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File 135785784919.jpg - (162.41KB , 1440x810 , stamp.jpg )
13263 No. 13263 [Edit]
More Meat, more loli nuns, more Yozora with short hair
Expand all images
>> No. 13266 [Edit]
wow, you can watch the raws?
i'm jealous, there is a ton of stuff i'd love to see, but hasn't been translated yet.
how long did it take you from when you started learning japanese to when you could watch unsubbed anime?
>> No. 13267 [Edit]
While it may be that he indeed watches raws, the first ep is up and subbed already by mazui FIY.
>> No. 13268 [Edit]
File 135786564099.jpg - (92.26KB , 1280x720 , condoms.jpg )
She probably poked holes in those
>> No. 13269 [Edit]
>the first ep is up and subbed already by mazui FIY.

Yes I realize that, but its been out for less than half an hour as I type this while the thread is already a couple hours old. Maybe OP is a Mazui quality checker or in some other function with the group?
If so, thanks.
And further thanks for not being with Hadena (even if you're not with Mazui)
>> No. 13271 [Edit]

I'm not.
>> No. 13273 [Edit]
I see, I'm sorry. I checked the time of the release but I don't really know Mazui's and TC's timezones to compare them.
>> No. 13274 [Edit]
File 135786733342.gif - (552.39KB , 500x283 , sauce.gif )

I hope "sauce" isn't too much of a rnerne for TC
>> No. 13275 [Edit]
File 135787049781.jpg - (34.50KB , 256x451 , differences.jpg )
What a cruel shot.
>> No. 13276 [Edit]
File 135787173576.gif - (3.41MB , 1280x720 , gif-ga-sukunai-002.gif )
>> No. 13277 [Edit]
Please do not misuse spoilers.
>> No. 13278 [Edit]
File 135787304649.jpg - (35.42KB , 369x399 , oh.jpg )
this feels good
>> No. 13279 [Edit]
I hate when they do that.
>> No. 13280 [Edit]
File 13578741644.gif - (526.38KB , 480x270 , gif-ga-sukunai-006.gif )
I just don't know what to do with myself...
>> No. 13281 [Edit]

I always had this feeling about their relationship, but this episode pretty much confirmed it.
>> No. 13282 [Edit]
It is as it is pointless in every single way.

That's her dad, right?

Anyway, I'm not gonna watch this. The only thing I like about this show is Sena and I don't want to see her go after the faggot MC. Fuck this show.
>> No. 13283 [Edit]
File 135788559040.jpg - (301.68KB , 1185x1543 , It's all too much - For me to take.jpg )
>The only thing I like about this show is Sena
And that's precisely why you will not be able not to see the entire show, episode by episode, frame by frame.

>I don't want to see her go after the faggot MC
You may have not get some of the pics posted ITT yet, but believe me: it's good news; very good news for many of us who can't stand that eunuch indeed.

Post edited on 10th Jan 2013, 10:28pm
>> No. 13284 [Edit]
Yozora is just so great. I can understand why people hate her though, because of the mean attitude towards Sena. I don't want to get into some debate here, but I think it's justified.

Anyway, great first episode. Does anyone know where i can read the novels? I want to catch up since I'm totally hooked onto the series now.
>> No. 13298 [Edit]
I don't know, but did you try nyaatorrents? some people who use their trackers do work on translating light novels (e.g. the monogatari series).
>> No. 13299 [Edit]
>> No. 13302 [Edit]
Sozora x Sena end? I'm okay with that. I mean, MC-kun is gay either way.

Seriously though, the first ep was the dullest thing I've seen in ages. At first I thought it's just that it was one bad chapter (first half about that ridiculous hairstyle) but then it continued to get duller by the second. How many months has it been since I've last thought 'fuck, give me back my 24 minutes right this instant'?
>> No. 13483 [Edit]
So Sena is a creepy gaystalker while Yozora is turning into a homo fujoshi, just what the fuck? The even more latent sexual tension running between them makes the shots with Kodaka looking at the "camera" with his retarded expression even more depressingly boring.
And Maria's sister doesn't seem to be making this season any less boring either. But it makes me think on who designed the nun uniforms for that school, and which kind of parent would want her daughters to be nuns there.
>> No. 13493 [Edit]
File 135849492931.jpg - (115.89KB , 1124x622 , Rika.jpg )
I liked her nerdy type alright, but she does look great now. Somehow elegantly old fashioned indeed, while inside she remains the same dirty her.
>> No. 13494 [Edit]
File 135849503932.jpg - (120.63KB , 1119x629 , sure.jpg )
I'm positive this is likely to exist already, within the infinite universe of doujin.
>> No. 13497 [Edit]
File 135849538940.jpg - (191.66KB , 1123x623 , in a nutshell.jpg )
Other than the hot girls part, the neighbors club itself is pretty much like an imageboard, /tc/ in particular...

