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File 139007332481.gif - (2.14MB , 500x281 , 1389803969004.gif )
14224 No. 14224 [Edit]
Do you believe that your waifu has a character alignment that defines her personal moral and ethical attitudes? I know that these definitions do not quite correspond to those outside of the general tabletop RPG context. If so, what character alignment do you think she belongs to? What moral and ethical beliefs is she likely to espouse? Keep in mind, two individuals that share the same alignment do not necessarily see eye to eye on everything and that character development also applies in the shift of character alignment.
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>> No. 14226 [Edit]
Hmm, you could always simplify characters to -dere types, although that doesn't solve everything. It's hard to analyze fictional characters as you're given limited information and I'm not too fond of guesswork. I like to think that characters with human psychologies all share some human capacity for happiness though, and we become attached to waifus/hazubandos because we wish for a character to receive that happiness.

According to some stuff I found on the Puella Magi wiki though Homura is the ubermensch follower of Nietzsche now, lol... Idk if Rikka is really relevant but with her it's the Freudian defense mechanism regression and the Electra complex perhaps haha...
>> No. 14227 [Edit]
File 139008173830.jpg - (404.28KB , 814x600 , 7f1c7d0942734f81fbbf20c439165fd3.jpg )
Going by tabletop RPG alignments, I'd say she's closest to true neutral. She prefers to be left alone for the most part, and her motivation for getting involved in incidents is always related to learning rather than a moral or ethical drive.
>> No. 14228 [Edit]
File 139008246145.png - (49.67KB , 726x685 , chart.png )
The issue with -deres is that they seem like over simplifications, and it's just one part of her personality. Admittedly, two lawful good individuals might not see eye to eye because one of them might be a tsundere and the other a kuudere and have different ways of dealing with situations. I mean, people like to imprint their perception of others as opposed to what their moral and ethical beliefs actually are. So alignments can be also a philosophical view. I think in many cases the traditional DnD character alignment is simply a basic guide to get to know a person. If I made the comment "Oh what he/she did was chaotic neutral at best", the person responding to it would generally know what it means. Basically what it all boils down to is this: 1) Is the person generally nice? (morality; good vs evil; altruism vs egotism) and 2) Does the person play by the rules? (ethics; law vs chaos; order vs freedom; honor vs dishonor) And how often are they nice/mean to others? How often do they play by the rules? In what manner do they differ from others in their behavior, as an example, do they have any exceptions to what they usually do?

For something amazingly simple as an x-y axis, would result in various different personality traits. Of course, it is hard to pin down what a person really is by one's thoughts, but also in their actions and intentions.
>> No. 14229 [Edit]
Lol you could always answer for your waifu on personality tests -- Homura scored melancholic (same as me) and tied for three types on the Enneagram, I don't think she fits into the Briggs-Meyers to be honest (I am INTP, although arguably INFP)... I disagree with the Nietzsche overanalysis but I honestly prefer that to this quantification chart that you posted.
>> No. 14230 [Edit]
File 139008558712.jpg - (480.93KB , 700x1210 , 8fa0cd4d791b1bc05997d96a729564a1.jpg )
I just want to mention that class alignment is a starting point of a personality, not an ending point. There is so much more to imagine, to develop than just a lawful/chaotic and good/evil trait.

Anyway, she's lawful good, maybe lawful neutral, and I love her for that.
>> No. 14231 [Edit]
File 13900962897.jpg - (41.74KB , 500x500 , 40916747_big_p13.jpg )
I'd say his basic personality is neutral good. In terms of law and chaos he's very firmly neutral, but he's just above the line between good and neutral in terms of morality. Going by the chart in >>14228, I'd say his ethics score is around a 48 and his morality is around 72 (give or take a few points).

