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File 144901152239.jpg - (113.61KB , 664x835 , 1394500699957.jpg )
19215 No. 19215 [Edit]
December's come around again, so now is a good a time as any to start this year's Christmas thread.

How is the gift buying coming along for your waifu? Got any special plans this year?

I'm a bit stumped this year to be honest, I'll have to have a look around and see what I can buy in town, when I get the time to. I've already bought her chocolates, as per tradition, but I'd like to buy her at least one more thing.
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>> No. 19217 [Edit]
I don't have any money and I don't really see the point in buying gifts for her when they'll just sit unwrapped in my closet. I'm planning to make a big Christmas dinner and eat it while reading my favorite chapters of her manga, though.
>> No. 19218 [Edit]
2 hour 'making love session'
>> No. 19219 [Edit]
I have a few ideas, I'd prefer to make gifts rather than buy them for her.
>> No. 19220 [Edit]
Probably just a fairly detailed drawing like last year.
>> No. 19223 [Edit]
Baking a cake was fun, but eating most of it by myself was not. Not going to do that again. But I did just recently create some images of her for my wallpaper and bought an art book with her and others from her universe in it. I really enjoy it, especially the bits with her in it, and I'd like to think that it counts for something.

But for this last month of 2015? I'm just going to keep dedicating myself to my craft and finish this project as soon as possible. She wouldn't want me to be wasting time crafting gifts when we already spend so much time together. Maybe that's my true gift to her: succeeding.

Post edited on 5th Dec 2015, 4:57am
>> No. 19233 [Edit]
I've been working on a project for him but it won't be in time for our anniversary or Christmas. I will spend those days together with him and maybe cook something small like gingerbread.
>> No. 19257 [Edit]
Do people here on /mai/ feel that buying merch of your beloved is like a gift to both of you? It's a gift to you because you're happy to have her, but in my mind, it's a gift to my love as well because it will strengthen our connection. She has high tastes so I'm afraid of getting her any sort of gift because it might seem like an insult. I don't know what to give her for Christmas, I'm hoping that buying merch of her is enough. I don't have much money so getting something for her like a diamond ring or some other jewellry is out of the question.
>> No. 19259 [Edit]
I don't think so, because even though it can help to strengthen your connection, the item only really benefits you.

Maybe instead of buying things for her, you could go do something special with her? Go somewhere scenic and take pictures together, something like that.
>> No. 19260 [Edit]

Dude, buying something original benefits the brand she is part off.

Thats why I stand against piracy and in defense of intellectual rights.
>> No. 19262 [Edit]
If it makes the both of you happy, I don't see why you shouldn't.
>> No. 19264 [Edit]
Last year I got a cake, but dunno might be lame to do the same thing again this year.
By default I already buy more or less anything related to her I come across I don't already own so buying more stuff wouldn't really be anything special. maybe I'll be able to finish getting her daki edited and printed out in time, but doubt it.
>> No. 19268 [Edit]
I bought the last figure of her I don't already have, but I wouldn't really consider it a gift to her. If anything, she'd probably make fun of me for having a plastic model of her on my desk.
>> No. 19269 [Edit]
It would depend on what it is. I think something like a figure is just for you (then again, my beloved has nothing like that, yet, so my opinion might change) but something like a video game is something you can experience together.

I suppose it would also depend on who your beloved is. Maybe she/he is the sort to enjoy that sort of thing.
>> No. 19289 [Edit]
File 145065248034.png - (2.59KB , 154x244 , 4581177_p0.png )
I finally had an idea for what to get her. I ordered it online the other day, it should arrive in the next few days. There's a couple of other things I want to get as well for the night of Christmas Eve/Day, but those can be easily bought.

Also, since I've fortunately got Christmas Eve off work I can spend some more time with her on the Thursday. Maybe we could have our first proper Christmas date together, we'll see.
>> No. 19331 [Edit]
A little late to post here, but better late than never. Merry Christmas, /mai/!
>> No. 19336 [Edit]
File 145110045080.jpg - (186.40KB , 800x1029 , WIN_20151225_22_24_00_Pro.jpg )
I got Windows Internals 5th Edition. I could just read a PDF, but, I didn't feel complete without it. It's definitely something for both of us.
>> No. 19338 [Edit]
File 145110112485.png - (1.27MB , 1024x768 , maira christmas 2015.png )
Merry Christmas!

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