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File 134598041916.jpg - (153.22KB , 831x900 , fbcf3b70c55613701fea3cc7f142e735.jpg )
11030 No. 11030 [Edit]
How much anime do you watch a day on average?
>> No. 11031 [Edit]
When I'm watching something I watch 10 eps/day. Which is true most of the time. Sometimes I just feel like taking a week off and I spend those ~4 hours reading manga instead.

Thread relevant:
(I'm 2085).
>> No. 11033 [Edit]
Not as much as I used to. I try to watch a couple episodes of something per day.
>> No. 11034 [Edit]
Far too little. I'm just not as enthusiastic as I used to be in the past. I need to find some more new shows to watch. In most cases when I find a new show, I tend to plow through it and watch anywhere from 5 to 15 episodes a day depending on what else is going on that day.

So far the only show I'm watching is Futago Hime, and while it's really good, it's hard to watch several episodes in a row. I might go rewatch Slayers or something.
>> No. 11035 [Edit]
Probably about 2 episodes per day.

If I find a show I like maybe up to 5 of that.
If I find a show I really like, 1 episode per day.
>> No. 11036 [Edit]
I typically only follow 1-4 shows a season, and this season it's only 1. So, 1 episode a week
>> No. 11038 [Edit]
About 3-4 ep a day.

one in the morning, one at night and one-two spaced out during the day.
My attention span makes it hard to get in much more than that, marathoning anime for me is a challenge.

Post edited on 26th Aug 2012, 2:46pm
>> No. 11040 [Edit]
I used to be able to marathon a whole 12 ep series a day pretty easily..but now I struggle to fit 4 or 5 episodes in during a whole day because I get distracted too easy.
>> No. 11042 [Edit]
6~10 a day if I like what I'm watching.
1~2 a day if it's kinda meh
1 a two weeks span if I'm trying to watch in japanese
>> No. 11052 [Edit]
Normal day 4-10 episodes per day
Weekend 10-17 episodes per day
>> No. 11053 [Edit]
1-3 episodes a day, 5-8 if I find the show to be very good.
>> No. 11080 [Edit]
Not a lot actually, maybe 2 to 4 episodes a week.

I've seen most of the old anime I wanted to see and there's not a lot of new anime coming out that I want to watch.

When I do find a new show I like I tend to marathon it.
>> No. 11107 [Edit]
To elaborate on this a bit more, I find that I can watch anime easier and in more rapid-fire succession if I watch it on my TV instead of my computer. The problem is, I'm limited to DVDs only, since I don't have any cables to go from my computer to my TV.

I guess watching it on the TV means that's where my focus is, and I can't get distracted by dumb shit on my computer, or my clock for that matter (it's some weird subconscious thing for me)
>> No. 11108 [Edit]
wouldn't dvds cost more than the cables?
>> No. 11110 [Edit]

How many series have you finished?

I'm at a little over 300 now and my backlog is getting shorter and shorter, soon I won't have anything else I'd like to watch anymore...
>> No. 11130 [Edit]
Couldn't you get a VGA to RCA/HDMI depending on your computer/TV? I personally think it's easier for when watching anime that havn't released all of it's episodes.
>> No. 11140 [Edit]
there are a number of older series that were never subbed that various groups are currently working on. shouwa monogatari from a three years ago just got finished recently. aah harimanada is in progress (sumo anime from the 90s).
not all the new stuff is from this season.
>> No. 11143 [Edit]
kiteseekers finished subbing Perrine Monogatari a weeks ago, and that aired in 1978.
>> No. 11144 [Edit]
It's kind of the same with me. Back when I first got into anime and didn't know about fansubs, everything I watched was on vhs/dvd on a television, and I'd always watch all three or four episodes in one sitting. Now that I watch everything on a computer, I almost never watch more than one episode at a time. Although I actually like only watching one or two episodes a day better, as I do so steadily rather than experience the periods of burnout that came with watching six or more episodes per day.

There was also a period of time when I discovered ANN's anime listing and rating feature, and I forced myself to watch more episodes than I actually enjoyed in an effort to make my "seen all" list bigger. I would even finish series that I absolutely hated just so I could give them negative ratings on my list, making me feel like a more well-rounded anime fan. Yep. Anyways, I feel like one or two episodes a day is a good rate for long-term fandom, with the occasional marathon of something really exciting.
>> No. 11149 [Edit]

It would need to be insanely super long due to the fucked up layout of my bedroom. Quality would likely suck too, if it was anything like the S-Video cable I used.

Bah. One of these years I need to find an excuse to sit down and start plowing through all 216 episodes of my waifu's series, just for the sake of re-enjoying it.
>> No. 11151 [Edit]

I don't see how that's relevant to my post. I follow old stuff, finished Iga no Kabamaru two months ago and I'm still following Tokimeki Tonight.
Not to mention I pretty much stopped following new anime somewhere in 2009, I have seen like 4 shows this year (all of them episodic).

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