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File 137478144291.jpg - (50.71KB , 480x661 , 901e9738f1573eb07ef34d6d05593727.jpg )
15620 No. 15620 [Edit]
Fuck my life. Fucking shit.
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>> No. 15621 [Edit]
Welcome to the club.
>> No. 15622 [Edit]
RIP Ryutaro Nakamura
>> No. 15624 [Edit]
File 137479706911.gif - (239.47KB , 561x480 , 1214628231810.gif )
it's not TOO late. don't give up hope yet!

the psx lain game translation is still on-going.

And there's so much Despera stuff that the project really can't be scrapped at this point. It might not be as grand as it would've been, but at least it will come.
>> No. 15625 [Edit]
Have they figured out how to decode/reencode the videos and pack them up again on the iso? From what I read in the blog of the poles who were working on it on the early 00's that was the major issue stopping it from happening.
>> No. 15634 [Edit]
I did hear he was sick, I just didn't know he's that sick...
Sigh, a bad day. If Satou Junichi will die before turning 60 I think I'll kill myself shortly afterwards.
What is it with anime directors and pancreatic cancer, really?
>> No. 15643 [Edit]
Good fucking Haruhi, what in the fuck am I doing with the trainwreck shit that is my life?
>> No. 15646 [Edit]
File 137495655056.gif - (1.29MB , 800x557 , madoka-choco.gif )
There is no Haruhi. Or Madoka. There is no hope close to that in this 3D world. Best thing we can do is keep on walking and not think about it too much. Real life is far from cute.
>> No. 15698 [Edit]
File 137561401940.jpg - (316.06KB , 661x800 , 1358764986249.jpg )
Trying not to overthink about it when depression hits you is really hard, but your advice is good, keeping your mind distracted helps a lot
>> No. 15705 [Edit]
File 137573718420.jpg - (380.45KB , 500x706 , madoka9.jpg )
Having delusions while you're going through it all is good too. Survive and do it for the ones you hold dear so they can be proud of the way you fought. Even if they're 2D and/or no longer alive with you. Helps me get up on some rough days anyways.

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