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File 133197881746.jpg - (246.77KB , 750x600 , imas-ryo-shave.jpg )
13929 No. 13929 [Edit]
Anyone else here who doesn't know how to shave well? I always end up making small cuts and leaving some stubble.
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>> No. 13930 [Edit]
Might wanna get a electric shaver.
>> No. 13931 [Edit]
I can usually give myself a good shave whenever I have to shave myself. I'm not sure, but this might only happen because I'm good with knives.

The only tips I can give is to lather up the soap (or whatever you want to substitute for it) as well as you can and to try to figure out how much pressure you need to apply to the razor when in contact with your face.
>> No. 13933 [Edit]
I just don't go agains't the grain and everything is fine. It's not like I need a silk smooth face to impress people or whatever.
>> No. 13934 [Edit]
I do that, but only so I don't feel like I'm an adult yet.
>> No. 13935 [Edit]
I do.

Which is why I'm doing my best to grow the best hobo beard right now.

Unfortunately, it's like 2 years too early for me so the results are pretty miserable.
>> No. 13936 [Edit]
I haven't been clean shaven since I was in my early teens. I only shave when my beard makes me uncomfortable, and I trim it down to around 1/4 an inch. I never leave the house anyway
>> No. 13937 [Edit]
A coincidence for this to be asked today since I tried to shave earlier today and found out I had left two places unfinished. I can admit that I have a unsettling look when I shave wrong, even to my standards.
>> No. 13940 [Edit]
I just use bar soap as a lubricant and a shitty two blade razor that came from a hotel welcoming pack. Being asian and not having bear-level facial hair like all the other races is very convenient.
>> No. 13942 [Edit]
I don't even use lubricant. I barely have any hair to shave.
>> No. 13944 [Edit]
Hahaha, saw this post on the front page and assumed it was a response to a super extra lewd thread. Bit disappointed.

But as for the topic, it's the same for me as you. My hair is very wispy on my face, so just a bit of water does fine.
>> No. 13945 [Edit]
File 133203839657.jpg - (7.33KB , 200x220 , 71057_303872702284_4053651_n.jpg )
grow a light beard, then shave, preferably after a shower. That helps too.

it is far easier to get rid of a beard then stubble. I would mess myself up if I tried to shave everyday. Thing is, I don't have any reason to be clean shaven all the time.

Manly men use this aftershave. The burn fells good.
>> No. 13948 [Edit]
Manly men use a straightrazor with no cream, just water.
>> No. 13949 [Edit]
Manly men don't shave at all.
>> No. 13950 [Edit]
I stopped shaving a month ago.
I hate having facial hair, and I keep getting hairs in my mouth.
but I figure it can only help for my upcoming physiatric evaluation next month, to get across the fact that I don't leave my home and as such don't have a reason to give a shit what people think of me
>> No. 13951 [Edit]
I'm so manly I can shave other mens' chins with my own chin
>> No. 13959 [Edit]
if anyone is looking for a cheap electric razor I got my first one from Dealextreme. it lasted a few years, still worked okay when I eventually upgraded to a brand name one.
>> No. 13960 [Edit]

Get back to paying back your debt, Kaiji.


That is a bit of a problem, especially when my mustache grows so long it basically gets into my mouth every time I open it.
>> No. 13965 [Edit]
I just cut my moustache with scissors when that happens. Also when my sideburn area gets long enough to go into my ears when I lay my head on a pillow
>> No. 13966 [Edit]
File 13321162176.jpg - (148.33KB , 1280x720 , tatamigalaxy-11.jpg )
For the first time in several years, I had to shave (doesn't matter why); wlaking outside, with the wind on my face, I felt like a baby without a diaper:exposed and vulnerable...

