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File 146046168688.jpg - (68.37KB , 1280x720 , Sakamoto.jpg )
25907 No. 25907 [Edit]
Cool, cooler, coolest!
>> No. 25908 [Edit]
This actually went much better than expected.
I really enjoy the manga and I expected the adaptation to be shit but it's decent enough. It's just that it's kinda impossible to do the source material justice considering the manga's greatest strengths lie in superb usage of two page spreads (and full page illustrations at other times), great usage of various effects like focus lines and whatnot (I'm glad the anime didn't hold back on sparkles and bubbles at least) and very good paneling.

I was really unconvinced when I heard Midorikawa will voice Sakamoto. As much as I love Midorikawa I always pictured Sakamoto with a completely different voice. But somehow it actually works.
The funny part is that Midorikawa is surounded by many much more famous seiyuu such as Hiyama, Sugita, Yukarin and others, who voice what are more or less mob characters. They really blew the budget on the cast.

Since I've read all that's scnalated so far the thing I'm interested in the most is just how well this will sell. The manga is already over so I doubt the show will do much it terms of boosting manga sales. The adaptation was probably greenlit in hopes it'll serve as a good advert for the mag and that it'll actually kinda break even by itself. We'll see how that'll turn out.

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