That isn't to say that he hasn't done things that are chaotic evil though, obviously.
>> No. 14233 [Edit]
File 139009961228.png - (370.79KB , 600x600 , 22236445.png )
Picking a category?
Chaotic neutral, I 'spose
>> No. 14234 [Edit]
File 139011947585.jpg - (732.48KB , 900x1200 , 696584.jpg )
Chaotic nuetral.
I don't understand why most of her fanart depicts her as knife wielding psychotic CE, she only gets angry in a few cutscenes and Wonderland makes her pass out, not go into homocidal frenzies, unless you count the part where she pushed Bumby into the train, but that had tons of buildup, and I think anyone would've pushed that cunt onto the tracks.
>> No. 14235 [Edit]
File 139012670469.jpg - (369.49KB , 666x666 , 103b2e3cb28f550b1d36250e87b19fbe.jpg )
I could with some firmness say that she is Chaotic Neutral, due to the fact that she does what she wants such as to steal or to intrude other people's lives. But it can't be helped, she lives in a world where laws aren't exactly unified or universal. It could be even said to be non-existent. But to say that she's Neutral could imply that she does evil things some times, but I think she's just a petty kind of evil because she's not a source of destruction or multiple deaths or something that can warrant the label of an incident in her world.
>> No. 14238 [Edit]
File 139013858976.png - (243.51KB , 600x800 , 21378993 - いおりん.png )
Iori is more likely to be under the chaotic good alignment. Her actions can be totally reckless and all, but she usually would do anything to make her friends happy by any means (would use eye-for-eye tactic or goes straight up against her enemy and tell them to shove off). Even if she is ridiculously selfish, she can become kind and generous given the opportunity.
>> No. 14241 [Edit]
She would seem to be Neutral Evil or even Chaotic Evil to the casual observer at first. But looking deep into the source material, what she could be defined as based on her actions, beliefs and intentions is Lawful Evil. I understand that her alignment in particular is associated with unorthodox heroines who happen to have villainous tendencies. Provided if she goes through enough character development, she might become less egotistical and more of an altruist. At least I hope the author goes through with any character development with her and not kill her off, which is a stupid thing to do, especially infuriate a sizable portion of the fanbase.
I despise my waifu's fanbase precisely because of her evil tendencies, and a person like her, albeit misguided, should at least be redeemed. Even though she does get painted with the 'edgy', 'cunt' or 'bitch' brushes all too often. A lot of her fanart depicts her as CE, but she never seemed that way to me after getting to know her better. She is nice unless if you ever get in the way of her misguided, short-sighted ambitions. The feelings I have for her is complicated. I feel love for her yet I pity her and want to see her become not the way she is now. She deserves to feel loved and cared for, and I think the main reason why she would do these things is because she hasn't felt the emotion of unconditional love. Instead she would harm and murder those who are in her way and ideals.

Post edited on 19th Jan 2014, 2:26pm
>> No. 14243 [Edit]
Mine is an antagonist, evil as they come, likes hurting people for the fun of it. However later on she does decide to turn a new leaf and, so she's a little hard to read.
>> No. 14245 [Edit]
Although she is an antagonist, she has a strong moral code and believes very strongly in her chivalry, despising useless violence against the weak. She is fiercely loyal to her lord, which isn't really evil, although I estimate that her own morals may take precedence over her orders if she would ever have to choose.
Of course, being an antagonist, I wouldn't say she is loyal good, but she is not evil at heart. She may take some overly destructive methods to do her job as a loyal knight and is perhaps more zealous than need be, but she isn't bloodthirsty, and wouldn't kill without an extremely good reason for doing so. Admittedly, she has committed some seemingly awful deeds that every enemy of her source game have which would deviate from her moral code, and while I used to simply knock it off as being simply a necessity in her source material, recent horrible developments would indicate that it may simply be because it's what she has been exposed and had to suffer through herself.
It could simply be some form of subconscious revenge, which, despite being a fairly disappointing trait as I had always seen her as being a completely honest and direct type who wouldn`t ever react to situations in a passive-aggressive manner, would indicate that it isn't really voluntary malice.

With all that said, I guess the alignment that would best describe her would be lawful neutral.

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