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File 142346376288.jpg - (166.81KB , 850x958 , sample-e492174053139febc844c84b30963778.jpg )
26214 No. 26214 [Edit]
Short or Long hair?

My vote goes for short
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>> No. 26215 [Edit]
I could really go either way. short tends to be cute, and long tends to be pretty.
>> No. 26216 [Edit]
It is indeed true that both are nice. But short takes it for me really
>> No. 26217 [Edit]
File 142346609310.jpg - (266.92KB , 700x768 , 45886879_p1.jpg )
I like both. Short hair or long hair isn't really a breaking point for me. As long it's not short to the point it's a bouzu haircut or something close I'm all good. But I haven't really seen much like that.
>> No. 26218 [Edit]
Long hair is definitely my preference, but I don't really mind, even my waifu has short hair.
>> No. 26220 [Edit]
Long is my preference, but short is nice too.
>> No. 26221 [Edit]
File 14234827862.jpg - (14.37KB , 130x241 , Kanako (12).jpg )
Either is nice, it depends on how the hair is designed. But what I do like is black hair especially hime cuts or hair that fans inwards towards the cheeks.
>> No. 26222 [Edit]
I like that kind of hairstyle that's like a hime cut but it stops just on the shoulders. I don't know its name.
>> No. 26223 [Edit]
File 142350441516.png - (444.44KB , 816x918 , Cutest girls.png )
As a rule of thumb long because hime-cut is the best cut no exceptions.
But in all honesty it depends, sometimes short just works.
>> No. 26230 [Edit]
I almost exclusively only look at girls with short hair.

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