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28576 No. 28576 [Edit]
Tell me your life story.
>> No. 28581 [Edit]
It was short but nice.
>> No. 28585 [Edit]
I prefer not having one.
>> No. 28588 [Edit]
I would tell you, but I'd have to write practically a whole book on it and it would cause me to have a psychotic episode.
>> No. 28589 [Edit]
Hello everynyan. I wish I was a bird.
>> No. 28595 [Edit]
My dad treated me like shit and my mom spoiled me.
I was a mostly normal kid all the same. As I grew up however I distanced myself from people more and more. I was addicted to TV and videogames. My only friends didn't view me as such and instead treated me like a tool. Eventually dropped out of school and not long after lost contact with those friends. My incompetence got me fired time and time again. I've wasted the best years of my life in front of a computer and have next to nothing to show for it. I've achieved nothing, I have no friends, no future, and no motivation.
>> No. 28597 [Edit]
Hello me.
>> No. 28599 [Edit]
I would, but it doesn't have a satisfying conclusion and ending yet.
>> No. 28602 [Edit]
This, except my dad never stuck around and left before I was born. I didn't really have any friends, and I never had a job.

My only friend was someone I had met online, and I ruined that myself despite liking them much more than I should've
>> No. 28616 [Edit]
Everyone died, the end.
>> No. 28756 [Edit]
Thanks to my laziness it became a little worse each day. I hope it finishes soon.

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