I'm already growing some beard again.
>> No. 13969 [Edit]
Don't bother with shaving foam, shaving cream or soap. I've been using some kind of shaving 'gel' and I haven't cut myself even once while using it. As for not leaving stubble, shave with the grain, sideways, then against it.
>> No. 13995 [Edit]
I wish I could grow a full hobo beard. But unfortunately, I'm not manly enough. It always looks...awkward.
>> No. 14002 [Edit]
I recently bought an electric shaver, and I don't think I've been using it right, because I have to go over my skin a lot, repeatedly, before there's no stubble. By that time, my skin's all irritated.
>> No. 14003 [Edit]
I think that's the case with all cheap electric shavers.
but at least you didn't cut yourself right?
>> No. 14007 [Edit]
I think thats just the tradeoff for using an electric; you dont get a close shave. I still think its worth it because I can shave in like 30 seconds while I'm in the shower and I dont even need foam.
>> No. 14009 [Edit]
I'm the same way. It's much easier for me to use shaving cream and those two-bladed razors. They're cheap and they work, no irritation.
>> No. 14010 [Edit]

Are you sure you should be using an electric shaver in a shower, with water?
>> No. 14012 [Edit]
most are built to be waterproof I believe.
>> No. 14086 [Edit]
I've always, and I do mean always, had an electric shaver, so I don't even know how to use a razor, and I never had anyone in my life that could have taught me to, even if I wanted. Well, I guess I could have asked someone in the shelter, but come on.

I really regret not learning how to, though. Such a close shave seems nice.
>> No. 14087 [Edit]
When you say razor you mean straight razors, I guess? Because you don't really need someone to teach you how to handle gilettes.
>> No. 22805 [Edit]
I realized using cold water for the razor is better than using hot water, after five years..
>> No. 22810 [Edit]
Yeah. I never asked my father about it and he never talked to me about it, I just started stealing razor blades from my sister and doing what people on television did.
My sister got me a safety razor kit for my birthday. Going to try it tomorrow, though I'm afraid I'll end up with lots of cuts.
>> No. 22841 [Edit]
Doesn't work so well on curly hair

My grandfathe used regular soap and for some reason managed to cut himself ALL the time when shsving. I don't know -why- then again based off what my grandmother said, my grandfathe used stuff past its date of wearing out so he probably used a lot of force on worn out blades and forced the cutting.

I am 22 and can pass for 16. I shave so that I don't look older, I certainly don't want to feel older too. All I need to do now is get that dermatologist cream to lighten the discolorations on my skin so the tone is even. Also, bump remover etc.
>> No. 22918 [Edit]
Buy a decent razor, problem solved.

I couldn't make a real cut even if I tried.
>> No. 23558 [Edit]
File 138997094961.jpg - (47.86KB , 305x480 , zomg anno.jpg )
I'm 29 but, if I shaved and had the uniform, I bet I still could make it through the entrance door of my old middle school. Problem would be if I get caught and sent to authorities, of course.
>> No. 23559 [Edit]
File 138998732035.jpg - (6.67KB , 245x245 , ES8249S-1-main.jpg )
My brother bought me an electric razor a few years ago as a Christmas gift and I love it. Makes shaving a lot easier. It's not as close as a shave compared to a normal razor, but it leaves no visible stubble for me, so it's all good. I recommend it, OP. Also, shaving more frequently will make it easier to do.

Why on earth would anybody want to go back to middle school?
>> No. 23561 [Edit]
I miss my electric razor. It broke 2 months ago and until I find a new job I can't afford a new one.
I can usually manage not to cut myself at least, but only when I have good razor blades. Right now I'm using very cheap instant razors that cost €0.99 for a pack of 10, and it's pretty annoying that I end up cutting myself most of the time, especially given that I also shave my head regularly.
I'd look like Karl Marx after 2 months if I were to stop shaving, so that's not an option.
>> No. 23563 [Edit]
>Why on earth
To get my drawings back from that teacher...

No, it just went to say that without beard I still look like a kid. I actually have recurrent nightmares about going back to middle school (or school in general).
>> No. 23567 [Edit]
nobody taught me how to shave and i also never cut myself, i dont know how people do it.
>> No. 23570 [Edit]
Just buy an electric shaver that isn't shit and rub it on your face till all the hair is gone. it don't take a rocket scientist.
>> No. 23571 [Edit]

very cheap and low quality disposable razors + cold water only will have your face dripping red from several places as you play russian roulette with which razors met the quality assurance standards.
>> No. 23581 [Edit]
Word to the wise, don't ever trim your pubic hair. It feels "refreshing" for about five minutes and then there's a week of advance discomfort.

