [Edit]
No: kicking them heads off Leon style it's the cool. You need more sugar.
>> No. 19379 [Edit]
oh okay, that makes the sentiment less grossly offensive, insensitive and idiotic.
>> No. 19380 [Edit]
File 135589397666.jpg - (48.48KB , 596x457 , chagas_transmission_cycle.jpg )

Millions of peolple already get sick and die in the most stupid and horrible ways all around the world, all the time, with no one (nor you, nor me) lifting a finger. You don't really need the petty pretext of zombies (either as a joke or a narrative aproach on pandemia) to derail a thread into a social remorse argument. Don't jump over nothing.

Post edited on 18th Dec 2012, 9:15pm
>> No. 19381 [Edit]
If nothing else I at least hope these last few posters die
>> No. 19383 [Edit]
I guess that I'm not the only bored person here.
>> No. 19384 [Edit]
Hoping for a global apocalyptic disaster that kills off the majority of the people on this planet, and not doing more to help less fortunate people around the world, isn't really the same thing.
>> No. 19385 [Edit]
It's a reference to Majora's Mask.
>> No. 19387 [Edit]
Lots of drinking and partying and whatnot will ensue. Some crazy people may do some bad things but other than that nothing.

Just hold whom you hold dear close and be with them that day. Like you should any other day.

All that silly nonsense man.
>> No. 19392 [Edit]
People die when they are killed.
>> No. 19393 [Edit]
Is this true?
>> No. 19400 [Edit]
I finally understand that the NPCs in Majora's Mask were not that far off from reality when you think about it. I always expected them to be more and more panicked since the world was going to end but I guess we have a good example that people will just carry out as usual even if the most doomsaid of times.
>> No. 19403 [Edit]
i die every time i go to sleep,so I pray for a tommorow.
>> No. 19407 [Edit]
or maybe it's becuase only complete fucking retards believe this 2012 shit. You can't compare it to actually seeing your immanent destruction every time you look up at the moon.
>> No. 19412 [Edit]
I understand what you mean and thought about it but, but then again both are cases of incredulity which are comparable if not equal. Still serves as an example.
>> No. 19413 [Edit]
No, they're not. In one case you can see the moon getting closer to earth with your naked eye, in the other you're going off nothing more than rumors and speculation that 'something' might happen, there's no explanation for what will happen, there's absolutely no proof, and there's nothing to back up any of the guesses anyone has of what will happen.
People will panic if they have something to panic about, the reason 2012 isn't making people panic is becuase no one actually believes this stupid shit.

Post edited on 19th Dec 2012, 2:50pm
>> No. 19415 [Edit]
>is becuase no one actually believes this stupid shit.
There are some people that actually believe it. Some.
>> No. 19422 [Edit]
Wow, I never knew you guys despised 'fun' to this extent.
>> No. 19424 [Edit]
File 135599908549.jpg - (48.55KB , 768x420 , 316582_504192872946302_1806496964_n.jpg )
>> No. 19425 [Edit]
For the day before the end of the world, the world sure seems...plain.
>> No. 19426 [Edit]
By a show of hands, how many here believe the world is really going to end/meet some catastrophic event related to the Mayan calendar tomorrow?

We need to tally this up to figure out who among us gets to say `I told you so'
>> No. 19430 [Edit]
I'd like to hand out five day bans for those who believe something so unintellectual.
>> No. 19432 [Edit]
remember when y2k was a thing?
>> No. 19434 [Edit]
Fun? Yeah, it's a lot of fun to be a part of a retarded doomsday cult, I bet.

Really, I just look forward to 12/22 when the idiots who really believed this shit realize they've been tricked by a few clever marketers selling emergency food rations and pseudoscience books. This kind of thing comes around every decade or so.
>> No. 19437 [Edit]

>Really, I just look forward to 12/22 when the idiots who really believed this shit realize they've been tricked by a few clever marketers selling emergency food rations and pseudoscience books. This kind of thing comes around every decade or so.

That's part of the fun. Thing is the general attitude in this thread seems to be something like 'FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING DOOMSDAY, IT'S BULLSHIT, GO TALK ABOUT IT ELSEWHERE'. Me, I think every end of the world is very amusing and wouldn't mind pretending I currently have my tinfoil hat on and that I'm prepared to welcome our new Cthulhu overlords. I would also love to see some articles, images an the like by people who share my amusement, stuff like >>19344 or >>19424.

For a guy for whom every day is Sunday such occassions are actually something to look forward to. I waste my days away doing the same shit every day, this could be a nice change of pace. But oh well, no fun allowed.
>> No. 19438 [Edit]
File 135602541850.jpg - (89.45KB , 488x516 , src_1339335247814.jpg )

Forgot my image.
>> No. 19439 [Edit]
This coming from someone on a site where no one has a sense of humor and posts get reported/deleted for being "dumb" or "useless".
This thread and everything in it is dumb and useless shitposting as far as I'm concerned.
>> No. 19441 [Edit]

I'm pretty sure I could say the same for 99% of posts out there. They are useless and meaningless. The thing is they werern't supposed to be deep and meaningful in the first place.

It's not like we're posting 'DEM E/B/IN MEEMZ XDDD' or anything, it's just some silly fun at the expense of people who honestly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend the next few days in an anti nuclear bunker and so on. Sigh, I guess telling people on /tc/ to take it easy is asking too much (nowadays at least).
>> No. 19443 [Edit]
Its been six hours since the date happened here in Australia, and well, I'm not dead yet.
>> No. 19444 [Edit]

It will only happen on the date of Mayan timezone
>> No. 19445 [Edit]
The days of taking it easy on TC are dead, killed off by those who get a stick up their ass whenever someone posts a photo of a cube or uses common internet lingo.
>> No. 19446 [Edit]
File 135604208931.jpg - (78.36KB , 600x692 , 1356038955802.jpg )
Getting close.

