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File 134812016345.png - (289.18KB , 500x396 , truth.png )
7373 No. 7373 [Edit]
What is it that people love so much about freeman?
>> No. 7374 [Edit]
he's a mentally retarded mute who has defeated countless foes just by running around and throwing things arbitrarily
>> No. 7375 [Edit]
what makes him mentally retarded?
>> No. 7376 [Edit]
The only work anyone trusts him with is pushing things and plugging things in. Also, instead of using a crowbar to pry away boards like a normal person he beats them with it until the boards splinter.
>> No. 7379 [Edit]
He is a high academic with a gun and not a jock.
He has been praised to death so people believe he is the greatest to love.
He is mysterious and tender.
>> No. 7380 [Edit]
I think it's the ability to perceive him however the player wants.
he's a blank slate.
>> No. 7382 [Edit]
I didnt think he was that popular
>> No. 7383 [Edit]
He never speaks, which is good.
>> No. 7384 [Edit]
I don't understand.
Is your own picture not convincing you?
>> No. 7393 [Edit]
He is a total nerd that happens to be incredibly bad ass.
>> No. 7430 [Edit]
makes sense. Silent heroes are pretty cool. Kind of like Link from the zelda games,
>> No. 7431 [Edit]
sometimes voiced characters can be a bit annoying.
I don't think I would have liked the main character from gtaIII as much if he talked half as much as the other guys.

Post edited on 30th Sep 2012, 7:53pm

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