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File 143156863835.png - (37.21KB , 251x94 , 4rd.png )
26964 No. 26964 [Edit]
which of the banners of you think is best?
all banners @ http://www.tohno-chan.com/ban/
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>> No. 26965 [Edit]
File 143156903583.jpg - (56.69KB , 452x102 , tohnochanbannerkaguya.jpg )
I like this one
4chan is honestly way better at banners, excluding most of those that were introduced in the last update
>> No. 26967 [Edit]
File 143157560444.png - (64.40KB , 452x102 , dokorov2.png )
Probably pic related. There's so many nice ones to choose from though.
You really think? I feel like the best tohno banner would be better than the best 4chang.

I think the one's that copy the style of the logo of the show in the banners really shine. Not too big on the ones that are screencaps with subs though.
>> No. 26969 [Edit]
File 14315782017.jpg - (39.13KB , 300x100 , 43.jpg )
You know, I just looked at my folder and I thought there were way more nice banners.
I also made by mistake a new thread while making this reply, and I used to think how dumb someone could be to make this mistake. I have no idea how it happened either
>> No. 26970 [Edit]
File 143157981194.jpg - (46.20KB , 452x102 , hape.jpg )
>> No. 26976 [Edit]
File 143175549252.png - (74.63KB , 452x102 , itsateaparty_ib4f.png )
Is this 3DPD? Am I committing a crime by posting this banner?
>> No. 26977 [Edit]
That was made when we had different standards on the site.
>> No. 26979 [Edit]
Blame %60
>> No. 26980 [Edit]
60% is deaad!!
>> No. 26999 [Edit]
File 143204748510.png - (21.60KB , 142x130 , shield.png )
Just now I saw a tohno slogan talking about doing stuff your own way and that made me remember this "My Way" thing I think it's a name for something like an anime or a manga or a videogame I'm quite sure it's related to those things and I would be grateful if someone could help me out remember exactly what it is thank you in advance
>> No. 27000 [Edit]
"Even a monkey can copy others, you should do things your own way."
This one? If so I believe it's from Nitaboh.
>> No. 27001 [Edit]
File 143205149640.png - (76.37KB , 452x102 , work!.png )
okay but I wasn't asking where the slogan quote was from I was saying it reminded me from something called "My Way" or maybe it's a quote but probably more a name and I'm almost sure it's from a piece of media
>> No. 27002 [Edit]
That's a bit vague and not really much to go off of. sorry but I don't think we can be of much help without more to work with.
>> No. 27003 [Edit]
File 143205363673.jpg - (69.26KB , 500x710 , infanterie.jpg )
You might be thinking of the ww2 movie about that one gook who got conscripted by the japs, the bolsheviks and finally by die wehrmacht
>> No. 27004 [Edit]
yeah that might be it
>> No. 27006 [Edit]
Maybe its the pyramid scheme from welcome to the nhk.
>> No. 27021 [Edit]
this is the my way you seek, but its 3d so sorry about that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDyb_alTkMQ
>> No. 27078 [Edit]
File 14337184655.jpg - (115.86KB , 960x544 , ULES01417_00002.jpg )
OOHH Valkyria Chronicles, now I remember
I just used the password in the second game to unlock the Edy's Detachment squad, this came up while I was using marina

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