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File 131087157070.jpg - (120.66KB , 829x795 , c4a2b04c4e3f7ce04a6e49ea77c31652.jpg )
3718 No. 3718 [Edit]
It fills me with fear to know that time passes. My waifu and I are about the same age right now but, as I will grow older, she'll stay the same age. I find it extremely weird as scary that she'll never age togheter as I carry on in life. Does anyone else feels the same problem?
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>> No. 3720 [Edit]
File 131087372845.png - (31.43KB , 360x360 , minagi56tyg.png )
Yeah kind of, when we were closer to the same age, I would think about how nice it would be if things could go from there, living our lives together and so on.
but it feels as if time stooped for her and kept moving for me, since it more or less has.
it feels as if with each passing day, she grows ever further away.
If by some miracle ten years from now something is discovered that would allow us to be together, there would still be ten years lost, ten years we couldn't spend together, in which I aged, but she most likly didin't, it all feels like lost time we could be together, because even if there was a way for us to be with our loved ones, there wont be any way in which to change our pasts, we'll be meeting for the first time, me probably being an old man by then, if ever.
I'd love it if we could spend our lifes together, but as is, the most we can hope for is just a small fraction of our life's.
so many happy memories we could have made together, never to be...
all that time we could have spent getting to know each other, gone, never to be returned..
We'll never be childhood friends, I'm not a child anymore, we'll never go to grade school together, I've already moved on...
we'll never be able to be a young naive couple barely learning about the real world, we'll never be middle ages ready to settle down together and make a steady life together, we'll never be a old couple looking back at years back with fond memories together.
The most I can look forward to is a awkward first meeting between a very old no life loser and a girl far to young for him, who would probably creep her out.
I'm certain that her having been in my life would have given me the motivation, the reason to not be like this, rotting away in front of a screen as the years slip away.
we could have had a nice life together...
Even if I lived life pretending she was always there, if we ever happened to meet, she wouldn't know anything about that life, it would all be news to her.

Post edited on 16th Jul 2011, 9:08pm
>> No. 3721 [Edit]
File 131087396459.jpg - (54.35KB , 640x480 , snapshot20090226232852.jpg )
God damn it tohno ;_;
>> No. 3722 [Edit]
File 131087491293.jpg - (854.75KB , 1500x1045 , 10127b5eac3625c09c56a42f2ac353d7.jpg )
It's just another thing I'd rather not think about too much, doing so will only depress me.
>> No. 3728 [Edit]
File 131092620940.jpg - (89.40KB , 499x800 , 100000000064.jpg )
I've thought about that so many times these past few months. Despite her appearance, she's already over 100 years old herself. Even if time does pass for both of us, she will barely change at all as I grow older. This worries me quite a bit; how attractive will I be both mentally and physically to her when I'm old and senile? And what about my lifespan? The thought of 'abandoning' her following my death while she continues to live for hundreds of years also bothers me.

That's really sad, bro. I feel for you.
>> No. 3733 [Edit]
File 131095722357.jpg - (77.08KB , 1023x643 , 303773.jpg )
He is maturing, slowly but he is... I don't mind. His beauty will always be preserved, I'll always know him at his best...
>> No. 3735 [Edit]
File 131095812438.png - (167.17KB , 320x458 , 332s87o.png )
>Does anyone else feels the same problem?

My waifu aging and corrupting like I do, and thus my love becoming the same living fossil of domestic vulgarity that's delivered by every 3D poor attempt of conclusion by the means of marriage or some family raising shit... why would I even want that? It's exactly what I hate the most about 3D. As I've mentioned before: I'm GLAD that she'll stay forever the same; her being fake is just the price I have to pay for 2D love's main point: crystallized pefection, that includes the uber bliss of immortality and ethernal youth by the means of art.

The only way your pseudoproblem could make any sense, is if your waifu could ever become real and/or meet you (as Tohno elaborated about). But that will simply never happen, as you should acknowledge already; so if you really are troubled by this, honestly, it's because you want to: it's your fault for still confusing the (superior) love for a waifu with the (shitty) one for a real woman.

Post edited on 17th Jul 2011, 8:38pm
>> No. 3738 [Edit]
You know, I've kept quiet for a while now, but seriously...you can express your opinion without being a prick about it. Stop talking as if your way of 2D love is the only acceptable way.
>> No. 3739 [Edit]
File 131097259664.jpg - (194.19KB , 590x800 , makoto.jpg )

I agree with this. I feel solace in knowing she is never going to exist-- ever. Even if she were to exist, I'd only want it to be a brief minute where I can just tell her how much I love her, see her reaction, and kiss her goodbye forever. As I age, she will still remain perfectly normal and would exist as if she were the first time I've met her. Of course, if I had your problem, Tohno; it's easy to just imagine her aging along with you.

