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File 141594923257.jpg - (89.87KB , 640x800 , a41c96e06f9874ee5fa9c953541e1c3c.jpg )
25409 No. 25409 [Edit]
What do you guys think about the idea of organizing a secret santa thingy for Tohno-chan this year?

Even if we're all a bunch of neets who can't afford any gifts, there are still free things we can make and do for eachother.

what do you say? should we give it a try?
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>> No. 25410 [Edit]
I'm down for it.
>> No. 25411 [Edit]
Sounds like it could be fun, not sure how to go about organizing it. Problem I see is not too many of us are creative.
>> No. 25412 [Edit]
Too expensive for me
>> No. 25414 [Edit]
I wouldn't mind giving something to somebody on this site, but I'd rather give it to somebody that has been here for a while and not some random passerby.

There's also the issue that I could wind up giving something that that person wouldn't like, so I'd probably have to stick with just giving money or something.
>> No. 25415 [Edit]
File 14160237389.jpg - (97.33KB , 640x800 , eb11052633d0c75846af8f119fc32cce.jpg )
I think when singing up for this, people would naturally add a link to their mal page or other such site to give people an idea of what they would like.

please read the op post again.
>> No. 25416 [Edit]
What about the OP? Even if I make some handcrafted stuff I would still have to pay for all the shipping and gas to go to the customs and pay taxes and everything.
Also I don't want people to know my address, I know there's way around displaying my real address but that would probably involve even more costs.
>> No. 25417 [Edit]
Stop being retarded, you can send people stuff online.
>> No. 25418 [Edit]
You're shitting me.
>> No. 25419 [Edit]
Why are you being such a prick? If you don't want to send people Christmas gifts than don't. No one's forcing you to. This is completely voluntary.
>> No. 25420 [Edit]
Yeah, like I said: >>25412
You're the one who wanted me to read the OP again and everything. You're complaining about me not participating.
>> No. 25421 [Edit]
>You're complaining about me not participating.
If you didn't want to participating you wouldn't have posted in this thread in the first place.
>Too expensive for me
who cares if it's too expensive for you? no one's forcing you to join in so don't act like that's the case. It gets pointed out that you don't have to spend any money yet you act like a sarcastic prick who already knew that.
>You're shitting me.
If you already knew that, why would you say it's too expensive for you in the first place?
>> No. 25422 [Edit]
Well yeah I'd like to participate if I could just send someone a physical present for free, but that's not possible sadly. That's why I can't join.
I never said you guys should not do a secret santa! I was just mentioning I wouldn't want to join it, that's all. Not saying it's a bad idea either. No harm or flaming intended at all. Sorry man.

With the "you're shitting me" I meant that you can't possible have secret santa without actually sending people presents. That would defeat the entire purpose of it in my opinion. Either way, let's not argue about this now.

Post edited on 14th Nov 2014, 9:46pm
>> No. 25423 [Edit]
>I never said you guys should not do a secret santa!
Who said you did?

>you can't possible have secret santa without actually sending people presents.
Just because you can send it to someone online doesn't mean it's not a real present or somehow worthless. There are countless things you can send online from art, songs, game keys, and so on.
>> No. 25424 [Edit]
I disagree, I don't think you can have secret santa without sending someone something physical. But let's not argue about this, okay? Nothing good will come out of arguing anyways. Just wanted to mention this because you misunderstood the "you're shitting me". Sorry I posted that by the way.
>> No. 25425 [Edit]
>I don't think you can have secret santa without sending someone something physical.
Bullshit. People pay perfectly good money for digital items. including but not limited to commissioned art. Take your materialism and shove it.
>> No. 25426 [Edit]
Ok we disagree, yeah. Let's not argue.
>> No. 25431 [Edit]

If we did it that way we might be able to do something like what a lot of anime blogs/podcasts do. They have a secret santa thing yearly where they recommend each other stuff.
>> No. 25451 [Edit]
File 141629997517.jpg - (785.07KB , 893x960 , ce47528266be299fa52e7ff9587d4922.jpg )
So how do we organize this?
>> No. 25467 [Edit]
That's the question that's always at the end of threads like this, then we just forget about it and do nothing in the end. Just like last year and the year before.

I'm not sure if we did this the year before last, though.
>> No. 25512 [Edit]
Figured there'd probably be an easy way to do this online and this was one of the first things I came across.


Far as I can tell, anyone interested should join up there and leave info as to what they're interested in. Not sure how exactly it works, but I'm sure once the names get selected you should be able to message the person for a shipping address or email if you don't wanna share that info.

I'm thinking we'll allow people to join up until the 11th, then do the drawings to give people plenty of time for whatever they wanna do.

some stuff to keep in mind:
Please keep in mind many if not most people here are piss poor and probably can't afford to send you anything nice or even anything tangible for that matter. So be aware you might not get much other than a song and dance. With this in mind it might not be a great idea to send out anything too fancy even if you can afford it, it might just make people feel guilty. I think keeping gifts under $20 in value would probably be good, if you plan on buying something that is. Of course this is all open to suggestion, if you got any ideas or found a better site to do this with or anything don't be shy.
>> No. 25515 [Edit]
File 141673818738.jpg - (178.16KB , 730x1095 , lonely.jpg )
i wouldn't even know what to buy my self.
>> No. 25603 [Edit]
I-Is this still a possibility?
>> No. 25604 [Edit]
That link just takes me to a page where I have to put in an invite code and a nickname.
>> No. 25607 [Edit]
crap. Wasn't sure how the site worked.

might be getting a bit late now but if you guys wanna still try it I believe this is the invite code. d6b98014
>> No. 25641 [Edit]
How many have signed up for this so far?
>> No. 25658 [Edit]
I don't plan to participate because I'm a European NEET but it'd be nice if you guys managed to actually pull it off, even if it'd be like 5 people participating.
>> No. 25705 [Edit]
Just Tohno and myself
>> No. 25706 [Edit]
Most people on this site are NEETs. It's already been brought up. It's okay if you can't afford to send anything physical. Might sound corny but I think some people here would be happy just to receive the gift of friendship.
>> No. 25708 [Edit]
I avoid anything that mixes the internet with my real life. I thought everyone did this.
>> No. 25709 [Edit]
The internet IS my real life.
>> No. 25739 [Edit]
TC's secret santa in a nutshell:

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