I mean, we keep getting together just to olympically waste time on our respective creepy thing/board/thread and be mean to each other over petty differences, merely because we know we're misfit enough not tot be welcome/comfortable anywhere else (nor even in proper clubs for each one's shit).
>> No. 13510 [Edit]
Our fighting only proves that we're so close. My verbal abuse is just my way of saying that I love you guys maybe.
>> No. 13512 [Edit]
File 135852807250.png - (723.18KB , 831x468 , tc.png )
>> No. 13514 [Edit]
/mp3/ really made me laugh.
>> No. 13543 [Edit]
File 135867527679.jpg - (50.68KB , 500x281 , yozora boku.jpg )
>> No. 13564 [Edit]
I think this might be one of the most popular series that engage in shipping wars. In fact, I think this is the only "harem" anime I've watched in a long time... This is... a harem anime right? I just wish Kodaka was more lively because the episodes I've seen so far were just him reacting to most of the stuff the club was doing.
>> No. 13660 [Edit]
File 135907228074.jpg - (132.11KB , 1280x720 , yozora and maria dance.jpg )
This was a fun episode
>> No. 13662 [Edit]
Yozora always getting the dignity plot shield makes me a bit pissed off.
One Minute Mate and ののワ cameo made me smile.
>> No. 13663 [Edit]
Yeah I like Yozora as a character but the way the plot deals with her (all give and no take) is annoying
>> No. 13665 [Edit]
What about her hair?
>> No. 13666 [Edit]

Her hair was a plot thing so Kodaka would recognize her from when they were kids, so it was still "give"

Post edited on 24th Jan 2013, 6:44pm
>> No. 13670 [Edit]
File 135908806959.jpg - (107.91KB , 1118x629 , daily hairdo.jpg )
I like her changes.
>> No. 13672 [Edit]
File 135908814249.jpg - (78.98KB , 1119x625 , DO IT FAGGOT.jpg )
FU, Yozora. Honestly.
>> No. 13679 [Edit]
File 135910237296.jpg - (117.96KB , 1280x720 , [Mazui]_Boku_Ha_Tomodachi_Ga_Sukunai_NEXT_-_03_[9E.jpg )
the loli centered episode was amazing, as expected.

the subgroup lived up to it's name, also as expected.
>> No. 13687 [Edit]
I kinda do recall this was a harem otaku pandering series, yes, but was it always so unfunny? Because I kinda remember smiling at some jokes in S1. This season bores me to death.
>> No. 13689 [Edit]
Yeah, I'm finding S2 quite a bore too. TBH, even S1 wasn't that great past the 4 or so first episodes.
>> No. 13695 [Edit]
I think season two is great.
>> No. 13768 [Edit]
File 135967906080.gif - (625.35KB , 480x270 , yukimura and rika.gif )
The doujins just write themselves by this point
>> No. 13773 [Edit]
File 135968890353.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0001.png )
I feel her.
Also, what the fuck was Yozora's outfit for this ep?
And I hope next ep has less slideshows.
>> No. 13774 [Edit]
>Also, what the fuck was Yozora's outfit for this ep?

I thought it looked cool
>> No. 13775 [Edit]
File 135969125424.jpg - (196.05KB , 1113x621 , and more.jpg )
It was sooooo slutty.
>> No. 13776 [Edit]
File 135969147329.jpg - (182.40KB , 1143x486 , fucking shit mother fucker shit shit mother fucker.jpg )
Rika's freak out was the bestest.
>> No. 13908 [Edit]
File 136031326765.jpg - (132.34KB , 1120x618 , taste in men.jpg )
Of course. She plays being a though smart ass, but in the end she just wants what all girls want: a bad boy (to tame), with a thick pair of lips to kiss her and a thick pair of boots to kick her.
>> No. 13909 [Edit]
File 136031331839.jpg - (152.77KB , 1121x625 , hairdo.jpg )
That's because he's gayer than your BL games, Rika. You're a nice, smart, funny and pretty girl, don't mind that jerk.
>> No. 13910 [Edit]
File 136031334856.jpg - (148.23KB , 1122x624 , all by myself - don't wanna be.jpg )
>> No. 13911 [Edit]
File 136031347461.jpg - (121.14KB , 1117x623 , bad ending.jpg )
Reminded me of the first time I played Katawa Shoujo, in accordance with my own traits. I was the same as Yozora: I kept ignoring almost every girl to avoid getting involved in things I found annoying, and I ended with /tc/ -I mean Kenji, in the fucking roof. It was kind'a shocking, indeed, to see that come up for myself
>> No. 13912 [Edit]
File 136031353273.jpg - (152.46KB , 1125x629 , OH SHI.jpg )
Now, that's a cliffhanger.
>> No. 13915 [Edit]

Kenji route end was the best end either way. OPTIC BLAST!


