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File 132126898259.jpg - (134.85KB , 800x600 , 175.jpg )
11503 No. 11503 [Edit]
Is there anything you would like to do or see at least once before you die?

Personally, I'd like to see a star filled night sky first hand, without the blockage of smog and city lights.
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>> No. 11504 [Edit]
Read Faust and Werther in german.
>> No. 11507 [Edit]

Been there, done that, hardly worth it.

Can't say I do, at least I don't think I do. Maybe uh... Yeah. Nothing comes to my mind.
>> No. 11508 [Edit]
be crazy in love
>> No. 11509 [Edit]
I guess that the only thing I want is super powers. It's not realistic, but there really isn't much I want in life.

I accidentally left out the part about using those powers to explore and do other stupid things.

Post edited on 14th Nov 2011, 7:54am
>> No. 11510 [Edit]
Have you never been out to the wilderness?
>> No. 11511 [Edit]
Learn German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, etc.
>> No. 11515 [Edit]
Although I grew up in a rural area where the night sky was much clearer than it is here in the city, I'd really love to see the night sky from a ship in the middle of the ocean.

I have a long list in my head of things like this, some of which I've actually done and many that will never happen.
I'd like to watch a space shuttle launch in person.
It's cliche, but I want to go skydiving at least once.
I want to cross the US again, by bicycle this time rather than hitchhiking.
I'd like to record and release an album's worth of music that is at least kind of good.
I suppose those are the things that I feel may actually happen. Some of the other things, like crossing the world by bike or exploring the Parisian catacombs, are probably never going to happen.
>> No. 11516 [Edit]  
Become a Power Ranger
>> No. 11517 [Edit]
File 132129462893.jpg - (310.40KB , 1084x971 , 3772-84.jpg )
A night sky is very nice, I hope you can see it one day Tohno_

I used to live in a far north part of Canada my self, and you could see an entire Milky Way band of stars. It was amazing to see.
>> No. 11518 [Edit]
Nothing I would want in life is possible
>> No. 11521 [Edit]
Take the train (Amtrak) or do a road trip across the "continental US". Go to Japan/China. Look at the night sky like you mentioned from out int he country aith a good telescope (ive done it w/o telescopes). Get drunk/high while watching anime, OR looking at the sky. Go into space and survive it. Become a black nationalist partisan.
>> No. 11523 [Edit]
Eva 3.0
>> No. 11525 [Edit]
If I don't go to Akihabara at least once in my life, a wasted life it will be.
>> No. 11526 [Edit]
Get my own TV show.
>> No. 11527 [Edit]

>I'd like to record and release an album's worth of music that is at least kind of good.

Oh yeah, that reminds me. I used to dream about publishing a book. I completely forgot.

So yeah, let's go with that.
>> No. 11529 [Edit]
Jump from the highest building in my country. I will make my leap at the topmost floor. I really want to experience the feeling of falling from such a height.
>> No. 11530 [Edit]
Eeep spoilertags spoilertags
>> No. 11532 [Edit]
- To see the end of everything or at least an international disaster (which is probably a little more realistic)

- Visit a ghost town and maybe camp there for a few days.
>> No. 11533 [Edit]

Post edited on 15th Nov 2011, 12:21pm
>> No. 11534 [Edit]
Publish an important scientific article.
Visit Odaiba.
Visit planet Mars.
Write an operating system.
See the Milky Way.
>> No. 11535 [Edit]
Become a Super Saiyan
>> No. 11536 [Edit]
Visit the Solosmasthana in Sri Lanka.
Oh, and maybe some Shinto temples. Those are really nice looking.
Visit all of the big cities of the world, visit Japan, etc.

Other than that, I've no clue.
>> No. 11537 [Edit]
File 132140474939.jpg - (12.57KB , 580x295 , amundson-station-aurora.jpg )
I'd like to see aurora (borealis or australis), but I had to travel...
Honestly, just living to watch entire the Rebuild of Eva -even if it sucks- will be enough. I've had enough of this living shit.
>> No. 11541 [Edit]
Oh shit, forgot that one when I was listing mine. I've wanted to visit Alaska and see the aurora borealis for many years.
>> No. 11543 [Edit]
File 132142652174.jpg - (218.87KB , 382x1664 , iceberg00.jpg )

The entire landscape of arctic/antarctic regions gotta be something to look at (for me, at least, pretty far from it). The frozen deserts... "The cleanest and most silent places on earth", I think they used to call 'em.

