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File 135451992315.jpg - (26.70KB , 704x400 , santa.jpg )
18946 No. 18946 [Edit]
What would you like for Christmas?
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>> No. 18947 [Edit]
>Lots of drugs
>A new computer
>Lain box-set
>World peace benefiting humankind
>> No. 18948 [Edit]
One painless death in my sleep, please
>> No. 18949 [Edit]
File 13545216992.jpg - (76.20KB , 399x800 , 00000605_001.jpg )
This would be nice...
or a dakimakura, that would be cool...

Post edited on 3rd Dec 2012, 12:19am
>> No. 18950 [Edit]
A job.

But really? I guess something like a laptop or a drill press or something.
>> No. 18952 [Edit]
I want all my fellow Tohno's to have a merry christmas and happy holidays!!!

That's how this works right? I say something selfless and get a really good present?
>> No. 18953 [Edit]
File 135453431731.jpg - (40.52KB , 473x900 , 1247957439801.jpg )
A friend!

Seriously though, I'll probably ask my mom to give me an imouto, just for the heck of it.
>> No. 18954 [Edit]
A Microwave.

Seriously, I miss the convenience of having one.
>> No. 18957 [Edit]
A pasta maker and a monitor.
I guess some booze too.
>> No. 18959 [Edit]
Joblessnes without the need to explain my parents why I got fired or why I quit by myself.
>> No. 18960 [Edit]
In the alternate no-limits money-is-no-object universe, a heated indoor pool would be pretty sweet.

Can't think of anything realistic, though. I'm pretty content with what I've got.
>> No. 18962 [Edit]
A bass guitar
>> No. 18965 [Edit]

Or a job that isn't too hard on my body.
>> No. 18967 [Edit]
Weed, LSD and Shrooms
An apartment of decent quality
A legal handgun
Generator (power)
A moped.
A world government and united humanity with space exploration/anti-oil peak programs

Thanks paperface for the inspiration
>> No. 18968 [Edit]
A Christmas that isn't a materialistic shitfest for once.
>> No. 18969 [Edit]
>> No. 18985 [Edit]
That's all Christmas is. Now stop whining and buy stuff for me.
>> No. 18990 [Edit]
a new sound system in my room


and yes all the drugs I can ever want of all kinds but I can keep dreaming.

I would like that first thing I mentioned the most, otherwise I couldn't care less about what I get. I know I always get at least some money though.
>> No. 19020 [Edit]
Man, just a gift card to Subway or something. I am ridiculously easy to please.
>> No. 19025 [Edit]
A jorb.

This would be sweet, too.
>> No. 19031 [Edit]
dear santa-kun

please get me a ps3
>> No. 19033 [Edit]
A job and a new and silent computer.
>> No. 19035 [Edit]
The latter for me as well. And the ability to not fall into a depression again soon.
>> No. 19042 [Edit]
A new computer
Endless amounts of money to buy figs with
>> No. 19045 [Edit]
There's this piece of hardware that I want, but I keep telling myself that buying things is pointless. I've wanted to get it for at least 2 years now actually. Maybe I'm used to not buying anything since I've always been poor and suck it up naturally.
>> No. 19050 [Edit]
a new life

or an external hd and some booze
>> No. 19054 [Edit]
I can't help but think about the "because your family is poor" screen shot of that Santa telling the kid in that two screenshot picture. I'm not even sure if it was taken out of context, but I like to think that it wasn't.

Post edited on 7th Dec 2012, 11:38am
>> No. 19061 [Edit]

It wasn't, it's 100% 'in-context'. Santa told him he won't visit him because his family is poor and that is precisely what he meant.
>> No. 19063 [Edit]
Thank you for clarifying that. I have not seen the show and I wasn't sure, but I still found that to be hilarious and amazing.
>> No. 19075 [Edit]
File 135493546927.jpg - (85.76KB , 1280x1438 , eveything after season 1 sucked balls.jpg )
>> No. 19083 [Edit]
A revolver would do. With it I shall finally find the refuge I have so longed for.
>> No. 19179 [Edit]
shooting indians and santa claus on mars in a mecha-suit?

sure would love to do that
>> No. 19186 [Edit]
Anyone here got a PO box? I want to light up your christmas.
>> No. 19188 [Edit]
I can't afford one.
>> No. 19189 [Edit]
My uncle has one that he lets me use, but I won't be able to get to it since he's on vacation and won't be back until the end of the month.
>> No. 19213 [Edit]
How do I know you won't send me anthrax or plague infected fleas, or even a bomb! Yeah, that ought to brighten up my Christmas.
>> No. 19216 [Edit]
I doubt most people here could obtain such things. Besides that, many people here would actually like something like that.
>> No. 19245 [Edit]
File 135552285490.gif - (5.71KB , 100x98 , 2835.gif )
I'm desperate enough to try this - email is in email field, we can chat. Oh, and if his goes through/works you're sending it to my home lol
>> No. 19364 [Edit]
You can message me in the Rizon IRC, Shinden9.