Tsundere furyou-kun is the best otoge archetype, tho. The rest are boring as hell or annoying.
>> No. 13919 [Edit]
>Kenji route end was the best end either way.

Back then yeah, I guess. It was the only actual ending.
>> No. 14060 [Edit]
File 136149236277.jpg - (133.58KB , 1280x720 , sena and kobato cake.jpg )
Birthdays in anime are funny because they can actually have them sing the birthday song. In the US you have to pay thousands of dollars to...someone...to be allowed to sing anything close to it on TV, so most shows don't bother.

Post edited on 21st Feb 2013, 4:20pm
>> No. 14085 [Edit]
File 136167782322.jpg - (171.63KB , 1115x629 , grate.jpg )
I love Rika's little moments... all of them (also: figure fucking when??).
>> No. 14086 [Edit]
File 136167786459.jpg - (144.98KB , 556x936 , yozora style.jpg )
More like a slut, I'd say.
>> No. 14087 [Edit]
File 136167791197.jpg - (147.49KB , 1125x631 , girlfriend.jpg )
>> No. 14088 [Edit]
File 136167795472.jpg - (151.56KB , 1122x616 , how about no.jpg )
This doesn't work...
>> No. 14089 [Edit]
File 136167799021.jpg - (106.54KB , 741x1045 , onee-san 0.jpg )
... This, however, does.
>> No. 14090 [Edit]
File 136167810690.jpg - (223.06KB , 1121x1277 , oh you.jpg )
Another omake.
>> No. 14091 [Edit]
I agree. Cleavage is not girlish or cute, modesty is.
>> No. 14092 [Edit]
You don't find sluts to be girlish, sexy or cute?
>> No. 14093 [Edit]
No. My bad.
>> No. 14098 [Edit]
not at all
>> No. 14101 [Edit]
File 136169255644.jpg - (45.51KB , 448x278 , DELICIOUS FLAT CAKE.jpg )
>Cleavage is not cute

you're right for the wrong reasons
>> No. 14102 [Edit]
Please elaborate.
>> No. 14103 [Edit]
File 13616985707.jpg - (120.21KB , 600x450 , rock-cleavage-donna-munro.jpg )

I find cleavage to be absolutely adorable.
>> No. 14108 [Edit]
16 years old healthy body.
>> No. 14109 [Edit]
File 136173561898.jpg - (247.24KB , 1108x1252 , Fuck.jpg )
In our context, I think Sena fits better the "healthy" label.
>> No. 14127 [Edit]
File 136178602161.jpg - (88.60KB , 1032x774 , Kimura_sensei_by_Soup_Miner.jpg )
you fuckers really like girls with those gelatinous, lipid pair of hutts oozing around on their upper torsos? are you sure you're on the right website?
>> No. 14128 [Edit]
to each their own dude
>> No. 14131 [Edit]

Yeah, TC is supposed to be a hivemind where everyone has the same tastes and opinions.
>> No. 14132 [Edit]
Oh, look. It's the guy who calls everyone 'fuckers' again. Keep up the good work.
>> No. 14133 [Edit]
Being a pedophile doesn't give you internet points anymore
>> No. 14134 [Edit]
Are you sure you are on the right thread?
>> No. 14135 [Edit]
Internet points? I have never heard anything like that before!
>> No. 14138 [Edit]
I like it.
>> No. 14173 [Edit]
File 136194635794.jpg - (49.56KB , 600x338 , stella.jpg )
The more I figure out about this series the harder I think for it to conclude on a good note. I'm sure half of the people if not all will be greatly disappointed.