I feel great knowing she loves me, she'd disregard anything; age, language, any kind of barrier.

Also, not to be totally rude-- but I have much other things to worry about. In this time of need, she'd be worried about me if I pondered too much about things that I do not need to worry about.
>> No. 3740 [Edit]

I disagree.

If you love someone, you love them whether they are perfect or not.
>> No. 3741 [Edit]

I do long, if possible, for my ideas to be dissected, unmasked and refuted as well, to be enriched. Heated debate and straightforwardness is what makes talking about things in here really stimulating for me, like the safe fun of solving puzzles or playing strategy games (of rethoric), if you want.

By all means, please don't take it personal (sorry). Hard as something may sound, I always try to adress -and attack- sollely ideas, statements and proceedures, not whoever you are in a wider sense (unless you're a woman, lol... but I prefer not to know!), wich is also why I still cherish anonymous boards the most. I just try to be honest and give my best shots, expecting maybe the same from you.

TL;DR It's just the way I express my tsundere love.

As said: you keep thinking in 3D. Homework for you.
>> No. 3742 [Edit]
I'm a different guy.

Just saying, if my waifu was real I'd love her all the same, maybe even more. She might be a living, eating, shitting human who'll turn old, I don't care. At least shes physically there. I'd much rather fall in love with a real woman than a dream one. Too bad 'real women' aren't really that great at all.
>> No. 3744 [Edit]
If your waifu was real, you still wouldn't love her but your idea of her wich, unlike with fictional waifus, do not match each other (maybe refer to this, on another thread: >>3430).
>> No. 3745 [Edit]
I never gave much thought to that. Now that you mentioned it, sounds quite terrifying. But still, I can't sense it as nothing but those old fears associated with human aging.
I will age and eventually die, she, in principle, wont. Every second which passes is one second that we potentially could enjoy together, were that union possible. Then, every second which passes without it being possible for us to meet is one chance less that I'll live to ever see that happen. I find nothing new in that, I could attach those fears to anything I value that much.
I think accepting that as part of my limitations as a human being greatly decreases the burden of those fears.

I understand your (wether you are the same person or not, doesn't matter) reasoning is aimed towards ideas, not persons. I just think you don't conceive very well that the reasons people engage in a relationship with a waifu and the way those relationships are conducted aren't that straightforward. And then you base your arguments almost entirely on your own framework of conceptions and reasons but always on an impersonal tone, which leads to a quite inquisitive discourse, as if all your conceptions were part of the common sense.
Of course, maybe that's your own way, and it's okay if it is. I just wanted to point out that I think this highly hinders communication and may cause a bad impression on you.
>> No. 3746 [Edit]

The way I see it, sir, is that 3D and 2D love are in no way different. To me, it just so happens I fell in love with Fate. It's the same emotion no matter what you have those feelings towards.

Perhaps I did fall in love with her because of her 2D 'perfection', but in absolutely no way is she perfect as a person, nor a partner perfect for me. I love her, however, and that's enough, I think. To that extent, I agree with >>3742. I love Fate for who she is, not because she's "crystallized perfection" but, well, because she's the girl I love.

I would rather happily give everything to live a single lifetime with her. Growing old and dying with her, although a morbid thought, would be beautiful. I despair to think of her mortality, and as the dreaming human I am, would have thoughts turn to eternity with her, but eternity is a curse to a sentient being.

I'm still somewhat younger than she is, but I do have my fears for the future. How will I think in 20 years' time, when I'll be so much older than her?
>> No. 3797 [Edit]
File 131102480313.png - (390.75KB , 670x380 , EoE 04.png )
>I love Fate for who she is, not because she's "crystallized perfection" but, well, because she's the girl I love.

Yes: she really is, and that's exactly my point...

