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File 136675237639.jpg - (34.35KB , 440x466 , 1335898837721.jpg )
14233 No. 14233 [Edit]
What is your daily routine, /so/?
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>> No. 14234 [Edit]
File 136675284042.gif - (240.50KB , 125x94 , 13483189332s.gif )
Work. Things on the computer for the rest of the day. Repeat. Die.
>> No. 14235 [Edit]
I get up around 10AM-12PM, get in a anime (usually a kids show) with a simple breakfast and check up on the site. then play videogames or whatever for a bit until around 3PM when I try to get in a bit of exercise followed by a small lunch snack with another ep of anime (normally something finished airing I'm catching up on) then back to whatever I feel like doing until I Have dinner around 7PM-8PM with whatever new anime ep is available I feel like watching. Then back again to whatever. Videogames random projects f5ing away webpages whatever. At 10PM I get a glass of milk and pretend to take my medication and get in a bit more anime as I get ready for bed, normally old stuff in this time slot. Then I stay up till around 3-4AM for no good reason while telling myself I should go to bed.
>> No. 14237 [Edit]
Computer, all day every day from noon to 3AM. On days where anime I am following is released I will watch them, then back to the computer. This has been the last 5 years

Post edited on 23rd Apr 2013, 3:01pm
>> No. 14238 [Edit]
Video games, internet, eat, sleep, and feed my mother's dog.

Not in that order nor in preference. I also just go into what I'm more interested in at the time/moment, so I usually pour time into whatever has my interest or I just feel like doing.
>> No. 14239 [Edit]
I can't really get into video games that often anymore unless it is something nostalgic or something like VNs or Touhou. It is way too realistic for me and video games these days pander way too much to normals anyways. Fuck, I have really become obsessed with 2D. Most of my day consists of a mix between Touhou/VN related stuff, watching anime, or listening to music and/while browsing image boards.
>> No. 14240 [Edit]
This plus playing VG and working out sometimes.
>> No. 14241 [Edit]
8 AM - 1 PM: work
1:30 PM: Lunch and Game Grumps
2 PM until 3 or 4: Nap
4 PM - 5:30 PM: Anime, video games, and/or IRC
5:30 PM: Dinner
6 PM - 11 PM: Anime, video games, and/or IRC

Usually I go to bed around 11, but it's been as early as 10 or as late as 1 before. Just depends on my mood. Sometimes Tuesday evenings I do stuff outside the house, and I have Wednesdays and weekends off. On days off, I just do fuck-all whatever.
>> No. 14242 [Edit]
~2:00 PM: Wake up
~2:01 PM - ~4:30 AM: Internet and video games
~4:31 AM: Attempt to sleep
~6:30 AM: Actually fall asleep
>> No. 14244 [Edit]
pick up newspaper
smoke weed
eat breakfast
check/update grocery list
take shower
watch a little anime
read a little
go to college
eat lunch
go to work
go to the gym
take shower
go to the library if I have to return any books or want to check out new ones
check mailbox
start laundry (if any)
smoke weed
eat dinner
go on the internet and/or watch anime
get and fold laundry (if any)
lay in bed worrying about stupid shit, regretting some random insignificant mistake I made a long time ago, or thinking about what life would be like if I wasn't a loser
go to sleep
>> No. 14254 [Edit]

That was me and I don't think this one is particularly funny.

As for my routine I get up at noon, F5 random sites all day long, go to bed at 3AM and wonder why the hell did I waste all that time doing nothing when I could be wasting my time watching anime/playing games/reading books instead.

... I seriously need to download anime/games/books en masse and then get rid of my net connection.
>> No. 14256 [Edit]
use RSS feeds so you dont need to refresh pages. I had the same problem.
>> No. 14262 [Edit]

Yeah but nothing happens on said sites anyway, if I were to stop F5ing them I would have no excuse for wasting my whole day.
>> No. 14295 [Edit]
Smoke weed everyday. Honestly I have considered weed but the pretentious teenagers and swaggers that like it so much really scare me away from it, also I am too lazy to actually get weed considering it is illegal.
>> No. 14296 [Edit]
Get up. Stare at monitor until I feel sleepy. Sleep. For years.