Anyway, I'm saddened by the lack of Stella. Even Maria's disgusting sister gets more screentime than her.
>> No. 14298 [Edit]
File 136238092126.jpg - (134.06KB , 1173x519 , Rika beauty.jpg )
Wow. So smart and pretty and fucked in the head...
I damned like her.
>> No. 14299 [Edit]
File 136238095534.jpg - (125.70KB , 1122x618 , remarkable.jpg )
You know? I really, really wonder if they all go commando in this anime.
>> No. 14300 [Edit]
File 13623809934.jpg - (126.22KB , 1117x627 , french.jpg )
Et bon, j'aimais bien mais... non, pas non plus. C'est trop compliqué.
>> No. 14301 [Edit]
File 136238102332.jpg - (130.94KB , 1119x631 , true.jpg )
. . .
>> No. 14302 [Edit]
File 136238105954.jpg - (113.90KB , 1122x624 , frontal.jpg )
My God: she finally said it...
>> No. 14322 [Edit]
Hmm..., I had more fun watching Inferno Cop than this. I'm only 5 episodes in and I'm not even sure why I'm watching this any more.
>> No. 14334 [Edit]
Then don't. We all dump series.
>> No. 14339 [Edit]  
Sums up my feelings pretty well. Tittle pissed me off as well(I have no friends). It was partly why I didn't check out the current season.
>> No. 14381 [Edit]
There's nothing wrong with the title. It's called irony, a rhetorical trope (you should check on it). Harem or not, the story revolves around how to make a special club of former outcast people ends up actually bonding them together, yet they remain blind or simply unable/unwilling to acknowledge that bond as "friendship", no matter how intimate they get. If you think that's an unrealistic scenario, I just have two words for you: Tohno - chan.
>> No. 14382 [Edit]
Ironic rhetorical trope? Are you serious? It's a fucking harem comedy, you're trying too hard and giving too much credit to it. it IS an unrealistic scenario for some generic brain dead faggot to find himself suddenly having a half dozen beautiful women throwing themselves at him. It's fantasy wish fulfillment made for people who know it's unrealistic.
>Harem or not, the story revolves around how to make a special club of former outcast
Don't brush that off like it's nothing, they're fucking women, women don't know shit about being friendless or alone. This show being full of of women makes the tittle a joke.
A site full of introvert otaku has nothing to do with it. and what, you expect me to feel sorry for a bunch of high school sluts with first world problems? one of them is filthy rich and is loved by every boy in the school, Another is only unpopular becuase she's a bitch to everyone. boohoo, they have a bunch of friends but are too fucking stupid to realize it, cry me a river.
>> No. 14383 [Edit]
you're a really pleasant person
>> No. 14384 [Edit]
Yeah I know, that's why I have so many friends! hahahaha...
>> No. 14385 [Edit]
Please note that I was trying to explain the sense of the title in regard of the given content, not vindicating the show and genre or telling you to like them at all. If the result is not something you can enjoy it's ok, but that doesn't make the title a fraud: it just works differently than a literal description would.

Actually, even a manga like WataMote (much closer to what you might have expected to see in a series about a loner's life) plays with its title in a similar way. Because, despite the title saying "No Matter How You Look At It, It's Your Fault That I'm Not Popular!", it becomes quickly obvious that Tomoko isn't really being bullied, threaten or frontally rejected by anyone, and that it is instead her own egotistical, coward and never straightforward character what leads her into many of the unpleasant situations she gets involved in. i.e. it is not just a venting of the author's frustration (which we can indeed connect and sympathize with) but a sort of self-critique as well, and the ironic title serves to underline that purpose.

Post edited on 9th Mar 2013, 12:43am
>> No. 14386 [Edit]
i'd like to mention to you all that i haven't read a single word of this thread, however i do plan to watch the second season of this show at a later date at which time i will come back and view this thread and therefore i value all of your contributions very much and thank you for posting in this particular thread.
>> No. 14387 [Edit]
I dislike the MC and I kind of dislike this show.
>> No. 14389 [Edit]

