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File 140423718189.png - (399.94KB , 600x338 , choo-choo.png )
24391 No. 24391 [Edit]
oh no! The girls missed their train! What will they do now?
>> No. 24392 [Edit]
>> No. 24393 [Edit]
Well Marisa would probably look on at the train proudly like she accomplished something and raimu would wonder what that camera is doing there.
>> No. 24413 [Edit]
Well, it's gone, but that test post reminded me of this.

>> No. 24428 [Edit]
They'll have to whore themselves to Mexicans.
>> No. 24429 [Edit]
As if mexicans can afford whores. What are they going to do pay with bags of oranges?
>> No. 24431 [Edit]
The richest man in the world is a Mexican
>> No. 24432 [Edit]
Having more kids than you can take care of don't make you rich.
>> No. 24435 [Edit]
Bill Gates is Mexican!?

>> No. 24436 [Edit]
I'm guessing he meant rich in ways other than money, since Mexicans have none of that stuff.
>> No. 24437 [Edit]

that list only covers those who made their money through legal means.

Those the likes of Al Capone, Colombian Cocaine Cartels, Russian Mafia, and Mexican Drug lords will obviously not be listed there.
>> No. 24438 [Edit]
There's no such thing as a billionaire who acquired their wealth with strictly legal means.
>> No. 24440 [Edit]
except the mexican guy isnt a drug lord, obviously.

please, tohno-chan user, tell us more about how to become rich
>> No. 24441 [Edit]
Lie cheat and steal, it's the only way to the top. Become so addicted to money that nothing else matters. You have to be willing to put work before friends and family and fuck people over for a buck whenever possible. The higher you climb the fiercer people get, only the strongest and most ruthless make it to the top.
>> No. 24443 [Edit]
Assuming they would even be listed near the top. It's only speculation, what's the point?
>> No. 24447 [Edit]
There are no mexicans or 3d shits at all to rape Touhous because Gensokyo is too good for them.
>> No. 24449 [Edit]
I'm sure he meant Carlos Slim (who's popularly believed to be just a strawman for Carlos Salinas de Gortari).

>except the mexican guy isnt a drug lord, obviously
No need to, cause he owns several transnational corporatives (including telecommunications) but I wouldn't totally discard it either. Everything in Mexico is about drug trafficking, lately.

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