My desk is right up against my bed.
>> No. 14297 [Edit]
File 136689890099.jpg - (193.89KB , 721x1000 , c4SExaI.jpg )
Wake up at 7am
Have Mother drive me to the store on her way to work
Do my food and alcohol shopping
Come home on the bus, get drunk, watch anime/whatever I feel like watching

Rest of Fortnight:
Wake up at 8am
Assess my hangover, then drink
Sit on the computer until Mother comes home from work
Sleep so I don't have to talk to her
Wake up at around 10pm when she's asleep and the computer is free
Get drunk again until 4-5am, sleep til 8am and do it all over again
>> No. 14298 [Edit]
File 136690050742.jpg - (497.99KB , 1296x972 , SPA51213.jpg )
7-8AM: Wake up, small exercise and then breakfast.
Rest of the day till around 8PM: Alternate between video games, Internet browsing, anime, manga, level design/3d modeling and TV.

I've been doing this for almost a year now but for either the better or worse it'll end this autumn.
>> No. 14301 [Edit]
order it off silk roaad then
>> No. 14340 [Edit]
medication for what? (or why do you avoid it?)
>> No. 14341 [Edit]
File 136705611139.jpg - (48.69KB , 500x500 , Zoku+Sayonara+Zetsubou+Sensei+ZSZSOST.jpg )
Not much. Usually, just sleeping/trying to sleep, eating with my family, onanizing repeatedly and surfing the web (participating on this and some other forums; checking for hours and days straight some stuff that had catched my interest).

Somedays I go to the college campus, be it to attend the lectures of a couple professors that teach stuff that interest me (but give me no academical credit anymore) or to report some advances on the rather dull illustration stuff that I do (so I can keep spending on collectibles); after doing either of those things I go straight home to eat with my family, ending up rather tired to do anything but keep surfing the web half-sleep. Some other days, I entertain myself a little with offline stuff that I can partake in my room (drawing, playing music, watchingr a movie or, rarely, playing some videogame).

Normally, after sunset, I go out to my house's backyard to see the sky and think about Shihou Matsuri (a habit to make myself company that I've hold for some years now; I reserve for her that one moment of the day). After midnight, I do it again but to have a cigarrette and then I normally start thinking about my life, about my pointless days and past or current efforts and the hopelessnes of it all. Sometimes I think explicitly about my waifu but not very often: she's too much me myself at this point to fantasize about her as someone else by my side; I just remind myself that I must keep on living at least to see what becomes of her in the canon media, over the next years.

That's it.
>> No. 14503 [Edit]
Current Semester
8:00AM - Wake up feeling like shit, go back to sleep
8:40AM - Really wake up, bad mood for the entire morning
8:50AM - Eat while watching anime or some random shit
10:20AM - Get dressed for class
10:50AM - Leave for 11:10AM class
11:20AM - Arrive 10 minutes late
12:10PM - Class ends, go home immediately
12:40PM - Return home, games and internet right away
3:00AM - Sleep

8:00AM - Wake up feeling like shit, sleep again
10:00AM - Wake up feeling great
10:05AM - Games and internet
3:00AM - Sleep

There's nothing new except for anime episodes and occasional game patches. I'm pretty happy except for the school part.
>> No. 14539 [Edit]
File 136756942349.jpg - (92.07KB , 848x477 , goodbye.jpg )
I'm doing some exercise now and changing my diet a little. Apparently, I don't want to be fat after all.
>> No. 14703 [Edit]
That picture is quite depressing. I don't consider the far future much at all. Have you guys ever thought about what you'd like to do a decade or more down the road? How do you picture your middle aged years?
>> No. 14707 [Edit]
Why didn't you just make that into a thread?
>> No. 14736 [Edit]
Wake up and be pissed off
Wish for death
Be bored/Get high
Go to bed pissed off
>> No. 14775 [Edit]
This without the anime and a lot more browsing/video games. Can't enjoy anime anymore for some reason.
>Then I stay up till around 3-4AM for no good reason while telling myself I should go to bed
That's my favorite part of the night because it's when I browse here.
>> No. 15922 [Edit]
wake up, make coffee, make daily posts at thepostloop.com to make a few PayPal bucks, chans/reddit/etc., sleep, repeat.
>> No. 15923 [Edit]

Wake up
San self
Dress up
Eat so,etching
College courses
Other stuff
Est again
Read and study
Back to dorm

That's the basics but there's other shit t do too.
>> No. 15924 [Edit]
no offense, but so there are people who really get paid for shitposting?
>> No. 15936 [Edit]
Get up whenever. Write down dreams.