The fact that you did not read what we wrote will result in you being disappointed later on. I know because I've found myself in a similiar position countless times before - I saw an active thread, later on I picked up the series and marathoned it only to discover that half the replies in the thread were in no way related to the show itself and instead it was just /tc/ venting about same mundane topic(s) all over again.
>> No. 14390 [Edit]
File 136286428626.jpg - (240.63KB , 1123x627 , Red Chair demographics.jpg )
Guess what? You can self-insert too after all.
>> No. 14392 [Edit]
File 13628644151.jpg - (110.63KB , 1114x618 , eyecatch.jpg )
I need you attention for a second...
>> No. 14393 [Edit]
File 136286448735.jpg - (117.43KB , 1120x612 , mbvjdfvkfdvjhdbvjbd.jpg )
Fuck you, Kodaka.
>> No. 14394 [Edit]
File 136286455052.jpg - (160.84KB , 1112x620 , inflexion point.jpg )
If this was a certain kind of series, everyone would be like jumping now into a Nice Boat...
Don't think that will be the case, but let's see.
>> No. 14395 [Edit]
File 136286472781.jpg - (90.87KB , 1118x624 , repost.jpg )
So Yozora is not just a coward troll: she's a talentless fraud.
>> No. 14399 [Edit]
Listen to me complain!
>> No. 14410 [Edit]
Heh, I was laughing that it's settled now that Yozora is a confirmed osananajimi (osananajimi heroine winning? blashpemy!) but she got out-osananajimi'd by Sena.
>> No. 14411 [Edit]
File 136294559357.jpg - (124.73KB , 1120x628 , defeated.jpg )
>> No. 14412 [Edit]
File 136294576599.gif - (877.80KB , 354x606 , mgfs3nEE651r37arko1.gif )
Serves her right.
>> No. 14413 [Edit]
I don't understand Yozora's mood. She throws massive fits when small crap spoils her shitty trolling strats but when something that threatens her advantageous position in her masterplan she just starts acting like she smoked a crapton of weed or something.
And I wonder what the fuck they'll do with 2 new side-characters that apparently were hanging about all the time but it took almost 2 whole seasons for anyone to notice they exist at all.
>> No. 14466 [Edit]
File 136333791248.jpg - (132.14KB , 1122x626 , this way always.jpg )
Suits her wardrobe alright.
>> No. 14467 [Edit]
File 136333796833.jpg - (87.29KB , 1119x629 , she.jpg )
Yes, asshole: she is truly a great girl. She's not just smart, talented and honest: she puts her heart and gives her all on everything she does. She's that brave.
>> No. 14468 [Edit]
File 136333801830.jpg - (142.41KB , 1118x628 , The Hedgehog's Dilemma.jpg )
Evangelion mode starting in 3... 2... 1...
>> No. 14469 [Edit]
File 13633380921.jpg - (82.18KB , 1118x616 , realize.jpg )
I now officially love this show.
>> No. 14553 [Edit]
Kodaka is a master troll.
>> No. 14573 [Edit]
File 136392697570.jpg - (82.28KB , 845x476 , compliment.jpg )
Now, he is doing it right.
>> No. 14574 [Edit]
File 136392701153.jpg - (137.76KB , 840x953 , rape.jpg )
If this isn't sweet, I don't know what it is anymore.
>> No. 14575 [Edit]
File 136392708738.jpg - (87.51KB , 844x476 , dat red chair.jpg )
Just get the hang of it already.
>> No. 14576 [Edit]
File 136392715629.jpg - (196.53KB , 844x1436 , Oh___.jpg )
I think something's really starting to grow inside me...
>> No. 14577 [Edit]
File 136392721181.jpg - (89.40KB , 846x473 , GOD ALMIGHTY.jpg )
. . .

Post edited on 21st Mar 2013, 9:59pm
>> No. 14578 [Edit]
Who in the fuck uses Move?
>> No. 14579 [Edit]

It's probably handy for VNs with little minigames, like what she was playing
>> No. 14639 [Edit]
File 136437036836.jpg - (20.04KB , 199x329 , look.jpg )
God, I'm so thrilled but at the same time I don't want this season to end. It became amazing. I don't think I'll ever forget that Rika's look, seriously.
>> No. 14663 [Edit]
File 136450399174.jpg - (143.69KB , 1280x720 , [Mazui]_Boku_Ha_Tomodachi_Ga_Sukunai_NEXT_-_11_[CA.jpg )

Yeah I didn't expect the series to take a turn like this. I always thought the main character was either not very smart or not interested in any of them. It's a shame it has to end when the series is finally "breaking the mold" a bit. So many twists in one episode.

There can't possibly be a "happy ending" at any rate.
>> No. 14665 [Edit]
Sena wins
>> No. 14668 [Edit]

I haven't watched it yet but I hope you're right
>> No. 14669 [Edit]
File 136452197713.jpg - (279.47KB , 938x966 , the shorter story.jpg )
I just watched it. I'm not even in the mood for jokes anymore. I don't know what to think: if this was a respectable (provisional) outcome or not. Right now I feel rather empty (which might be a good sign in itself)...

VERY good series, anyway; my favorite of the season hands down. Fired me up like nothing in a while, and I'm already grateful for that.

Post edited on 28th Mar 2013, 6:55pm
>> No. 14670 [Edit]
File 13645235204.jpg - (139.21KB , 557x1260 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 14675 [Edit]
File 136455893981.png - (1.02MB , 1280x720 , shot0023.png )
I agree. I too feel so empty right now. Second season of Haganai looked pretty boring in the beginning but it ended up being my favourite of this season.

Also what do you guys think he planned to tell Sena in the end before the text message?
>> No. 14679 [Edit]
Not a bad ending for a season that began so bad.

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