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File 132347582931.jpg - (1.66MB , 1854x2472 , 44652373_3026a12052_o.jpg )
11836 No. 11836 [Edit]
Do you like the smell of incense?

What kind of incense and why do you burn it?

I like the smell of this one kind of Japanese incense stick that I have and burn it a lot.
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>> No. 11837 [Edit]
File 132347635295.jpg - (121.51KB , 567x567 , patchie.jpg )
my father burns patchouli incense sometimes, and also wears patchouli cologne because he loves the stuff. Little does he know that I too love patchouli...
>> No. 11838 [Edit]
File 132348225929.gif - (31.70KB , 300x300 , tumblr_lu6dhacYtm1qae7ll.gif )
Oh that's nice.

Cute pic :3
>> No. 11841 [Edit]
I love the smell of incense.

I burn some that I bought from a Tibetan Lama when he came to lecture at a nearby college about a year ago. I find it calming, it really helps me take it easy.
>> No. 11844 [Edit]
No: too stoner/natural mystic for my taste.
I like the smell of brand new PVC figures, though.
>> No. 11846 [Edit]
I am not fond of scents
>> No. 11847 [Edit]
The one smell I love is the smell of new electronics. Like if you unbox a new graphics card or something.
>> No. 11849 [Edit]
Are there any incenses that smell like gasoline?
>> No. 11852 [Edit]
Lavender. I bought something that was supposed to be weed, but... it didn't.

Yes. But why?
>> No. 11853 [Edit]
Yeah, this is one of my favorite scents. I used to love the smell of new cassette tapes too.
>> No. 11854 [Edit]
Cigarette tar does.
>> No. 11856 [Edit]
Also, it's good to hear I'm not the only one who likes chemical smells.
>> No. 11857 [Edit]
>> No. 11858 [Edit]
Some chemical smells make me feel hungry (another form of the munchies maybe?). Especially soldering fumes.
>> No. 11865 [Edit]
I, too, love this smell.
>> No. 11875 [Edit]
File 132381225862.jpg - (71.88KB , 600x343 , nag_champa_large_pack_shot600.jpg )
Nag Champa is my favourite incense to burn. I could never quite get into anything else, except maybe Sandalwood. It's from India, and could be described as a sweet smell that is unlike anything else, I really recommend it.

>> No. 11876 [Edit]
Thanks for the recommendation~
>> No. 11880 [Edit]
Mulberry, cherry blossom.
I should buy more.
>> No. 11893 [Edit]
Did someone say incest?

>> No. 11903 [Edit]
When I make fish or some other stinky food I burn incense to get rid of the smell. I just use a kind that an African friend always brings me.
>> No. 11928 [Edit]
I like incense sticks, even the cheap ones I buy at the dollar store. I'll have to try some mentioned in this thread.
>> No. 11929 [Edit]
>dollar store
>sells incense
What's the name of the dollar store?

That sounds awesome :3
>> No. 11983 [Edit]

You should avoid dollar store incense. They're usually made of poor, synthetic ingredients and tend to be very toxic/carcinogenic.
>> No. 11992 [Edit]
Yeah, I'm starting to realize what dollar store incense means now.

There's one Indian run smoke shop that sells synthetic scented incense. I can't imagine it being very good, which is why I use a kind of Japanese incense made of spices/whatever.
>> No. 11994 [Edit]
I used to burn a lot of this cheap stuff when I had a really small bedroom but I had to stop after a few months once I realised how much dust it was creating, it was all over my figures. Like you said, probably not real healthy either.
>> No. 11995 [Edit]
Speaking of the healthyness of synthetic incense, are natural incense actually healthy? This is a retorhical(sp) question kinda, I just wanted to bring up the point that natural isn't always better.
>> No. 11996 [Edit]
I mainly meant that you shouldnt burn too much in a small space (with the door closed). I am aware of the naturalistic fallacy, it really annoys me.
>> No. 11997 [Edit]

No incense is ever healthy. Anytime you burn something, and create smoke, it's carcinogenic. But that said, it's better to burn something natural than something synthesized in a laboratory.

>> No. 12039 [Edit]
The last time I burnt some incense it was in my room before bed. I woke up with a terrible headache that remained with me for three days.
It was so bad I could barely move at times.

It was myrrh and frankincense flavour I think. The thing was it was cheap Indian shit, very strongly flavoured with artificial stuff, I doubt it was natural resin.

Just being near the packet you could smell it it was so strong.
>> No. 21084 [Edit]
My mom is always burning candles and incense. I fucking hate it, makes me gag if I leave my room, and I worry about the ash in the smoke ruining my figs. dumb bitch might burn the house down one of these days.

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