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File 131895886211.jpg - (24.36KB , 338x478 , 1296888333230.jpg )
6273 No. 6273 [Edit]
Big news, /mai/! I just ordered Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets and I am going to see them with Osaka next Month! We are so excited to go! That band is epic.

Have YOU ever gone to a concert/show/play with your waifu?
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>> No. 6274 [Edit]
What kind of NEET can gather the courage to go to a concert?
>> No. 6277 [Edit]
Go with her in what regard?
>> No. 6282 [Edit]
File 131896605136.jpg - (86.54KB , 551x640 , c9db49cb977f09b51371c6748be189e3.jpg )
As a couple, of course! If "real" parings can do stuff together, then so can Osaka and I. It will be a time of bonding and energy for us. I hope she likes the show, I know I will.
>> No. 6283 [Edit]
Oh, and I forgot to mention that my concubine, Toph, is coming along too. So I guess three's a crowd.
>> No. 6284 [Edit]
You're skating on thin ice.
>> No. 6286 [Edit]

>> No. 6287 [Edit]

>> No. 6289 [Edit]
Man, you really have to ask?
>> No. 6290 [Edit]

I'm not the guy who said he has a cocubine, I just don't see why it's a problem. If his waifu accepts it, why is it a big deal? I'd love a harem of waifu if I could get away with it...
>> No. 6291 [Edit]
File 131897102499.jpg - (28.63KB , 456x371 , Osaka_Saucer.jpg )
OP here. Sorry to cause some drama. I just consider Toph as having a special place in my heart and life along with Osaka, whom is fine with it. We all get along as a happy trio.

Now let's move on to discuss things we do in public with our waifus.

Once, I showed Osaka to an artist at an anime convention who was drawing her. She said Osaka was cute. That made me happy. I also liked the pic she drew.
>> No. 6292 [Edit]
What other way is there to go out with a loved one?
>> No. 6293 [Edit]
>If his waifu accepts it
so, like, would you ask her, or just assume she accepts it?
>> No. 6294 [Edit]
She's not real.
>> No. 6296 [Edit]
In the form of a pillow (as the guy in this video did), a photo, a doll, in spirit ect.
>> No. 6299 [Edit]
I don't think a single person on this board believes their waifu to be real. Was there even a point to your post other than trying to start shit?
>> No. 6300 [Edit]
Yes. How do you go somewhere with your waifu if she's not real.
>> No. 6302 [Edit]
I've never "done" anything with my waifu
then again I've never "done" anything except a little urban exploring with some friends three years ago
>> No. 6303 [Edit]
>I don't think a single person
OP does, if I remember well, as some form of spirit or alike... wich makes this double date affair even more polemic, lol.
>> No. 6304 [Edit]
File 131898483035.jpg - (198.82KB , 1000x1399 , d5a04b24a2c7e399874ab4503ee9d28f.jpg )
You'll have to dig up this thread a month from now and tell us how it went. I haven't been able to do anything with mai waifu yet besides small talk. So yeah, I'm a little jealous.
>> No. 6305 [Edit]
I can name a few who in fact do.
>> No. 6307 [Edit]
Why did the author think you can catch aliens with a net? If the ship were that easy to stop or capture, would it not have burned up during atmospheric entry?
>> No. 6308 [Edit]
maybe it's a drone?
>> No. 6313 [Edit]
I like to pretend I go places with her. Other than that, she usually just stays home, which means I usually pretend that she stays home.
>> No. 6317 [Edit]

I wouldn't ask her, I'd tell her.
>> No. 6318 [Edit]
It's his way of saying that UFOs are manmade and don't exist,.
>> No. 6322 [Edit]
Maybe it's a net designed for the sole purpose of disrupting an alien spaceship's escape mechanism.
There are anti-RPG nets, why can't we have anti-UFO nets in a future where we also have giant Osakas?
>> No. 6323 [Edit]
I don't think that counts as believing that she's real. You can have elaborate fantasies knowing full well that they're not real. I do that with my waifu all the time (although I imagine talking/cuddling/etc with her in my mind as opposed to her being next to me).
>> No. 6348 [Edit]

>> No. 6409 [Edit]
No Anon, but i realy want to...

I really Do ;-----;
>> No. 9877 [Edit]
File 134321464556.jpg - (41.58KB , 242x382 , Kanako (115).jpg )
Well, in a week its Kanakos birthday again and I am really excited. I´m posting in this thread because it gave me an great idea.
I know little of her favorite activities and likings, but one thing that i am certain of is that she enjoys travelling, maybe even to the point where you can call it an hobby of her.
You may already guessed it, in order to celebrate her birthday next week i will go with her on a vacation and visit a strange and foreign place, though I´m not sure if she already was there since the her backstory doesn´t grant much information about the places she has visited with her grandma.
Anyway, I´m sure she´ll enjoy this week abroad more than just sitting with me in my overheated room.
Also, it might be a bit anticipated right now, but I plan to save the money I earn until next year and then start to visit the places and locations i´ve always wanted to see. This might be a connection to her that we both can fully enjoy.
>> No. 9885 [Edit]

I believe she is real.

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