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File 133403444614.jpg - (51.06KB , 500x500 , japanesebirdbeingacat.jpg )
9520 No. 9520 [Edit]
What do you wish that you could change about yourself, /so/?

I wish that I could could control myself more. A life with no strong negative emotions, or stress and anxiety, and less self-worth would probably be a lot more enjoyable. It would improve my social life, the time I spend alone, and probably my ability to do a given task well. I don't get stressed often, but when I do, it lasts for a long time. I have panic attacks frequently. I have felt suicidal several times in the past and nearly done it once. And I often act selfishly and don't consider other people's opinions, or don't care about them.
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>> No. 9523 [Edit]
File 13340362596.jpg - (19.12KB , 340x340 , Firmin.jpg )
My IQ: I'd like to be, at the very least, competitive MENSA material...

Otherwise: my chin; it's too damn small. And my cheeks: they're all too round. I look like a fucking low life wimp with no character at all...

I still don't have Williams syndrome, though. Even Marfan Syndrome doesn't look that retarded.

Post edited on 9th Apr 2012, 10:40pm
>> No. 9524 [Edit]
I'd change how easily I blush.
>> No. 9525 [Edit]
I want to be a cute 2d little girl, of course
>> No. 9526 [Edit]
>What do you wish that you could change about yourself, /so/?
My apathy and my selfishness. Well, and my hair. I seriously wish I knew what to do with my hair.

I'd also like to find a way to live forever, but that's more of a "one wish" thread idea.
>> No. 9530 [Edit]
I wish I could love myself.
>> No. 9531 [Edit]
I wish I turned my thoughts of inspiration into actions of inspiration
>> No. 9532 [Edit]
I wish I was a girl.
I'm a transgender and it's terribly difficulty at times to integrate with people and for them to accept me so I got outcast a lot, since then I've just dropped out of school and my job and now I'm here.
>> No. 9534 [Edit]
Within doable means if I had one thing to change I'd make myself better self disciplined. My biggest problem seems to be I'm just letting my life fall apart around me while I'm perfectly capable in most other things besides control and dealing with people. For example in a few of my college classes I know I have papers to write and I can write them I just let it go and am now turning some in late because I have no interest in the subject and don't see it helping me in any way.

Post edited on 10th Apr 2012, 3:19am
>> No. 9535 [Edit]
I can't start to imagine it. You didn't just turned into the doomed and enslaved one gender, but also pretty much became forcefuly anonymous IRL. You have now no identity, as a personal history, to back you up for anything; you got a new start alright, but for apparently nothing else than endless suffering...

What you did was painfuly suicidal. And to do that, to lose it all, pursuing an only dream, requires true courage. So best of luck to you. Likely, I wouldn't talk to you in the streets, as I don't talk to anyone else; but, from my part at least, you'll always be welcome here on /tc/.

For me, you're a brohno.
>> No. 9536 [Edit]
File 133405636613.png - (255.74KB , 500x400 , gasai_yuno2.png )
Thank you, kind anon. You've made my day brighter. I wish the best of luck and happiness to you too.
>> No. 9538 [Edit]

>I wish I was a girl.

That sounds nice.

Aside from that I wish I could play some instrument(s) but I'm way, waaay too lazy to actually practice playing one.
>> No. 9539 [Edit]
I wish I wasn't born with speech problems.
>> No. 9540 [Edit]
I wish I could change the way I look but most of all I also wish I could change my voice. Everyone makes fun of it, it's horrible in just about every way. It's very deep and just all around sounds uncomfortably strange even to myself. I can't listen to myself speak much at a time I'm so self aware because it's so ugly.
>> No. 9544 [Edit]
You ever considered trying speech therapy or voice coaching?
>> No. 9545 [Edit]
I want to get swole and buff as shit.
>> No. 9549 [Edit]
I wish I knew someone transgender. Not only would I accept you, I'd prolly make love to you.

Fucking idiots not appreciating the wonders of nature.
>> No. 9550 [Edit]
Not the same person, but I took classes like that for a while for my own speech problems.
I guess it helped, but I still slur and mix up words when I talk out loud.
>> No. 9554 [Edit]
I wish I could roll my R's or that I had been born in a country that doesn't have rolling R's in its language.
>> No. 9555 [Edit]
Same here.
>> No. 9557 [Edit]
Person who posted that here. Even with that it probably won't do anything. I mean it's my natural voice, how much can that possibly be changed? When I was much younger I actually remember needing to take a speech class. I didn't get anything out of it.
>> No. 9561 [Edit]
Relatedly: I was a serious stammer from age 6 (allegedly, when I became aware I have no father, neither any knowledge about him) to 9, when my mother took me to language therapy with a psychologist...

Haruhi knows how, but it worked. After that, I had almost no problem for the next decade.

Right now I have some issues again. But only when having to talk by phone or saying my own name; cause it starts with a vocal and I have a REALLY hard time starting sentences with a vocal...

I don't really care, though. I mean: since I'm anonymous, much of that is over.
>> No. 9564 [Edit]
You'd be surprised how much it could be changed. While your physiology is going to be the single biggest influence on your voice, there's still a huge range of tones and pitches that your voice can produce, and your habits determine which of those you employ. For example, this
>It's very deep and just all around sounds uncomfortably strange even to myself
could be caused by you speaking with your larynx forced low, which creates a larger resonating space above the vocal folds and thus emphasizes the bass frequencies. Of course I don't know whether or not that's the case without hearing and seeing you speak.
And this is just me musing here, but there is probably a large psychological element to the speaking voice. I mean, if you think to yourself frequently that your voice sounds uncomfortably strange, well, it's probably going to end up sounding that way.
Speech class would only help if you worked hard there. I remember being sent to speech class because I make a faint whistling sound when pronouncing s sounds. I didn't really care about it though, and, big surprise, after speech class I went right back to whistling my s's.
>> No. 9580 [Edit]
Higher/extreme math skills. Better Cheemistry/Physics skills.
Maybe know more things or have more knowledge, say on how to get cheap shit, hack things, break ingho systems, commit fraud, etc.
>> No. 9583 [Edit]
I will admit that having speech therapy throughout my school years made a hell lot of difference for what I was diagnosed with. But it still didn't helped me from being socially isolated towards my peers and from that came crippling social anxiety.

Post edited on 11th Apr 2012, 4:16pm

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