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File 136479086694.jpg - (140.61KB , 900x1000 , fa9fba4745ff83ee5af55617d44cd99a.jpg )
13814 No. 13814 [Edit]
Despite the board title, how many of you actually feel lonely?
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>> No. 13815 [Edit]
It washes over me in waves, the realization that I'll be alone for my entire life and never be with my waifu sucks. But then it subsides when I remember how much I hate 3D people and wouldn't want to be suck with one anyway, and in fact prefer being alone. It's like taking a shit, it can be annoying but it's something you gotta deal with every now and then before you can go back to what you were doing.

there was a decent manga page about it... somewhere on /ma/ I think... bleh...
>> No. 13816 [Edit]
This what you're referring to?
>> No. 13817 [Edit]
yeah that, thanks.
>> No. 13818 [Edit]

Not even and old thread, was on the frontpage befor you made this one OP.
>> No. 13819 [Edit]
I'm alone, but only seldom feel lonely.
I used to feel lonely a lot more before I got into drugs.
>> No. 13820 [Edit]
I feel lonely sometimes, I would certainly love someone to do things with and love but combination of drugs, meditation, and music make it easier on me and more distant.
>> No. 13822 [Edit]
File 136483438267.jpg - (130.72KB , 353x500 , 8101739767_a7d7a5d6e4.jpg )
I used to be all sad about not having a 3DPD but then sometime in my early 20's I just stopped caring.
Yeah, it'd be nice and all, but I've accepted the reality of the situation.

I haven't gone far enough down the rabithole to consider /mai/ though.
>> No. 13827 [Edit]
Sometimes I feel like I could use a friend, but no one seems to get me, and even if someone did I doubt I'd make a very good friend.
>> No. 13828 [Edit]
I feel the need to experience certain things with other people sometimes. It's tied to the past. But I am doubtful, as all those forgotten friends are all adult-like now. I haven't spoken to them in a long time. Families, jobs, bah. I just want a few specific things that seem to be out of my reach...
>> No. 13829 [Edit]
I don't really get lonely all that often, but my mental health keeps getting worse and worse as a result of being alone.
>> No. 13830 [Edit]
Sometimes I feel bad for having no friendships anymore. But then I remember I can't handle close relationships and don't have anything interesting to offer and then my few casual relationships on the internet feel like the best for me.
>> No. 13834 [Edit]
I feel extremely lonely all the time. I'm very sad and depressed about my lack of any friends and I cannot bring myself to talk to anyone about it.
So yeah, I guess I'm actually lonely.
>> No. 13852 [Edit]
Lately I've been sleeping hugging a teddy bear.
>> No. 13853 [Edit]
Does it help?
>> No. 13854 [Edit]
I've been doing something similar. I like to pretend my pillow is someone else and I cuddle with it for a while. It feels really good and if I'm delusional enough at night it really does feel like someone else. Sleeping is never comfortable for me though and there's still nothing I can do about that.
>> No. 13856 [Edit]

I've been doing that for years (somewhat close to a decade by now, really), even way before shit hit the fan in my life. Very comforting. Except I'm using a pillow. A hard and fairly... elastic (?) one is the best choice, so that it won't completely give in to the pressure of my super strong hugs (if I were to hug a person like that I would totally end up breaking their ribs).

Recently I had to make do without it for 3 days and on one of those I was still awake at like 4AM, even though I went to bed shortly after 1. Heh.
>> No. 13858 [Edit]
I find it fluctuates. Sometimes I feel better not seeing another person for extended periods of time, not even going on the internet. Sometimes I feel the intense urge for companionship. But since I don't have that, I just come here when I feel the need to talk to someone and just post.

I think if a person was truly happy far away from others, they wouldn't visit a community, let alone an online community. So my belief is, everyone here, to some degree, feels at least a bit lonely.
>> No. 13859 [Edit]
One of the things about my piece of shit mind is that I have terrible memory. I forget a lot and have even forgotten large chunks of my life, including pieces of childhood. I've forgotten what companionship feels like, so I don't really feel lonely any more than as I did back then. I know that it sounds weird, but it really is like this.
>> No. 13864 [Edit]
File 136513284830.jpg - (361.83KB , 1024x768 , alien_nine.jpg )
I feel lonely if I don't talk to random people online.
>> No. 13866 [Edit]
Sorry about this post. It's clearly not even complete. Let me finish it.

In real life I haven't spoken with another human being I'm not related to in a very long time. It can get pretty sad, but I hate talking to real people so internet is easier.
Years ago I tried hugging a pillow and it felt forced. Nowadays, I can't sleep without having an extra 1 or 2 pillows to put my arms around. I'm completely dependent. If there's no extra pillows, I don't sleep.
>> No. 13871 [Edit]
Not really. I'm alone all the time and depressed for most of it but I don't feel lonely.
>> No. 14487 [Edit]
I haven't felt lonely in years. Being with people is no fun.

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