If a character is, say, "defective" in some way, it's because the author wanted it to be so, to explore that path. If a character gets sick and/or die, it's because the author wanted her/him to go through that, to deliver us a message. If a character fails at life, it's because the author wanted it to serve to that purpose: to be an elaborated example of utter failure, to illustrate some further point.You see? everything that occurs in a (good) work of art it's really a success (not just an achievement, but a fatal FACT) for us, the public: unlike with real life, there's no accident -and thus no failure- in art. That's the "crystallized perfection (of 2D)" I'm talking about. Every fictional character has a greatest purpose to serve in their worlds, that gives him/her the value of being (exactly the way the are) really necessary in there: they make everything happen at all; they meet fates. And that's what we can not have in real life, on wich we merely arrive, develop and go, hazardously: we arrive to a world already made (and doomed); we aren't necessary here; that's the price of being, at some extent, free: to exist pointlessly throughout mere contingencies. We don't meet any goal; we are not meant to be togeteher with anyone.

That, along with the issue mentioned in >>3744, is the greatest difference between 2D and 3D love: whatever you see in the 2D character you happen to love, including her "flaws", her aging or even her death on the story she portays, it's part of that crystallized perfection because all that, wich made you fall for her, will never change: their stories are sealed in the media they were depicted on, for us or anyone to come visiting and make them live once again. In real life we can't get any of that: we can merely read events in that way, signify them that way by the means of art, but it's always an attached (fictional) interpretation. If you fall in love with a 3D, what you love (that belongs to your psyche) do not match whatever it's really there in front of you; you just have the (abusive) delusion of that thing (woman or wathever) to be -and remain- what you love. And yeah, I guess you could live on that lie until your very own end; but that doesn't make it anny less of a lie.

TL;DR None; read above.

Post edited on 18th Jul 2011, 9:24pm
>> No. 3798 [Edit]
I just can't grasp the concept that every character fits a well-determined purpose and every single trace of it is specifically thought on fitting that purpose.
That may work to some degree on some genres/schools and fits well the stock/symbolic character, but I just don't see it fitting well on the post-20th century arts at all.
There's a place for accident in art. It has been widely developped at the early decades of the last century. Francis Bacon regarded all his paintings as accidental, Richard Hugo has that famous quote on lucky accidents happening to writers, at the very best you can only say art is a carefully guided sucession of accidents. The accidental nature, however, is unavodable.
As for failure, there must be also a place for that. I just don't happen to have a ready example.
Another thing I quite can't grasp is how you can have such an intangible and subjective vision of reality but such a concrete and universal one of art. Whatever the writer thought of my waifu when creating her is of no or very limited access to me, I know nothing of the way he concepted her, the way he sees her, whatever purpose he thought she would have in the narrative (if there's any). I merely interact with his finished work and all I can conclude is taken from that interaction. Whatever the author wanted to express may not be what I got of it, whatever he wanted my waifu to be may not be present at all in my image of her.
>> No. 3799 [Edit]

>a carefully guided sucession of accidents
You're maybe confussing the process of creation with the work as a result. I'm talking about the work as a result; what concerns me ATM is not however an author builds his characters or aesthetic entities, but the product of that struggle he accepted as satisfactory and then delivered to us (to interpretate and recreate).

>post-20th century arts
If you're talking about certain avantgardes, you could go even further. You could talk about Pollock's dripping as action painting, on wich the important was, allegedly, not even the piece but the ephimerous act of painting (althought he didn't destroy any of the paintings after finshing them, like budhist do with their mandalas, but instead sold them for THOU$AND$); or John Cage and his sort of abolition of music, by wich considering every single sonorous phenomena as musical should turn (intentionally made, man-made) music unnecesay at all (didn't happen, of course); you could even talk about Marcel Duchamp's ready-mades, Piero Manzoni's Artist's Shit, or Rauschenberg's De Kooning's drawing erased by Rauschenberg as well-known examples of dada and the destruction of intentionality in the work art or the art itself...

You could consider all that and my point stands, because it's a meta-point: the "place of accident" you might be thinking on, it's just another very well determined aesthetic (that is -in this case-, over art itself) purpose; a message to wich the works of each artist (and the concrete elements that compose them; even if as nullity, stochastics or the destruction of other works) served to illustrate. Intentionality is so damned persistent, that even utter silence or inaction can be intentional: can be used to say something. Maybe, just in case, I should've made clear that I wasn't really talking about alt.artists but good/real artists: those who are, also, decent/remarkable aesthetes (people who know what the fuck they're doing, why they're doing it, in relation with what and do it efficiently).

>Whatever the writer thought of my waifu when creating her is of no or very limited access to me... I merely interact with his finished work and all I can conclude is taken from that interaction.
I totally agree with you, and that's why I kept insisting in >>3408 that anyone's waifu is their own and unique idea of her, and thus their jelaousy was stupid. And yeah: mai waifu, indeed, will die with me (or my memory) since she exists only in my head; but her source won't (unlike 3D piggy sources) and that's the, if you want, "universal" superior value of art I'm advocating for.