I'm on 16.00-19.00 EST

I'm kind of interested.
>> No. 19556 [Edit]
File 135638289479.jpg - (124.27KB , 1000x1000 , neko santa.jpg )
There's 2 surprise presents for me under the tree. I didn't ask for anything, I wonder what they could be
>> No. 19576 [Edit]
So, what did you guys get?!
>> No. 19577 [Edit]
>> No. 19581 [Edit]
Me and my brothers exchanged some books. I also got to oogle my cousin.
>> No. 19585 [Edit]
my mom gave me a pair of pants, a pair of shirts and some cologne in a large birthday bag. My dad sent me a greeting card with a stock message about loving your son and a $100 check (like every year). Myself and I got together and gave me some neat figs.
>> No. 19586 [Edit]

Pajamas. I actually needed a set so it's the best gifr I received in years.
>> No. 19588 [Edit]
I lost a lot of weight this year, so I got a whole load cheap clothes that fit me.

I also got a card from my dad, and in the process of opening it, a papercut. It never even had money in it. Just a generic printed message and his signature. Thanks dad.
>> No. 19594 [Edit]

My mom got me the final issue of nintendo power and some new window shades
>> No. 19595 [Edit]
Two shirts and some money
>> No. 19596 [Edit]
I got a set of headphones from my mom. They sound a bit muffled, but I guess that's better than the earbuds I was using which couldn't handle low-pitched sounds well.

My grandma also sent me $150. I plan to buy a graphics tablet along with some cheap speakers for my old computer.
>> No. 19599 [Edit]
A laptop (or rather half of a laptop since I had to pay for half of it).
>> No. 19611 [Edit]
File 135652051298.jpg - (26.77KB , 290x350 , wow-its-fucking-nothing.jpg )
Pic is what I got for Christmas.

Well, I got to eat a lot of Christmas food though, that was nice. I'm 20 so thats pretty old to still be receiving presents from my parents.
>> No. 19628 [Edit]
My asshole family came over.

It's funny how everywhere else I am treated as an equal. Online, visiting friends, gatherings, I am fine. But my family treats me like some fucking novelty pet. things like

Hey, I made those cookies, so stop being an ass to me
>Well did you buy the ingredients?
No, but I-
>Alright then.

Basically "You don't fit our ideals of success, which are based on such superficial standards as car ownership, bitching about your shitty retail job, and us not remembering you in diapers or yelling out the window at us when we were making you the butt of every joke since you were able to speak. Therefore we will shoot down every fucking thing you say and act like it's our Haruhi given right to treat you like fucking garbage."

I was literally about to walk out the door then. But my backup fell through.

Oh and got socks for Christmas. Ho ho go fuck yourself.
>> No. 19650 [Edit]
I got into a fight with my mother today because I happened to spill a lot of food (which by the way happens once every 10,000 years while she breaks things and wastes thing every week), it escalated into her going on about how I have no people skills after telling me to get a job after I told her I can't because no one will let me anyways. I actually can talk to people openly but she was hinting at being me isn't "socially acceptable" enough and she also complained about the way I looked which also isn't "socially acceptable" enough for the world (I actually am pretty beat up right now and maybe even a little more brain damaged from something but I still give zero fucks, no one around here wants to look at me anyways). I give up, I just laughed hysterically because this world is so fucked up and fake. I laughed at how absurd everything is. Everything thinks I'm insane when they can't even look at themselves in the mirror and have nothing to say back to me when I call them out on it besides "shut up" or some empty threat because they have power over me in some way. Well guess what I can insist the answer to 1+1 is 5 to the end and ruin anyone's lives because I want to be right but that doesn't make me right. That's what's going on, it not about who's right. It's about who has more dominance through social acceptance. You're not one of them and don't have the ability to wear a mask you're out.

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