Post edited on 15th Nov 2011, 10:56pm
>> No. 11544 [Edit]
File 132143298866.jpg - (490.76KB , 1280x800 , 1265651664754.jpg )
i'd like to watch a new season of haruhi
>> No. 11545 [Edit]
that is a photo of the southern hemisphere sky, you can't see the magellanic clouds from canada
>> No. 11560 [Edit]
not within the last fifteen years.
>> No. 11561 [Edit]
Shoot myself up with speedballs.
Watch the best night sky ever with my waifu while playing my favorite songs on guitar.
>> No. 11562 [Edit]
>Personally, I'd like to see a star filled night sky first hand, without the blockage of smog and city lights.

This is what I want to see too.

I also want to see fireworks-- without the loud noise of people, preferably me by myself.
>> No. 11566 [Edit]
Wow, the star filled sky thing is actually something I take for granted. I feel kind of bad now. I have spent most of my free time the last few years hiking and camping to get away from people, maybe you should try it?

For me, the thing I want to see is...a Tsukihime anime.
>> No. 11567 [Edit]
File 132159577395.jpg - (276.15KB , 524x1168 , sky.jpg )
Wow: so many brohnos longing for the beauties of the night sky. I wonder why...
>> No. 11568 [Edit]
I too wish to see the unobscured night sky within my lifetime.
>> No. 11569 [Edit]
File 132160128030.jpg - (1.70MB , 1875x1887 , 12fd5dc73fea73dec5f20563fd9a37f6_jpeg.jpg )
Sora no Manimani makes it seem like the best thing ever.
>> No. 11589 [Edit]
I want to watch all of the Gundams and Precures before I die.
>> No. 11591 [Edit]
File 13217581169.jpg - (141.78KB , 480x640 , 672166_c30b5971.jpg )
Visit Maxwell's grave
>> No. 11593 [Edit]
File 132176363220.jpg - (778.47KB , 983x1136 , tombes de sommeil.jpg )
If I was to see all the illustrious graves I want to...
>> No. 11594 [Edit]
Are you just listing a random number of languages or do you indeed have a genuin interest in the Norwegian language? I suppose I could ask this question of any other language you might add, but said language is the only one listed that I do not associate with any particular sort of viral facination. I am familiar with the interest in vikings (though said interest is mostly based upon myths and saga), but in such a case it would make more sense to learn Icelandic - a language that actually resembles old Norse.

I see where you are coming from, though I'd like to raise that and say I'd wish to establish a home under such a sky, live under such a sky, die under such a sky. The nice thing is that such a dream is rather realistic from my location.

That's one wish of mine that I am not hesitant to share, the rest is either too elusive or too personal to bother communicating.
>> No. 11621 [Edit]
I'd like to finish reading Finnegans Wake and have some understanding of it.
>> No. 11719 [Edit]
My experience was surprisingly mundane. Most all of my rides were at least a little weird in some way, but most people just want someone to talk to. I only remember a couple of rides in particular that asked me questions or tried to get me to tell stories. And people know they'll never see you again, so many won't hesitate to confess some weird shit. The only sketchy ride I had was a guy that had been drinking in Kentucky, and even that wasn't too bad until he started drinking again while driving, at which point I asked him to let me out at the next exit. If you hitch only in the daylight and stick to interstate on-ramps, I don't think it's too dangerous. I'm also a tall, well-built guy, too, so of course YMMV. I'd definitely recommend trying it, though.
It was harder to get rides in the east than it was in the west, but even then I don't remember waiting much longer than an hour anywhere for a ride.
It was an awesome experience overall, but I was worn down by the end of my trip, and I don't plan on hitchhiking again. I'd say go for it and try it, though.
>> No. 11786 [Edit]
Be in love with.

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