Post edited on 18th Jul 2011, 9:29pm
>> No. 3803 [Edit]
My waifu has a set birthday including year. I just go with that. She will be 24 in a few months. I guess I need this since I am a couple of years older than her even then. I don't want to grow too distant from her.

I still imagine her looking the same even still wearing her cute schoolgirl uniform. Silly I know.

I really wish I found her earlier, but then don't we all?
>> No. 3804 [Edit]
I don't understand this. Exactly what am I supposed to be afraid of? Do I want to live a normal life with my waifu? Is that how it's supposed to go? I do not understand why she cannot just remain the way I want her to be. This is a silly thought; how would your waifu feel if you were worried that your age will trouble the bonds of your love?
>> No. 3806 [Edit]
I think the reason behind this concern is that people here want to grow old with their waifu. It is a silly romantic notion, but many of us have ideals on love that aren't very realistic which is kinda the point.

The problem is that the older you get, the weirder it will feel that she doesn't age, yet you do. If this doesn't bother you, then I envy you.
>> No. 3807 [Edit]
>The problem is that the older you get, the weirder it will feel that she doesn't age, yet you do.
Yeah that really bugs me, the idea of being 60 years old with a forever 17 year old waifu.
it really kills any possible fantasies at that point...
>> No. 3809 [Edit]
File 131106532181.jpg - (67.51KB , 478x359 , eva 20.jpg )
It's just a fantasy indeed, my dear brohono. And there, you can be as young (bold, handsome, sophisticated...) as you want.
>> No. 3812 [Edit]
My waifu is genetically engineered to stay young.
So even if she were real she would never grow physically older.

That's what you think, I could never imagine myself as being someone I'm not.
I would want my waifu to love me and not the idealized version of me.
>> No. 3815 [Edit]
Well then fantisize about her loving you for who you really are (whatever that is); or fight to become what you think that could be the man she'd love; or love her from afar or do whatever you want but, my point is, since your waifu is merely part of your -say- interior life (the only world you'll ever get to own and control), you could always profit more from that fact (you don't need to lose her).

Anyway, by the time any man reach his 60's, memories might very well be the only thing's that left for us, either to enjoy, or to torture ourselves even more.

Post edited on 19th Jul 2011, 3:17pm
>> No. 7621 [Edit]
I too wonder the same. When I felt in love with mai waifu, she was around my age; then I was slightly older than her, and now I am way too old for her age...
>> No. 7624 [Edit]
I thought about it today. I don't want to age anymore.
>> No. 7628 [Edit]
Me neither, I wished I could had remained a kid forever. Wish I could recover my childhood.
>> No. 7629 [Edit]
I was graced with the luck of Misato being a year and a day older than I am so we will always be that difference. I also don't think of her stopping in time and staying young forever. I think she would age but she seems to be the type that would age very very gracefully. I have no problems with her aging, after all, she is having to deal with me doing the same and regardless of what she looks like I love her.
>> No. 7631 [Edit]
In 2012, Miko will be 1438 years old and still be clothed in all her splendor. It bothers me to think I will only continue to rot, but we won't let superficial details like that drive a wedge between us.
>> No. 7632 [Edit]
Miya is inherently ageless, being some kind of supreme being goddess angel thing. It's weird to think about.

Although that serves to only reinforce my idealistic image of her, and hold on to that idea of a world with her in it being a beautiful place to be.
>> No. 7635 [Edit]

Same here
>> No. 7637 [Edit]
I think the day you waifu begins to age is when she is unobserved after the ending of your series or whatever.
So you found her when you were 17 and she was 16, who's to say she shouldn't be 23 when you're 24 if the work she's in has ended?
The age idea is superficial anyways, besides if you don't detach her from the work and interact with her and actually get to know her then I don't believe that is truly a waifu.
After that point if you truly believes she loves you now as a basement dweller, but more importantly a 3DPD, do you actually think age would matter in such flawed beings as us?
Its cliche and full of shit when it applies to the real world, but love truly can conquer anything even the ages themselves.
>> No. 7638 [Edit]

Oh, Tohno. You're right. All of us might never meet our own beloveds in the way we intend it to be. I'll never grow old with her anymore, she doesn't even seem to get old. I don't even know her age or birthday.

