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File 13329592032.jpg - (179.05KB , 750x563 , 1288812672735.jpg )
8901 No. 8901 [Edit]
Just because I don't actively defend "waifu" when the lifestyle/term is being attacked, doesn't mean I care less about it right? I find it futile to defend such a misunderstood term... rather, I think it'd be stronger if I were able to explain things face to face, not over the internet.
>> No. 8902 [Edit]
There's no way I could talk about it in person with someone.
>> No. 8903 [Edit]
who still uses a ctr monitor?

Post edited on 28th Mar 2012, 2:56pm
>> No. 8904 [Edit]
there's arguments that a crt is better than more modern monitors for competitive gaming but I don't know why because I've never read them
>> No. 8905 [Edit]
Maybe other people would assume that you care less about it if you don't openly defend it, but who cares about that, right?
And I'm going to echo Tohno's sentiments; I would not want to discuss it face to face, not even with someone else that has a waifu.
>> No. 8906 [Edit]
I believe it's a matter of frame rate.

Dude in op's pic doesn't look much like he has it for competitive gaming purposes though.
All the figs balanced on top of it would fall off after he gets pissed and throws his keyboard at the monitor.
>> No. 8909 [Edit]
I keep one around as a backup in case one of my LCDs stops working.
>> No. 8910 [Edit]
Just as long as you don't speak against it, you're fine.
>> No. 8911 [Edit]
I certainly understand the notion of staying out of a debate because the opponent will never understand the complexities of what it's defiling

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