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File 140825193049.jpg - (255.15KB , 1097x960 , 1408246326267.jpg )
18464 No. 18464 [Edit]
Why the fuck did god make me 3D? This is not right. This digusting life and horrid lumpy man body is hell. I was supposed to be a 2D girl, fuck you god
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>> No. 18465 [Edit]
Because physics.
>> No. 18468 [Edit]
Life isn't fair my fellow anon, maybe we rebornas 2D cuties when we are are gone, but for now we have to suffer in this hellhole until who knows when.
>> No. 18469 [Edit]
Don't we already have a hundred threads like this?
>> No. 18470 [Edit]
We have a whole board for them even!
>> No. 18471 [Edit]
File 140828119955.jpg - (133.49KB , 938x938 , c399acc49ec2e3eca4d528af74bc2643.jpg )
Try to think of yourself not as a single, disgusting 3D entity, but as the sum of infinitely many adorable, ideal and perfect 2D beings at any one moment.
>> No. 18472 [Edit]
and we'll have a hundred more by the end of the year
>> No. 18473 [Edit]
You are not 3D.
>> No. 18475 [Edit]
File 140830876444.jpg - (22.26KB , 251x278 , Hokutonokenkenshiro.jpg )
would you be okay with being a Kenshiro?
>> No. 18476 [Edit]
No, but I'm okay with already being dead.
>> No. 18491 [Edit]
It's not easy being the Kenshiro.
>> No. 18492 [Edit]
His personality is 2D so sure.
>> No. 18496 [Edit]
File 140842268398.jpg - (42.83KB , 300x300 , 1336441436012.jpg )
What 2D girl would you want to be, or feel you resemble most in personality, /so/?
>> No. 18497 [Edit]
File 140842336898.jpg - (78.44KB , 500x527 , 100000000523.jpg )
>What 2D girl would you want to be
Yukari Yakumo, no doubt.

>or feel you resemble most in personality
That one would probably be my waifu. But I wouldn't want to "become her" or assume her form.
>> No. 18508 [Edit]
File 140857399768.gif - (2.80MB , 400x225 , 1408555638964.gif )
Do you wish you were a girl so you wouldn't have to do this?
>> No. 18513 [Edit]
But I don't want to do this.
>> No. 18515 [Edit]
Personality would be close to Touma from Hyakko. Haven't given much thought to the idea of wanting to be any particular character, Maybe Haruka from sakuratrick.
>> No. 18534 [Edit]
this makes me sad.
>> No. 18564 [Edit]
>No screams, only vidyas now.

I actually laughed out loud at this.
>> No. 18569 [Edit]
File 140912128012.png - (369.06KB , 1280x800 , tmp_27217-1402733062615-1277033146.png )
>> No. 18571 [Edit]
that ninja girl from trinity seven. her name escapes me.
>> No. 19264 [Edit]
File 141915508826.jpg - (904.04KB , 1200x850 , Konachan_com - 110571 blonde_hair flowers long_hai.jpg )
I wish life was like a JRPG, traveling through beautiful places and fighting the evil with the love of your life
>> No. 19265 [Edit]
>> No. 19266 [Edit]
I choose to wage total and continuous war on all evil, even that which often goes unnoticed, like high prices or bad service. That's how one becomes a hero in this modern world.
>> No. 19267 [Edit]
I think of it like The Matrix. The world may be an awful, disgusting, uninhabitable place, but in your mind lays an amazing, beautiful world where anything is possible. This is the only world that matters. How relevant is the real world in The Matrix? Besides even being there in the first place just for the sake of the plot, not very much at all. Everything happens in the Matrix, everything is centered on the Matrix, all anyone ever cares about is the Matrix. And like they said in that film, what does it matter if it's real or not, it's all signals going up to your brain anyway. In my dreams I am the little girl, and when I have to get up to piss or eat, I don't feel any indifferent than I would piloting some mech. Tottally detached, not out of disgust or sorrow but entirely our of disinterest. It's not spite, I love and care for my body, but I really just don't pay attention to it. I accept reality, and shape it into what I want. That separates survivors from the fallen.
>> No. 19375 [Edit]
From a psychological standpoint that's got to be the most frightening thing I've read in awhile.
>> No. 19376 [Edit]
File 142055273583.jpg - (87.21KB , 640x896 , 1404322900627.jpg )
>> No. 19900 [Edit]
I dunno, I disagree. I can see where he is coming from, and I frequently try to do much of the same. The problem with me is I tend to overworry, so it's hard to "retreat" into my mind, so to speak. This is likely one reason why I'm so close to my waifu, is because my mind is the "reality," and that's where my love for her is strongest, or something.

I'm not exactly sold on the whole Matrix analogy, but it makes sense to me.
>> No. 20612 [Edit]
Exactly bro. If you really think about "Reality", we are composed of cells made of molecules, everything is just atoms flying around, even the way we experience time was invented by humans, no cell in your body is older than 10 years etc. Everything else is an abstraction we created. Once I realised this I was able to stop giving a fuck.
>> No. 20613 [Edit]
Uh, no, pretty sure most of your neurons are about as old as you are at any given time. As are your egg cells, if you're, you know...

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