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File 145902807920.jpg - (21.18KB , 600x500 , breville_electric_tea_kettle_600x500.jpg )
28668 No. 28668 [Edit]
Post things that you are glad you purchased

pic related, it has improved my life.
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>> No. 28669 [Edit]
File 14590317351.jpg - (21.89KB , 350x311 , nexuss.jpg )
My first smartphone, which I bought some time before they became ubiquitous.
Literally saved my life when I suddenly became homeless due to some unlucky circumstances
>> No. 28687 [Edit]
File 145911566987.jpg - (135.13KB , 800x800 , breville-one-touch-tea-maker-1.jpg )
I see your kettle and raise you a tea maker, yes I managed to get it for almost 50% off before you google the rrp.
>> No. 28694 [Edit]
File 145912858578.jpg - (86.01KB , 500x276 , sony-psp-download-movies.jpg )
That would have to be my first psp.
It ushered in a new beginning to my life. It was more than just a hand held videogame system. At the time of getting it I didn't own a computer, but was able to use it's built in web browser and a neighbor's wifi to start really exploring the internet, limited as it was with it's 16mb of ram and 512mb of storage. I was even able to find sites to download anime specifically for the psp, where as before all I had access to was the tv and dvds. Joined forums and discovered all sorts of new and interesting things all while holding that little device in very specific spots just to get a signal. A while latter I bought my first laptop, but for a time the psp was all I had. I even went on to customize the things inside and out, with home brew apps that could do everything from browse irc to emulate older gen games. I've dissembled them and resembled them so many times I know their insides like the back of my hand. That 512mb eventually became 64gb and I mainly used it as a music/video player for a long time before getting a smart phone eventually, but I still like to keep the device near by and play around with it here and there. The psp has done me damn good over the years and will always have a place in my heart.
>> No. 28695 [Edit]
File 145916699031.jpg - (144.93KB , 570x382 , 93805.jpg )
If we're talking right now, then Headphones definitely.

Also, i'm not a mizuno shill by any means but one of my best purchases in life were these shoes, only mine were black&white. Mizuno Sala Premium Indoor Black.
They lasted me 10 years when i actually used to go outside and play sports instead of rotting away in my room, used to play football in the concrete with them and still run like a madman in the streets, even skateboarded with them. I had just this pair for everything and they lasted 10 years throughout my school years before it died an honourable death by ripping apart. Unbeliavable.
>> No. 28714 [Edit]
The most bang for the buck I've ever gotten out of a purchase is my 1L glass mug. That thing has raised my living standard noticeably, it really does bring a small bit of joy to every day of my life. Fuck having to refill your glass.
>> No. 28723 [Edit]
rice cooker / slow cooker combination machine for food, DS lite flashcart for entertainment. I'd love a PSP if I could get a homebrew friendly one. Any cheap or free and accesssible entertainment is somewhat worthwhile.
>> No. 28732 [Edit]
and cheap too.
>> No. 28783 [Edit]
File 14598308506.jpg - (56.96KB , 600x450 , f-91w.jpg )
Best timer/watch/alarm combo that I know.
Its lasted for years.
>> No. 28785 [Edit]
Mostly, but there are expectations:
Basically you want to try and avoid the psp-go, psp street, and psp3000 models.
>> No. 28793 [Edit]
Damn. I had a very similar situation to yours. Here is some history I have with it.

I was booted from my house and lost my computer so I just had my psp as a browser. I also used it to play games too, naturally. I had to go home secretly(thanks bro) and download anime, games and unload pictures I saved. The browser wasn't very good though. I remember trying to browse high post count threads on 4chan and being unable to load further more because of the limited ram. I was using it for hours everyday non stop. Custom firmware is wonderful.

Some time later, my laptop broke in Japan. I had to again resort to my psp for wifi. However it was harder to browse on more modern sites and I was having connection problems alot of the time. I couldn't repair my laptop then and there so I thought, you know maybe I'll buy a vita since the psp served me well through all this time. Unfortunately I regretted it and should have got a smartphone instead. The vita needs CFW.

This psp is the most sentimental thing I own.

Also, to contribute to the thread my mx518 mouse is great. Mine has more than 15 million clicks and it's still going.
>> No. 28804 [Edit]
File 146006375687.jpg - (107.81KB , 700x700 , b640wd-1av-c.jpg )
Wore one of those for years but eventually bought this one because it has a countdown timer function.

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