I'll never have my wish come true where we are there at a log cabin somewhere in a backwoods town, sitting near a lit fireplace on our rocking chairs and drinking tea, while reminiscing the days when our child was a child and we were together, while also slightly arguing about what to wear on her wedding day. That'll never happen anymore.

In the end, I'm just another man living to work, without a real reason to live, and Marisa will just be another failed ideal.
>> No. 7651 [Edit]

You people are making me sad.
>> No. 7652 [Edit]
File 132437759626.jpg - (48.19KB , 500x706 , Kurisu (5).jpg )
I don't feel it as a problem at all. I think it is good that she will always stay same. Age is just a number anyway and people age in differently. Some young people are in terrible condition in physically and mentally while some old people can still run marathon over age 80. I don’t care about aging together. I just care about memories that we have made together.
>> No. 7662 [Edit]
>I think the day you waifu begins to age is when she is unobserved after the ending of your series or whatever.
This is how I've always thought of it. If one imagines in any way their waifu's life outside of the events of her source material, I don't know why one wouldn't imagine her aging as well (unless, of course, their waifu is immortal in her source material).
>> No. 7672 [Edit]
File 132445718314.jpg - (10.54KB , 125x301 , 204_123_204__hina123-06.jpg )
I was 17 when I first saw her and she was 17 as well. I just assume shes the same age as me and we both age at the same rate. Its not like I pretend she stays the same and its not like ill suddenly stop liking her as she gets older. Shes the only girl for me. I like thinking about studying at uni together, living together after graduation and stuff like that. Of course, its not like she'll stay a nubile teenager forever, but y'know, a sexy twenty-something is good too, and any age beyong that is too far into the future for me to worry about.

Pic related, its her when shes 21.

Post edited on 21st Dec 2011, 12:58am
>> No. 7697 [Edit]
Your waifu is as old as you want to make her. Who says she cannot, in my imagination, age with me?
>> No. 8280 [Edit]
File 132832408388.jpg - (120.20KB , 850x695 , sample-9b81ce14563644cfa26bc89eaae62469.jpg )
>Gizmodo: Finally, Zoltan, what is the downside of having a robot girlfriend?
>Zoltan: There's no one to push your wheelchair when you are old and gray.
That made me pause for a minute ;_;
>> No. 8281 [Edit]
why wouldn't a robot girlfriend be able to do such a simple act that?
>> No. 8282 [Edit]
His robot girlfriend is a chatbot inside a sex doll.
>> No. 8283 [Edit]
hardly what I would call a robot.
>> No. 8284 [Edit]
Well he equipped Alice with a teledildonic device so he could have sex with her. He was on a budget.
>> No. 8285 [Edit]
A doll with a implanted sex toy is still not what I'd call a robot.
>> No. 8286 [Edit]

I agree.
>> No. 8289 [Edit]
File 13283766553.jpg - (1.10MB , 1600x1200 , Birthday 2012 (2).jpg )
I'm one of the lucky guy who know the anniversary date of his beloved.
And this may sound strange, but I celebrate her birthday every year, so she aged with me...

The first time I saw her was in 2006, and I fell in love in 2007.
In 2006 she was 15 years old, and now (for me) she's 21.

But I think that the fact she grow older in her series help me to think like that...
>> No. 8290 [Edit]
I don't think that's strange at all. I wish I knew my waifu's birthday.

What is strange, however, is Akari being that old. Wouldn't that make Alice twenty now? Holy crap.
>> No. 8317 [Edit]
Oh god, that was funny.
>> No. 8318 [Edit]
Those of you who "age" their waifus, how do you do it?

Some people age them on their birthday if they have one, or "give" them a birthday on the date of their source material's first release.

What about if my waifu were from Higurashi, or Evangelion, how would I age her then?
>> No. 8320 [Edit]
It's not that hard when you know for a fact that there will never be anymore new material.
as for stuff that does keep going in which they keep them at a single age over the long course of the series (like how Conan should be in his 30's by now because of how long the show has been airing) I'd just imagine those as if looking back at the past, like with old home movies or photo albums, or maybe even a prequel to your relationship if you will
>> No. 8322 [Edit]
>I celebrate her birthday every year, so she aged with me

This is interesting to think about, cause it's also a matter of choice. I do celebrate mai waifu's birthday, but merely as such: as her Birth's Date... i.e. I celebrate the moment on wich she came to an existence (within her own world), but certainly not that she's aging. For me, happily, she'll be forever 14yo.
>> No. 8333 [Edit]
ZUN based my waifu on a rather famous politician, so I know her birthday and "death".

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