Coffee, sometimes breakfast but I'm not always hungry in the morning.

Shower. Use up all the hot water because I like long showers. Get yelled at.

Feed cat.

Watch YouTube subs and/or anime for a while.

Work. Or just do random shit around the house. Depends on the day.

Dick around on the internet for a few hours.

Eat dinner. Drink too much alcohol.

More anime and/or vidya. Sometimes Netflix.



Have lucid dream if I'm lucky.
>> No. 15937 [Edit]
fucked up sleep patterns so wake up whenever
smoke during the day and night
take my prescriptions
eat something
think about how worthless I am and how shitty my life is
take benzos
pass out
>> No. 15951 [Edit]
Yes. But you're really just promoting a political position and serving as their eyes in forums. They're all 3rd world countries though.
>> No. 15955 [Edit]
Wake up
check new posts
laze around while having a second cup of coffee
run errands
Anime/image boards/irc
build or paint models
Laze around
Try but fail to sleep
Laze around some more
>> No. 15963 [Edit]
Wake up
Try to sleep again
Lay in bed for around a half an hour
Sit in the shower for the same amount of time
Listen to music while playing vidya or watching anime for 8ish hours (this is when I eat usually)
Go back to sleep
>> No. 19580 [Edit]
File 142372364460.jpg - (19.49KB , 225x169 , nothing.jpg )
-wake up at 10:30 or so, lay in bed for an hour until I get up
-watch an ep of anime with breakfast, something thats airing.
after that I don't rally have much set in stone. Often its anime or something. Or listening to music while on the internet. Sometimes I go out to get me some food but around this time of year I haven't much because of the cold. Then sometime around 2am I go to bed. Then I lay in bed until I can sleep, sometimes a while. I didn't have this problem so much when I was in the habit of going to bed around midnight. Get woken up at 6:30 sometimes by family. Go back to sleep. Wake up again.

Post edited on 11th Feb 2015, 10:49pm
>> No. 19581 [Edit]
Wake up at 10am
Take a leak
Go back to bed
Wake up at 1pm
Fuckton of dip
Check posts
Listen to music
Drink a lot more, finish can of dip
Think about why I don't have mouth cancer yet
Go back to bed
>> No. 19583 [Edit]
Get out of bed
Start laundry
Take shower
Cook and eat breakfast
Brush and floss teeth
Prepare gym bag
Go to gym
Come back
Shower at home (because fuck showering at the gym)
Move laundry from washer to dryer
College classes
Studying in college lounge
Commute back
Grocery shopping on my way back if I need anything
Go on the internet for a little while
Gym or biking, depending on how cold it is
Read book, do sudoku, or something else which stimulates my brain but is calming enough that it doesn't keep me up all night
Listen to ASMR

Sounds good, doesn't it? But it's not.
No social life. No job. The only thing I really enjoy in life is working out. I don't even enjoy anime or video games anymore, so I don't bother with them.
>> No. 19585 [Edit]
>wake up
>lay in bed for ~3 hours
>take the tablets and spray that i need just to keep my hair attached and stop me from collapsing because of anaemia
>post on chans
>read shit on small subreddits (yes normies reddit blah blah, the small subreddits sometimes have interesting articles)
>promise myself i'll watch anime at 6pm
>read more shit
>oops it's 7pm, i'll watch at 8pm
>suddenly it's 9:30pm, time to shower (i shower at night)
>feel tired at 10pm, well fuck now i won't enjoy the anime because i'm tired
>repeat for like the past two months
>go to bed depressed because i'm such a fuckup that i can't even watch anime properly
>> No. 19586 [Edit]
Who are you quoting?

