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File 134944586960.jpg - (24.12KB , 640x357 , btoom_01.jpg )
11605 No. 11605 [Edit]
Did anyone of you check this out? Anime about neet guy who is Japan's best player in popular multiplayer game which only uses different types of bombs as weapons and suddenly he has start playing similar game on deserted island, in real life with real people. Story seems pretty similar to AW and SAO. This just isn't in any sort of virtual world.
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>> No. 11608 [Edit]
Somebody recommended this on this site a while ago. I think that they might have recommended the manga, so I sort of knew about it, except I sort of forgot.
>> No. 11610 [Edit]
File 134945254069.jpg - (92.09KB , 1280x720 , 2012-10-05_125304.jpg )
Main character is fucking stupid.
It took him the whole episode and he had to waste 3 bombs to realize they were timed, when this single number should have been his first clue.
>> No. 11611 [Edit]
Well I agree and he should be the best player in Japan! But whole point was to introduce different types of bombs to viewers.
>> No. 11615 [Edit]

A small "oh so mine are timed" would have been enough for that.
>> No. 11633 [Edit]
Yeah, it's been mentioned a few times on /ma/.

Hope they don't do too bad with this series, but the bar isn't really all that high anyway. Not to say the manga is bad, just not great.
>> No. 11645 [Edit]
Don't worry. He turns out to be a pretty smart main character.
>> No. 11656 [Edit]
Seems like mmo style anime is getting big after AW/SAO.
>> No. 12148 [Edit]
File 135124386061.jpg - (101.09KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] BTOOOM! - 04 [720p]_mkv_snapshot_07.jpg )
Father of the year, grabs his son's dick when he doesn't do as he says.

Anyway this show is getting pretty boring, but atleast there was good fight against another BTOOOM! player, which showed how skilled player MC is.
>> No. 12149 [Edit]
Looks like he's going to rip them off all together. wwww
>> No. 12162 [Edit]
Yeah, it's fucking retarded
>> No. 12191 [Edit]
considering they both sucked, yes. but I get the feeling the japs ate them both up.
>> No. 12578 [Edit]
File 13537019368.jpg - (277.75KB , 700x2055 , online self real me.jpg )
It's a bit weird that his personality seems to have undergone a complete shift since the scenes of him at home in episode one. Maybe they were worried nobody would like him enough, but they removed much of the potential character development by having him instantly become a generic good guy. Oh well.

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