>> No. 19447 [Edit]
File 135604214888.jpg - (121.06KB , 830x594 , 855.jpg )
>> No. 19448 [Edit]
File 135604221855.jpg - (111.43KB , 724x309 , m493o.jpg )
>> No. 19449 [Edit]
File 135604225749.jpg - (112.09KB , 647x346 , 1A7.jpg )
>> No. 19450 [Edit]
I always knew that video would be the death of society
>> No. 19451 [Edit]
File 135604344127.jpg - (162.38KB , 801x438 , 5D0.jpg )
>> No. 19452 [Edit]
Haruhidamn koreans
>> No. 19453 [Edit]
ok, you made me laugh.
>> No. 19454 [Edit]
Hey guys, it's the 21st for me.

The end of the world ain't all bad, at least I can just take it easy.
>> No. 19455 [Edit]
I found that comment way too funny. I love you guys.
>> No. 19456 [Edit]
I'm at Central Time. I damn long for almighty Adam to rise but, in all honesty, I just expect to sigh at all those lunies in Chichen Itzá who wait for Tom Cruise's cosmic parents from UrAnus to come pick them with the mothership at the Castle pyramid...

Each and every time... Each and every time they talked on the media about the mayan calendar they kept showing the mexica Sun Stone, which is not even a calendar but an enriched depiction of Tonatiuh... But not even that lesson will be learned from this by the people in the world.

Post edited on 20th Dec 2012, 4:54pm
>> No. 19457 [Edit]
Happy New B'ak'tun eve guys! Enjoy the maize, don't divide by zero, and have a great B'ak'tun 14!
>> No. 19458 [Edit]
I think the outside world could end and it would take me a month to notice, as long as the power didn't go out.
>> No. 19460 [Edit]
File 135605621382.jpg - (100.20KB , 448x800 , 128995730070.jpg )
That's one possible scenario.
Merely one of many posibilities.
Instrumentalization contiues.

つ づ く
>> No. 19461 [Edit]
In the continuum shift.
>> No. 19463 [Edit]
You guys remember Y2K?
When I was younger, there was a TV station with a commercial on all the time about EL NUEVO MILLENIO~

Wonder if there are any going on about this now, but I don't watch TV.
>> No. 19464 [Edit]
I still get to watch some (I live with my family). I don't think it's that strong on TV now. Internet, however, has made for it well giving forum to all kinds of lunacy.
>> No. 19471 [Edit]
2012 movie
>> No. 19472 [Edit]
And there was I thinking it was a joke.
>> No. 19473 [Edit]
It happened, I'm dead
>> No. 19474 [Edit]
Like, me too. HELP ME, TOHNO!
>> No. 19475 [Edit]
[*head bouncing to the rythm*]
>> No. 19476 [Edit]
Help yourself.
>> No. 19478 [Edit]
...cause my dick's on fire.
>> No. 19479 [Edit]
I really shouldn't have fucked all those prostitutes...
>> No. 19484 [Edit]
Happy new Baktun everyone.
At least /tc/ prevails after the end of the world.
>> No. 19486 [Edit]
Not only am I still alive, but nothing funny even happened. This is the second worst december 21st I've ever had!
>> No. 19487 [Edit]
This is the only notable december 21st I've ever had
>> No. 19493 [Edit]
Aww, I wanted to be dead by now. Stupid shitty people spreading false rumors.
>> No. 19497 [Edit]
your disappointment is your own fault for letting yourself fall for their shit, even if ever so slightly.
>> No. 19506 [Edit]
I didn't believe it, I just wanted something cool to happen.
>> No. 19511 [Edit]
If it's still December 21 in your time zone there's still time to end your world.
>> No. 19515 [Edit]
Meanwhile the real Mayans are having parties to celebrate the new baktun. It's like a big New Year's Day for them. They probably think the apocalypse believers are fucking retarded.
>> No. 19516 [Edit]
The mayans are dead and have been dead for a very, very long time.

The only slightly funny pun I've heard related to the mayans is somebody calling them "mayonnaise" while jokingly pretending to be an idiot.
>> No. 19517 [Edit]
I have to admit, I laughed.
>> No. 19518 [Edit]
No, they're still very much around. They haven't done anything to get noticed in the past thousand years, but they still exist.
>> No. 19519 [Edit]
Half Guatemalan here of Maya descent.
You're all fucking retarded
>> No. 19520 [Edit]
Damn, I thought that the Spaniards managed to killed them all.
>> No. 19525 [Edit]
Maybe the remainders of their race become stronger and stronger as the rest of them get killed. Sort of like Saiyans.
>> No. 19538 [Edit]
File 135621598170.jpg - (60.59KB , 600x450 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
If you really want to know what the mayans who long to remain mayans were doing yesterday...

>> No. 19541 [Edit]
guess what 2012 guys, We're still here!

what have you got to say for yourselves now?
>> No. 19542 [Edit]
That the mission succeeded: we made good fun of the entire thing.

Post edited on 22nd Dec 2012, 11:51pm
>> No. 19543 [Edit]
21/12/2012 was a just ploy to cover up the real apocalypse that is coming
also the jews did it
>> No. 19544 [Edit]
heh. Zapatistas. Isn't Mexico and Guatemala teaching children in MAyan languages? I remember hearing of that.

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