>>go to bed depressed because i'm such a fuckup that i can't even watch anime properly
I had this problem recently as well. I think the hardest thing about procrastination is that once you get in the habit of it, you procrastinate everything, even things you enjoy.

It helped me to choose a time to do a given activity every day. If you have something you can use as an alarm clock (and you do, since you have a computer), set reminders. The most important part is to actually do it as soon as you said you would, since putting it off five minutes usually results in not doing it.
>> No. 19587 [Edit]

I'm sorry, I forgot that this site doesn't use greentext to make lists. My bad.

And yeah, I should do that alarm thing. I've set alarms for tomorrow to do different things, although there is kind of a weird issue; when do I stop? If I set my vidya alarm for 3:00pm and my anime alarm for 7:00pm, what happens if I get way into my game (which I usually do once I bring myself to play)?
>> No. 19591 [Edit]
File 142390927852.png - (559.89KB , 498x360 , 1354210967267.png )
6PM: Wake up, shower.
6:30PM: Go sit outside to smoke / check mail
7PM: Stare at the walls. Don't even know how I started this habit. I just blank out everyday for some reason.
8PM: Video games or anime, whatever I'm in the mood for that day
2AM: Commence drinking, dick about on imageboards
5AM: Furious drunken masturbation. People can't even appreciate how amazing this is, I've broken shit before.
5:15AM: Clean up the wreckage of my masturbation session, then more internet or video games.
6:30AM: Go sit outside to smoke and watch the sun come up
7:00AM: Put on a movie and pass out.

Things could be much worse.
>> No. 19592 [Edit]
File 142391577333.jpg - (539.85KB , 1920x1200 , living_the_dream_in_the_zone.jpg )
woke up at noon about hour ago
turned on the PC without even getting out of bed
masturbated 3 times already
>> No. 19593 [Edit]
(it's gonna make you retarded
>> No. 19594 [Edit]
grow your own stuff, it's priceless to see them getting bigger and full of tasty resin

don't be ignorant
>> No. 19595 [Edit]
> If I set my vidya alarm for 3:00pm and my anime alarm for 7:00pm, what happens if I get way into my game (which I usually do once I bring myself to play)?

You've got to make this decision yourself. Personally, I think 4 hours is plenty of game time, but it's up to you to choose when to switch activities. Just keep in mind that since you have a problem with procrastination, putting off anime to play another hour of video games means you probably won't be watching anime that day.
>> No. 19596 [Edit]

This is an excellent post. Thanks, friend
>> No. 19599 [Edit]
Does anyone else have a kind of ``lump of labour fallacy'' problem with hobbies? I feel like if I can't sit down and do one thing for a full day it isn't worth doing. Of course as a result of this I end up doing nothing ever.
>> No. 19600 [Edit]
Yep, I do this all the time.
>> No. 19605 [Edit]
I actually think that this might be true. In fact, that person has been doing a ton of stupid shit that that has been making my life far more harder than it has to be. I wish that that person would die so that I could at least spend whatever time I have left in my NEETdom in peace.
>> No. 19606 [Edit]
There's a fault in this logic, I think.
I smoked pretty regularly for a while, and I didn't notice myself getting "dumber" or anything.
What I did notice is a distinct decline in motivation and my usual drive to get things done.

As someone who used to smoke regularly and now smokes maybe once a month, I'd say that it CAN be a harmful substance and CAN be misused. But anything can be misused and lead to harmful outcomes.
While I was smoking regularly, I found myself to be MUCH more agreeable, even when sober(which isn't always a good thing), and much less apt to question or fight terms that I normally wouldn't find agreeable.

Just be smart about your use, take breaks, and don't use it for escapism.
Same rules as alcohol, with less drawbacks but more legal risk, pretty much
>> No. 19629 [Edit]
>What I did notice is a distinct decline in motivation and my usual drive to get things done.
Maybe if I start eating a sandwich my motivation attribute will integer overflow back into positive territory.

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