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File 132347600762.jpg - (643.50KB , 1024x768 , 1300261451840.jpg )
5586 No. 5586 [Edit]
So anyone a STALKER fan? Because it turns out the series is dead now.

Really depressing news, I thought they would have been in a much better position given the huge numbers of copies STALKER seems to sell during steam sales.
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>> No. 5587 [Edit]
they got out
>> No. 5588 [Edit]
Well, that's sudden. Time to go and play the alphas again and dream of what never was.
>> No. 5591 [Edit]
Damn. Well, at least I still have both Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat to play.
>> No. 5611 [Edit]
Not to mention the mods.

Good game. I'd say it spawned my favorite video game meme, but then I took an arrow in the knee, ho! Now I'll get out of here, stalkers.
>> No. 6545 [Edit]
File 133537975573.png - (14.92KB , 138x223 , 1330988411441.png )
fuck this free2play cancer. Stalker is definitive dead now.
>> No. 6547 [Edit]
Wow fuck that.
>> No. 6548 [Edit]
has there ever been a decent mmofps ever. fallen earth was pure garbage and apb (which isnt technically a fps i know) is probably one of the worst games ever made
>> No. 6549 [Edit]
Planetside? There's a sequel coming out soon too.
>> No. 6551 [Edit]
Looking forward to it. Damn shame about Stalker 2 though.
>> No. 7010 [Edit]

Let's not hope it is just a rumor
>> No. 7011 [Edit]

Ah...I'm not sure what to think about that, since I didn't like what they did with Skyrim. Though, I guess they're better than GCS. They may have created STALKER but it was a buggy mess without some decent mods.
>> No. 7021 [Edit]
Bethesda have a reputation for the exact same thing, at least among PC centric players.
>> No. 7023 [Edit]
That's true. I imagine it would be like Fallout with a different setting.

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