Man, I wish I could grow a beard like that one. I'm already eighteen and I just get this gross stubble with wiry hairs poking out all over if I go a month without shaving. Then again, I'm not as attractive as Mr. Tatami over there.
>> No. 23582 [Edit]
File 139062624670.png - (14.16KB , 400x400 , EVA-02 BLAZE IT.png )
I've used disposable razors all my life. Never ued shaving cream.
How much of a pleb am I?
>> No. 23586 [Edit]
Hey, Evangelion is not about drugs.
It's about masturbation.
>> No. 23613 [Edit]
Neckbeard advice time:

If you can't grow a really full, thick beard, always shave. Patchy or light beards look awful. You are doing yourself a disservice if you have one. People will notice and judge you in a bad way. Trust me.

Electric razors have blades that are so dull compared to even cheap disposable razors. It will sometimes feel like they're ripping your hairs out instead of cutting them. Electric trimmers can be okay, but trimming and shaving are completely different.

Make sure you throw out disposable razors often. They're disposable for a reason. Cheap razors that are replaced often are better than expensive razors that you only replace every now and then.

Even if you do have thick enough hair to pull off a beard, make sure you trim and groom it well. A disorderly beard is like having a really messed up head of hair.

This is all very important. Bad facial hair really can make the difference between getting and not getting a job. It can mean the difference between someone thinking you're attractive or thinking you're creepy. Don't take this stuff lightly.

Not taking care of your hair communicates a lot of bad (but true) things to other people. It says that you don't care about yourself. This is not good. Even if you genuinely do hate yourself, you probably don't want it to be blatantly obvious to other people.

>Word to the wise, don't ever trim your pubic hair. It feels "refreshing" for about five minutes and then there's a week of advance discomfort.
You must be doing it wrong. Never go against the grain and always be sure to stay really clean. Razor bumps don't happen if you're really clean.
It might be unpleasant the first time or two, but you'll eventually get good at it and it'll be fine.
>> No. 23617 [Edit]
File 139132682321.jpg - (153.36KB , 960x540 , shave.jpg )
>If you can't grow a really full, thick beard, always shave... You are doing yourself a disservice
I know what you mean but really, sometimes even a little can make a huge difference in character and, since virtually every man on the global media now grows at least some stubble (with all the hipster fashion and shit), the level of social acceptance for douche beards has increased notably.

In any case I think that guys like us at least, who don't strain over high jobs and 3DPD, should have more ground to take it easy and look how we like ourselves to look instead of how others want us to.
>> No. 23618 [Edit]
>Electric razors have blades that are so dull compared to even cheap disposable razors. It will sometimes feel like they're ripping your hairs out instead of cutting them.

I have the opposite experience, maybe your electric just sucks
>> No. 23695 [Edit]
>Not taking care of your hair communicates a lot of bad (but true) things to other people

Not if those who you associate with or otherwise expose yourself to have an IQ of above 90.
>> No. 23696 [Edit]
Someone with an IQ of above 90 would realize that it's good to have proper hygiene.
>> No. 23697 [Edit]
Someone with an IQ of above 90 would not develop retarded, unsustainable conjectures pertaining to intrinsic meaning and their surrounding environment. I suppose I should have also tacked on an age threshold to that statement, but I just assumed the idea would be comprehensible without an autistic level of precision.

I've shown up to countless exams in less than optimal aesthetic conditions due to more-so ambient circumstances than any specific or value convictions about myself. Is electrical engineering considered by the broader public to be some loser/idiot field of economic activity?
>> No. 23699 [Edit]
Why are you defending being unkempt?
>> No. 23701 [Edit]
File 139286222580.jpg - (115.81KB , 2012x1888 , maltese-cross.jpg )
I'm defending nothing. I just don't much care for semiotic complacency.
>> No. 23721 [Edit]
Why are you attacking it? I know several cool people with bad facial hair.

