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File 133383010019.jpg - (260.99KB , 800x600 , work work.jpg )
14248 No. 14248 [Edit]
I know most of you here are neets. I know most of you dislike working. I am not going to say anything like "You should work blabla" because I think nobody should work if work isn't enjoyable. Myself I've found field that interest me and work is enjoyable for me. Yes there are some minor boring parts but enjoyable parts and money compensates them easily for me. I think I would still work on this field even if I didn't need any money.

But the real question is what kind job would YOU enjoy? Astronaut? Game designer? Lighthouse keeper? Is there anything YOU think YOU would enjoy doing while contributing society?
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>> No. 14249 [Edit]
I can't think of anything. The only thing in my life I enjoy anymore is collecting pictures of cute 2D girls and that can't really translate into a job I don't think
>> No. 14250 [Edit]
My dream always was(still is) to be a scientist. And I kinda enjoyed working with a professor on a lab when I had the chance. But damn, getting all the qualification to reach that(and then the job) is fucking though.
>> No. 14251 [Edit]
Good for you, OP. I also have a great job. Working doesnt have to be something you ENJOY, more like something you can tolerate. For anyone who is a longtime NEET (like I was a couple of years ago) you pretty much need to take whatever you can get.
>> No. 14252 [Edit]
If watching Anime and playing games were a job, I would enjoy it.
>> No. 14255 [Edit]
I wouldn't work if I wouldn't enjoy it. That's why I can understand some neets here. But that's just my opinion. I know some people do unpleasant jobs to get their money, but that's their choice. For me work needs to enjoyable. But of course I think could do some 'shitty jobs' if pay would be ridiculously high, but that's off topic.

Point of this thread isn't to help people find jobs. Point is just to think, would some of us want to work if there was a chance to do something you enjoy for living. Unrealistic or realistic, who cares?
>> No. 14256 [Edit]
I think a late shift security guard or something would be nice. Somewhere where there's no chance people would be around late at night anyway, like an office building or something.
>> No. 14257 [Edit]
I want to be a lighthouse keeper who watches anime all day.
>> No. 14258 [Edit]
Hey, I'm a first year going to major in plant science. I took am doing 4 hours a week helping out a professor in the labb. Have any tips for me?
>> No. 14259 [Edit]
I'd just like to be a great writer. That's all I want.

Or a scientist.

Something my waifu could be proud of, y'know?

Other than that, I've always wanted to be a butler, for obvious reasons.
>> No. 14260 [Edit]
I always find it annoying with people use being boring as a complaint about their job.
I LOVED that my job was 'boring'.
Normal person would go nuts siting in a car or small booth alone all night till sunrise with little or nothing to have to do.
Good thing I'm not normal~

What I want is a job in which I can be left alone and don't have to deal much if at all with other people.
such jobs do exist, I had one for a while one day out the week, it was bliss, but it was becuase of the jobs they had me work the other days of the week that I ended up getting fired, becuase those required that I actually do something.

Been thinking big rig truck driving might be nice, i have no attachments to any one area, and I sort of liked driving to and from work.
But I'm worried about causing serious accidents with the thing, backing into buildings, hitting low bridges, crushing other cars on the road and so on.

Post edited on 7th Apr 2012, 6:47pm
>> No. 14262 [Edit]
That would probably be my one strength in the job market. I wouldn't care how soul crushingly boring or unfulfilling it is as long as I didn't have to interact with people
>> No. 14264 [Edit]
File 133385019617.jpg - (166.65KB , 497x1280 , 13005634656.jpg )
Not much, I think. I didn't stay there time enough to finish a 'research arc'.
If your professor is as attentious as mine he'll tell you most of what you need to know.
Anyway, as general advices, I'd say to try to have some publications going ASAP and get rid of any fear of speaking to audiences you may have now.
Oh, and get to know some LaTeX, if you don't already.
>> No. 14270 [Edit]
Jobs which come to mind:
* Systems Administrator
* Hotel Night Clerk
* Writer
* Drug tester
* Bartender
* Professional student
>> No. 14272 [Edit]
Nothing really. I have thought about it the way you suggest, OP (as in whether it's realistic or not doesn't matter), and ultimately I don't think there's anything.

I guess lighthouse keeper kinda works (well, if memory serves I was the one who brought it up in the first place anyway). Milkman maybe, that's a silly job, sounds fun. I guess I could work in some game/anime/video rental store where I could recommend people stuff, I kinda like doing that. Or in a library.

But I'm afraid no matter what it was once I'd start to actually work and get paid for it my enjoyment from doing it would drop drastically.

[edit] Oh, I know. Yesterday I thought that maybe working on the radio could be fun. Not as a DJ, though. I'd rather have some daily/weekly show where I'd talk about... uh, something. I don't know what exactly.

Now that I think about it there's being a 'statistician', too. Sports statistician. I kinda check and compare all sort of results ony my free time anyway and sometimes I dig up some interesting stuff myself. I think it's pretty enjoyable, too. And I bet there are people who actually do jobs like that for a living. Sounds fun enough.
>> No. 14274 [Edit]
I've never actually had a job, but if I HAD to have one, it'd certainly have to be a job lacking in any responsibilities, no requirements to interact with anyone and most importantly no work to be done outside of given work hours. I could never stand doing anything work related outside of work, I never did homework at home for that reason - the idea it would further eat in to my spare time sounds nightmarish.

I can't exactly think of a realistic career I'd like to do that'd fit in with any skills I have. Although not having any skills doesn't help there. I guess something like translation work for eroge might be somewhat tolerable but it's not exactly a career or something that'll earn you any money. I guess if I was good at drawing, working as an artist would be kinda cool.

Looks like I'll stick to being a professional NEET.
>> No. 14298 [Edit]
>Is there anything YOU think YOU would enjoy doing while contributing society?
>> No. 14310 [Edit]
I believe that I could probably make a pretty decent assassin. I could do a ton of jobs and get rid of some of the horrible people that exist on this shit hole of a planet, then whenever the people in charge decide that I've done enough, they can exterminate me.

At least I'd have a purpose in that sort of life.
>> No. 14313 [Edit]
A Sysadmin working graveyard shift for enough pay to keep a roof over my head, food in my belly and electricity.
>> No. 14349 [Edit]
History Professor (recent/contemporary East Asian history - or Eastern European history - or "Ethnic Studies"/Africna American Studies for the US - write my thesis for post-graduate work on how black people in US are a distinct nation using literature, political works, cuisine, language, etc etc to argue for my point. Or a thesis on something like that).
Maybe be an organizer of debate tournaments, but that prolly looks like too much hell - so not beign the organizer but one assitance might be fun.
Railroad Systems Manager (the people who look at the timetables for trains and schedule them, I'd like to work with the rapid transit or commuter rail for my city).
>> No. 14350 [Edit]
Befriend your professor, which shouldn't be too hard - given he's a professor and 'intellectual' - i.e. relartively cool hopefully.
>> No. 14417 [Edit]
Perhaps if I got paid for peeing myself that'd be a job I'd want to do?...
>> No. 14757 [Edit]
Right now I work at a movie theater. Sometimes it's tolerable and others I feel like I just want to quit.

I'd like to work alone, but solitude is for people with skills. The next job I have, I'll try to work stocking shelves at a grocery store during midnight shifts. It's too bad I'm not skilled enough to get a job programming. I'd love to work at home.

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