I work in an office so I need to wear business shirts and stuff but I subvert the corporate image by slacking off in areas like shaving. I choose to be unkempt because it shows I haven't sold my soul to the machine.
>> No. 23727 [Edit]
> Yeah, we'll let this little guy keep his scruff so his soul doesn't become too restless thinking about how chained down he is. After all, we need him to give us his labor for a long time!

It's time to take it further, Anon. Hawaiian shirts.
>> No. 23741 [Edit]

You don't sound half as smart as you think you sound, just so you know
>> No. 23742 [Edit]
What an incisive, world-view transforming response. You are a valuable contributor to this community and an educator of the greater internet.

Seriously, if you don't much care for a nhilistic argument simply bitching doesn't magically discount the position. If you look homeless, people may take an aversion to you out of vague concern. However, this response nor your outward constitution necessarily intrinsically communicates anything.
>> No. 23746 [Edit]
Using a more complicated word where a simple will do just makes you sound pretentious and hinders efficient communication
>> No. 23747 [Edit]
The grievance is ultimately arbitrary and a given structure being "complicated" is unavoidably messy and subjective. I wont devote any effort whatsoever to making my posts more accessible, but you do have the option of not being content with functional illiteracy.
>> No. 23748 [Edit]
I will agree though that thesaurus abuse and general redundancy can get insufferable very quickly, but that simply isn't the case here. I really feel that if I limit myself to monosyllabic words I'll end up requiring a whole lot more to actually be articulate.
>> No. 23751 [Edit]
What it does it it makes you sound like a bunch of autistic cunts.
>> No. 23753 [Edit]
> I will agree though that thesaurus abuse and general redundancy can get insufferable very quickly, but that simply isn't the case here. I really feel that if I limit myself to monosyllabic words I'll end up requiring a whole lot more to actually be articulate.

Yes, use the words you need to be laconic. That's not what you're doing here, but rather than attacking your writing style, there should have been an actual counter argument.

>>23741 just wanted to bully. Rude

Post edited on 28th Feb 2014, 5:33pm
>> No. 23756 [Edit]
You guys have no self-awareness.
>> No. 23765 [Edit]
File 139375410925.jpg - (1.48MB , 3500x1969 , Akechi_Kokoro_full_365530.jpg )
Evidently, neither do you. Are you aware of your present location?
>> No. 23826 [Edit]
Scratching against the grain with my fingernails the day after shaving my month's accumulation of peach fuzz feels so good.
>> No. 23827 [Edit]

Word. I hate shaving but this makes it a little more bearable.
>> No. 23850 [Edit]
Try taking a warm shower and then doing it.
Or, you could just wax.
Every single person judges you based on how you look (unless they're blind).
Stereotyping is part of human nature. Why should they take you seriously if you can't even take care of how you look?

Anyway do you guys shave your taint? How do you do it?
>> No. 23941 [Edit]
File 139789132499.png - (4.47KB , 173x156 , current beard.png )
Since I stopped shaving 5 years ago, I've kept my poor pretext of beard trimmed short. Yesterday I decided to let it grow freely at least until I turn 30, in middle June. Will report pathetic results using the same tool plus MSPaint.

>> No. 24008 [Edit]
I shave in the shower.

It is comfortable and lets me shave against the grain without much irritation.
>> No. 24019 [Edit]
How are those shut-in beards going, gentlemen?
>> No. 24021 [Edit]
Like pubic hair made out of goat fur, just gr8
>> No. 24022 [Edit]
I had plucked half of it and had to shave. But yeah, used to be just like >>24021 described.
>> No. 24979 [Edit]
I find shaving awkward too, I only shave properly if required for a family obligation. Otherwise I just let my beard grow, and cut it with hair-clippers every few months when it looks too wild.
>> No. 24982 [Edit]
File 140993080485.jpg - (36.74KB , 600x338 , wairudo.jpg )
>> No. 25236 [Edit]
I just have an electric razor, sometimes I oversee a bit of stubble but I never cut myself.

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